Converting used fertiliser shuttles into functional herb gardens

Royal Adelaide Golf Club


Written by: Dave Meadows

Like most golf clubs, we regularly spray our fairways, tee boxes and green surrounds with a liquid fertiliser to maintain a top-quality turf standard. These fertilisers often get delivered to us in large 1000 litre fertiliser shuttles. Once used, we no longer have any use for them, so an idea came about to convert these used fertiliser shuttles into functional herb gardens for chefs in the clubhouse to use when preparing meals for our members.

We converted the shuttles and created hydroponic tanks for herbs to be planted. The benefits of using a hydroponics system are that it enables the water and soil nutrients to be recycled so minimal or zero water is wasted. Along with this, using a hydroponics system reduces the use of pesticides and other chemicals, meaning that the herbs grown are 100% natural and better for human consumption.

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