Creating a fun working atmosphere

Haesley Nine Bridges

Korea, Republic of

Written by: Sarah Ryu

At Haesley Nine Bridges we hold games, events and activities to create a fun working atmosphere. Every month Haesley holds sports games (eg. darts, table tennis, etc.) between departments. We have various societies for employees to join such as: soccer matches, a movie club, bowling, etc. There is a golf academy, so employees can learn about playing golf, rules and etiquette after they finish work.

Lastly, Haesley holds a 'Woman Colleagues' Meeting' with the General Manager, so female employees can talk about their concerns or suggest ideas. Through these activities, we want employees to enjoy working at Haseley and build lasting relationships. Since the managers and staff can be friendly and relaxed with each other during these activities the organisation has established more 'horizontal communication' between staff and management. Haesley always tries to spread happiness among employees by thinking and playing as a family.

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