Building new 'homes' with old materials

Mortonhall Golf Club


Written by: Shaun Cunningham

We had plenty of pallets lying about our yard after we had turfed a significant area following construction work, so we thought they should be put to good use. As we have an environmental objective to improve our on-site biodiversity, using the extra wood to build bird boxes and bug hotels was the perfect solution. During the builds, no materials were purchased and everything we used was recycled from leftovers of previous construction projects such as pallets, irrigation and drainage pipes, canes, astroturf and rubber. We will use these habitats to educate members of the importance of recycling and the part our golf course plays in the biodiversity of the surrounding area. We also plan to invite local schools to visit the course to educate them of the importance of our environment, using the 20 bird boxes and bug hotel we have built.

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