Championing sustainability with reusable water bottles

Carnoustie Golf Links


Written by: Craig Boath

In collaboration with John Deere, Carnoustie Golf Links has provided all staff members with reusable insulated steel water bottles to combat the excessive use of single-use plastics within the business. The proliferation of single-use plastic water bottles not only contributes to the pollution of our oceans but also raises concerns about the health impacts of microplastics entering the water as these bottles break down. Microplastics have been identified in fish, animals, and even humans.

In a pursuit of incremental improvements, Carnoustie Golf Links has opted to minimise the use of single-use water bottles and cups in the workplace by furnishing all staff with refillable water bottles. This initiative aims to heighten awareness about individual habits and extend that influence into the workplace, fostering engagement and involvement among all staff members in achieving company-wide sustainability objectives.

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