Adjusting sprinkler internals saves 750m3 per day

Riyadh Golf Club

Saudi Arabia

Written by: Jamie Faulkner

At Riyadh Golf Club we have recently completed an upgrade to our irrigation system; on arrival, we quickly realized every sprinkler on the course had a full circle arch. This is fine for the middle of the fairways, but on the perimeters of the holes, we were wasting substantial amounts of water. To save money, instead of buying new sprinklers we have just replaced the internals; fortunately with Rainbird, it was just the case of ordering 752 internals as they fitted straight into the original 700 eagle series cases.

So far we have installed just over 250 new internals, this number will increase as we reduce turf lines to the back of irrigation heads. We have estimated we can save up to 750 m3 of water in the peak of summer, not only are we saving water but we have reduced labor time cleaning and weeding desert areas where the excess water use to encourage growth.

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