Committing to a zero-emission future

The Singapore Island Country Club - The New Course


SICC has been striving to be an integral part of the collective effort towards a zero-emission future. In May 2022, we took a step by constructing four electric vehicle (EV) charging bays at the level 1 car park within the Club premises. Among these, two bays feature standard AC charging points, while one bay offers a DC point, enabling drivers to conveniently charge their EVs to full capacity within approximately half an hour.

Building upon this initiative, we further expanded our EV charging infrastructure in 2023, installing four additional charging bays at the Member's car park. Our aim is to ensure easy access to charging facilities for EV owners, thereby encouraging the broader adoption of sustainable transportation options.

To facilitate payment for this service, we have integrated a hassle-free method. Users can conveniently pay for the charging service by simply scanning a QR code on the charging ports. The payment process is facilitated through the Singapore Power (SP) Utilities App, providing a user-friendly and efficient experience.

At SICC, we view the provision of these EV charging facilities as an essential component of our efforts to contribute to Singapore's Green Plan 2030 to help build a sustainable future for all.

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