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Ombria Resort

Ombria Resort Golf Course
GEO Certified 12/2019

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Sustainability Highlights

The Ombria Resort and the golf course project are being designed according to the highest international standards, contributing to long-term community development, while preserving and enhancing the local environment by incorporating areas for conservation and promotion of wildlife habitat. 

Alexandra Betâmio de Almeida, Independent Verifier - Ombria Resort Golf Course, Loulé 

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On a challenging site the project team have managed to carve out a golf course that is interwoven with the native species and landscape of the area. Built by a local labour force, powered by geothermal energies and closely connected to all generations of the local community, Ombria Resort is deeply rooted in authentic Algarve heritage and culture.

Sam Thomas, Director of Golf Development - GEO Foundation

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The site, formerly a fruit farm, comprises over 153 hectares of natural landscape includes a watercourse and a series of archaeological remnants related to early waterworks and farming. The resort’s phased construction encompasses a five-star hotel, Viceroy at Ombria Resort (76 rooms), 65 branded residencies (the Viceroy Residences at Ombria Resort), residential units (31 Luxury Villas, 350 Tourist units), an 18-hole par 71 golf course with a clubhouse and cutting edge amenities - Spa, health, fitness; food and beverage outlets; conference and sports centres; organic farm and outdoor experiences with specially designed recreational facilities for families and children.

The resort, centered on a river valley, surrounded by hills, is designed as a natural extension of the geography, with low-density bioclimatic architecture and the use of renewable energies, respecting the natural landscape, local culture and heritage.  Sustainability is an integral part of Ombria’s vision. All designers and architects involved in the planning phase are operating with the same shared aim: to create a new sustainable destination. The “Carved by Nature” vision draws inspiration from the features, forms, material and themes of the authentic Barrocal sub-region of the Algarve.


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