Constructing Natterjack Toad pools

Royal Liverpool Golf Club


Written by: James Bledge

Natterjack Toads are protected and have a large presence on the shores of Hoylake. The club, alongside Cheshire Wildlife Trust, has constructed pools where the toads can breed and spawn. During the winter months, they retreat to the dunes. Throughout this time, heavy plant was brought in and the pools were tidied up, reeds were removed and sculpted into pools fed by drainage water from the course.

The wire mesh fencing is removed to allow dogs and foot traffic to pass and run through which surprisingly creates ideal breeding conditions in the form of tiny shallow pools. At the very end of march, the wooden fencing was covered in a mesh to keep dogs and traffic out now the toads have returned from the dunes to the pools. They can now breed in peace. Signs have been constructed on the walkways passing the ponds to educate the public.

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