Bug hotels open for business

Mimosa Plus Golf Course


Written by: Rory Young

As a pivotal component of Mimosa Plus Golf's 2023 sustainability objectives, our Golf Operations team embarked on a month-long endeavor to create bug hotels on both of our courses. This initiative aimed to foster teamwork and enhance biodiversity across our golfing landscape.

All materials for these bug hotels were thoughtfully sourced from within the course grounds, with the hotels themselves ingeniously crafted from upcycled off-cuts from recent renovations. The decision to introduce bug hotels on our courses is rooted in several key benefits: Biodiversity Enhancement, Natural Pest Control, Pollination Support and Educational Resources.

Already, golfers have shown interest, prompting us to install detailed information and QR codes at each bug hotel site. Our team is evolving this project to accommodate seasonal variations, secure nesting materials, and introduce additional amenities like bird feeders, water stations, and subterranean habitats. This project extends beyond sustainability; it has cultivated teamwork and a profound sense of community within our dedicated team.

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