50 new bird boxes around the golf course

Shambhala Golf & Resort

Korea, Republic of

Written by: Jae Min, Cho

Shambhala Golf & Resort has strategically placed 50 bird boxes across the golf course to promote the expansion of Flying Squirrel habitats and nesting areas. This initiative is particularly beneficial for three notable species: Flying Squirrels, Wild Cats, and Martens, all of which inhabit the vicinity of Shambhalla Golf & Resort.

In line with the post-environmental impact assessment, Shambhala is committed to implementing further environmental plans to safeguard and enhance the habitat of these species.

The introduction of these bird boxes has created additional nesting sites, effectively contributing to the conservation and protection of these species, which face challenges stemming from habitat loss in other areas. This conservation effort, in turn, fosters increased biodiversity throughout the golf course, elevating its visual appeal and aiding in the natural pest control of the surrounding area.

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