Club competition focuses on flora, fauna and environment

De Oosterhoutse Golfclub


The first official club competition always has a key theme linked to flora, fauna and environment. An important part of the qualifying competition is a quiz on the specific subject of the year. In close co-operation, the flights fill in the questions and the members can win special prizes also linked to the theme of the day. Moreover, a special financial contribution is requested from all participants, which will be used during the year on focused maintenance and investments in flora and fauna areas.

In 2021 the theme was insects present on The Oosterhoutse. The idea in the quiz was to link the appropriate names to the list of insects present on the course using multiple choice. The clubhouse decoration, scorecards and prizes are also in line with the theme of the day. Themes in earlier years were e.g. water and electricity saving, biological treatment of grubs (engerlingen), colour through the course and birds of prey. The last event was closed with a spectacular show using different types of raptors.

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