Brown is the new green



At Bernardus, our primary objective is to establish top-tier playing surfaces through sustainable practices, prioritizing the well-being of our site.

We have opted for the fescue grass species due to its minimal water and nutrient requirements, coupled with a slower growth rate that necessitates less frequent mowing, reducing engine emissions and noise pollution. Utilizing smart technology, we adhere to a precise nutritional plan, supplying grass plants with essential elements to minimize product waste.

Our irrigation system is employed judiciously, targeting specific areas to avoid overwatering, which can lead to disease and invasive turf grass species. Data collection, facilitated by moisture meters, guides our irrigation decisions, with color-coded readings indicating areas requiring water. Smart technology plays an important role in making choices.

Situated in a Natura 2000 location, Bernardus prioritizes maintaining a balanced eco-system to foster wildlife alongside our playing surfaces. Nature areas are integral to our sustainability approach, reflecting our dedication to conserving resources.

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