Closed-loop washing area assists in the sustainable management of water

Wylihof Golf Club


Written by: Michael Burren

Wylihof has constructed a dedicated washing area for field sprayers, incorporating water management practices. In this environmentally conscious system, water is carefully processed to minimize its impact on the ecosystem.

The process begins with the water being channeled through a series of components, including a sludge collector, an oil separator, and a copper filter, ensuring that any potential contaminants are effectively removed. Following this, the treated water is distributed through specialised nozzles into a closed and covered retention basin.

Within this basin, a natural filtration system takes center stage, comprising layers of humus and barley straw. This bed acts as a natural absorbent, soaking up the water while facilitating the evaporation of pollutants. This sustainable approach not only conserves water resources but also promotes the responsible management of potentially harmful substances.

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