A shining example of sustainable energy

Golf Club Udine


Written by: Stefano Boni

Golf Club Udine is an 18 hole facility in Fagagna, a picturesque town surrounded by hilly oak and beech forest overlooked by the majestic Carnic Alps. In 2013 we adopted a sustainable energy policy, starting with the installation of a 120 kW photovoltaic system on the maintenance shed roof. The following year, when the clubhouse was redesigned with passive energy principles, a further 42 Kw module was installed enabling us to reach a positive energy balance.

The old heating system was also replaced with a new condensation system which reduced natural gas consumption by 50%. In 2015 we integrated a hotel built to modern bio-architecture principles, heated with geothermal energy, supplied by a photovoltaic system and insulated by a green roof. We own an electric courtesy car, with public charging space at the main entrance. We have been celebrated for our energy policy by the Italian Golf Federation with the ‘Impegnati nel Verde’ award in 2015 and GEO Certified in 2011 and 2015.

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