Ancient crab apple tree a "rare specimen"

Pannal Golf Club


Written by: Steve Caldwell

We had our ecology review and report completed in 2021 by James Hutchison, and he just loved our ancient crab apple (see photos). It has been difficult to age, but is estimated to be at least 150-200 years old. The team at Pannal GC are incredibly proud of it. Here is what James has to say:

“At this time, I have visited about 450 golf courses both here in the UK and further afield and I have to say that Pannal’s apple tree is probably the oldest I have ever seen – and I’ve seen a lot of apple trees. Over the years, this tree has witnessed more insect activity, fungi growth and general assistance to native flora and fauna population than most other trees on the course. Well done Pannal for managing this rare specimen. James Hutchinson, BIGGA.”

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