Closed circuit irrigation assists in sustainable turf management

Loimijoki Golf


Written by: Jussi Viitala

Our course was renovated into an 18-hole course in 2005. The new part of the course was designed to collect all surface and rainwater in ponds, which are then used for irrigation. This area covers nine fairways.

Five of the fairways built in 2005 are equipped with ponds that collect sediment before it reaches the nearby river. The four oldest turf areas have no drainage, except on the greens and tees. Our Par 3 course is also designed to collect sediments in ponds before they run off into the river.

We hope that by using the ponds for irrigation, we can dramatically reduce the need to obtain water from mains sources, ensuring the long-term sustainability of our turf management practices. As water is such a valuable resource, minimising its usage is very important.

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