Community effort shines in Langkawi beach clean-up

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Written by: Nasyrul Hanif Zahir

On the picturesque shores of Langkawi, Malaysia, a group of 24 associates joined hands with the local NGO, Trash Hero Langkawi, to embark on a noble mission—a beach clean-up activity aimed at preserving the beauty of our coastlines and protecting marine life. With a collective effort, they made strides in combating ocean pollution, gathering a staggering 318 kilograms of waste. This initiative not only symbolizes the power of community action but also shows the importance of environmental stewardship in safeguarding our planet for future generations.

As the sun rose over the horizon on September 18, 2023, the volunteers, armed with gloves, bags, and determination, set out to make a tangible difference. With each step, they scoured the sands, meticulously picking up litter that had found its way onto the beach. From plastic bottles and bags to discarded fishing nets, the assortment of debris was a stark reminder of the pervasive impact of human activity on marine ecosystems. The collaborative effort between the associates and Trash Hero Langkawi exemplified the spirit of environmental consciousness and grassroots activism.

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