Charge your car whilst you play!

Golfclub Almeerderhout


Written by: Roland-Jan Schippers

Due to the increased number of Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles (EV’s) in our parking spaces, the demand for charging stations increased significantly. The current infrastructure became insufficient to meet this demand, and so an additional 4 charging stations were added. On April 1st, 2020 (no joke) 4 additional charging stations were installed, for EV-only vehicles (the “old” stations are also suitable for hybrid vehicles) The current capacity is 4 x 11 kW. This means that each charging stations provides power for approx. 60 km per hour. So, if you connect your car, and you play 9 holes with (Corona-)refreshments, at minimum your car will have an increased range of 150 km. The charging stations accept all charge cards. They are connected to the network of provider Joulz. Charge rates will be announced on the club website. At the time of writing, rates were EUR 0,50 start rate and EUR 0,30 per kWh.

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