Creation of a new bug hotel

Goyer Golf & Country Club


Written by: Reinoud van Haare Heijmeijer

As part of our efforts in fostering nature, one of our skilled members has recently constructed a brand-new bud hotel on a section of the course. We are very proud of their efforts!

The bug hotel consists of the use of several natural materials, disused pots, and bricks, which are all integrated to create a haven for many species of insect, including respective pollinators. Many of these solitary species will now be able to build nests in this newly created environment, helping combat the decline of natural areas in which they typically thrive. The hotel also offers aesthetic value to the area, whilst helping recycle old materials that would otherwise be discarded.

Our ambitions do not stop there, and we are looking to establish a baseline of our carbon footprint in the coming months to help accelerate our sustainability commitments.

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