15th tee championship course renovation

Royal Aberdeen Golf Club


This tee was extended many years ago (25+) but had sunk badly on the extended area. The tee was roughly 350mm lower at the back which was not ideal as it was a semi-blind tee shot. The tee was 30yds long which wasn't required for play so the decision was made to shorten and widen the tee. All existing material was re-used to raise the level of the tee by 400mm at the rear and make it wide enough for two shifts of the tee markers across the tee.

The banks were heavily infested with rank Holcus Lanatus (yorkshire fog) grass which was very unsightly. Access steps and steep banks meant that wear tolerance around the tee was poor. The banks of the new tee were covered in dune sand to create an environment for fescue turf and marram grass planting. Shallower walkways were made for access and steps etc removed. The tee is now easier to manage and maintain. 

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