Apiary installed at Royal Wimbledon Golf Club

Royal Wimbledon Golf Club


Royal Wimbledon Golf Club is proud to collaborate with Sergio Pignagnoli, whose family's Bee Farming business manages the apiary installed on the 6th hole.

The apiary at Royal Wimbledon supports biodiversity by providing a habitat for bees and contributes to the health of the local ecosystems. The bees aid in pollinating local plants and heather and contribute to the health and maintenance of indigenous grass and wild flowers. With the installation of the apiary and the relationship with Sergio, Royal Wimbledon has provided its members with educational opportunities to inform them about the importance of bees in the ecosystem and their role in maintaining the golf course's landscape.

These initiatives have been proven to be positive engagement opportunities with the members and have helped foster a sense of environmental responsibility and community involvement. The apiary has offered Royal Wimbledon the opportunity to create unique gift opportunities for members to purchase the honey harvested from the course. In 2023, Royal Wimbledon sold over 400 honey gift boxes to its members in various forms.

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