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Sustainability is a superb fit with great golf developments and successful golf facilities. Bringing environmental and social considerations into the heart of a project from the start can save time and money, during design, construction and into long-term operations.

Through the OnCourse® Developments programme we provide advice across all areas of sustainability, collaborating closely with the project team to help deliver their vision. Each work stage is independently verified by an assured verifier, delivering recognition and credibility for the project as it progresses. 

All certification needs are guided, managed and coordinated entirely by us through the OnCourse® Developments programme - ensuring absolute compliance and confidence.

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OnCourse Developments Intro

  • Reliable Credibility

    With us, the project is proud and confident in the sustainability work being done and the independently verified data being generated.

  • Industry Input

    Developed with real world projects and with golf's leading experts to ensure it works effectively in practice and delivers on expectations.

  • Long-term Partnership

    Certification lasts from opening day for the lifetime of the golf course, providing a solid foundation for all future sustainability opportunities.

  • Wider Recognition

    Our partnerships across the golf and sustainability industries create increased support networks and reach for a project's visibility and media work.