Bridging the gap in sport inequalities

Centro Nacional De Formação De Golfe Do Jamor


Written by: Alexandra Almeida

The Portuguese Golf Federation (PGF) has been working to identify and promote golf opportunities for those with a physical or mental disability. Considering that golf can be played by disabled people with a range of impairments, the PGF has established long-term partnerships with the São João de Deus Foundation, an institution that provides aid for the sick and those lacking in care, where mental health is one of the main highlights of its origins, and the Special Olympics team. The PGF's Centro Nacional de Formação de Golfe (National Golf Training Centre) offers a welcoming and open environment to every player, the coaching team helps all participants to increase their independence and confidence, whilst at the same time encourages the Special Olympics team's athletes to reach their highest level of athletic achievement.

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