Composting benefits the kitchen and our greenkeepers

Kings Hill Golf Club


Written by: Melanie Drake

We practice on-site composting of our kitchen's vegetable waste. Our kitchen team separates this waste and deposits it into the designated vegetable recycling bin. Subsequently, the greenkeeping team gathers this waste and transports it to the composting area within the greenkeeping compound. Here, the waste is allowed to mature. Once the composting process is complete, the greenkeepers employ this compost on the course as needed.

By composting our food waste, we are able to divert a substantial weight away from landfills, where this waste would decompose anaerobically, releasing potent greenhouse gases such as methane. Additionally, by using this nutrient rich soil amendment, we reduce our greenkeepers reliance on synthetic fertilisers, helping us lower costs and promoting healthier grass growth.  

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