Art trail helps engage the community

Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course


Written by: Daniel Speer

The "ART TRAIL" sculpture exhibition presents a summer full with art in the open air, both within and around Andermatt. Whether you're a golfer, hiker, or visitor to the village, you're invited to embark on a captivating journey along the ART TRAIL Dorf and ART TRAIL Golf, commencing at Piazza Gottardo in Andermatt Reuss. Prepare to be moved by art!

Nature, in its various forms, offers us a canvas of artistic expression. Metal, wood, glass, and stone possess the potential to be moulded and shaped when handled with care and respect. The talented artists of the "ART TRAIL" demonstrate their techniques, transforming these materials into masterpieces. Urserntal, known as Bear Valley, presents an fascinating and partially rugged landscape. Amidst the interaction of light and colours, transitioning from summer to autumn, the sculptures within this immense backdrop take on a magical quality, inducing a diverse range of emotions.

These artworks gracefully alter the landscape while harmoniously integrating with their surroundings. It is not only the "ART TRAIL" artists who have found inspiration in this environment. In 1779, the renowned poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was captivated by its allure, declaring it as the dearest and most intriguing place he had encountered. With open arms, we extend a welcome to all visitors, both young and old, as they embark on a journey of discovery.

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