All about the multi function of the golf course

Gävle Golfklubb


Written by: Johan Hillblom

Annually, our club hosts over 100,000 rounds of golf across our three courses: Avan, the Old Course, and Testebo. With each round covering nearly ten kilometers, golfers collectively walk a distance equivalent to about 25 laps around the Earth each year. This not only highlights the popularity of golf in our community but the significant wellness benefits it brings to our members and visitors alike.

Moreover, the approximately 130-hectare site serves various recreational purposes beyond golfing. Visitors engage in activities such as walking, dog-walking, bird-watching, plant and animal observation, and skiing, making it a popular recreational destination for all ages.

Despite its high utilisation, some have never visited due to perceptions that it's exclusively for golfers and lack of knowledge about accessing the area and its natural treasures. To address this, the club has initiated a project to educate visitors about the area's history and natural values, completing the first stage successfully.

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