Adapting to arid environments through sustainable landscaping

Somabay Golf


Written by: Andrew Hughes

Here in Somabay, we inhabit an exceedingly arid region with minimal rainfall, meaning that any vegetation relies entirely on irrigation for sustenance.

Our climate is notably harsh, characterized by approximately 300 windy days per year featuring hot winds that accelerate evaporation and desiccate the surrounding vegetation. Consequently, we've tailored our landscaping approach to accommodate these conditions, considering factors such as function, aesthetics, and maintenance when selecting plant species and trees for our environment. While many plants may not be inherently suited to Somabay's climate, we've opted for those that are most resilient and water-efficient.

Species like palms indigenous to the Middle East and "Stipa grass" require minimal maintenance and align perfectly with our landscaping strategy. Additionally, Silverbush, with its hardy, waxy leaves, provides contrast and thrives in the golf course environment. Various cacti, succulents, and Aloe Vera are also strategically placed throughout the course.

Continuously striving to enhance our landscape design in Somabay, we incorporate "hard landscape" elements such as natural rocks and boulders to complement the native vegetation and promote sustainability.

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