Helping golf to build back better

Across sport and society, COVID-19 has thrown up a variety of new and significant challenges. For golf, this has ranged from essential-only maintenance and closed clubhouses to cancelled tournaments and paused course developments.

Now, as people, businesses, industries and nations are getting back on their feet, there is an important conversation happening, about how to build back better – a more sustainable recovery. Surveys show anywhere from 60-90% of people don’t want life to return to quite the way it was before – and as many are beginning to see, golf fits well as a part of society’s drive for a greener and healthier future.

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GEO Foundation will be running a project to bring people and perspectives together from across the golfing community to:

  • Gain new insights into the current position and likely approaches to recovery
  • Explore and share ideas and innovation going forward – particularly on retaining efficiencies and cost savings, engaging communities and promoting golf’s value
  • Consider the significance of sustainability in the sport’s future
  • Help us to help you - inform the next phase of the non-profit support and recognition programmes and services we provide. 

Whether you’re a club or course manager, facility owner, association leader or anyone else working in the golf industry, we hope you will join in.

1) Send in your opinions

Send Your Opinions




To kick things off, please help us drive the conversation forward by answering some questions in a quick opinion poll. 

There's also a chance to win a fantastic range of bamboo golf tees from our friends at Ocean Tee. 






2) Join in the conversation

Join the Conversation




A series of online events, exploring and sharing perspective and ideas on challenges and opportunities as we move toward recovery and beyond. Learn more and register for the first conversation now. 




And if you’re on social media, keep up-to-date by following us @sustainablegolf or using #SustainingGolf 


We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the state of play and discussing the future of sustainability in and through golf.