Bats used to control mosquitoes

Camiral Golf & Wellness


Written by: Aleix Masferrer Juliol

PGA Catalunya Resort, like many other golf courses, provides and maintains large areas of aquatic ecosystems. These are not only hazards for the golfer, but valuable habitats for a great number of insect and invertebrate species, which in turn provide food for amphibians and bird species. Bats as well, are huge insect predators, eating at least 90% of their body weight every day.

The bats we encourage here at PGA Catalunya feed on the mosquitos living around our wetland habitats and open water, helping to control the mosquito populations and reducing their annoyance to golfers and hotel guests. There are 35 different local bat species, some of which are in regression, and with this ongoing project we are indirectly helping these populations to recover.

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