Comprehensive waste management, reuse and recycling

North Hants Golf Club


Written by: Angela Simms

The introduction of 3 dedicated bins labeled mixed recycling and positioned around the course next to the general waste bins are now starting to be used properly. Food waste from the kitchen is collected on a daily basis and disposed of off as it should be. We also dispose of glass, mixed recycling, and general waste and have improved the way in which we do this with the introduction of more signage as well as general communication with staff.

Where packaging can be reused, we aim to do so. One example is that a new supplier collects all their packaging for their own reuse, thus reducing our waste. Reducing the volume of waste we produce is also a big part of what we aim to do. To this end, earlier this year we introduced the opportunity for members and visitors to purchase reusable branded coffee cups made from recycled plastic. This reduces our use of paper cups creating less waste. The kitchen, which was identified as one of the largest producers of waste, took the initiative several months ago to use Vegware food ware. This food service packaging is made from plants using renewable, lower carbon, recycled, or reclaimed materials, and designed to be commercially compostable.

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