Seacroft Golf Club. Clyde Johnson, Cunning Golf design

At the early stages of planning course improvements, full consideration of all the opportunities available is encouraged. In every practical action taken there is a chance to deliver greater efficiencies, reduced resource use, improved playability and a more resilient facility for the long-term.

GEO Foundation is seeking to collaborate with leading projects - helping pioneer new benchmarks for sustainable golf renovations globally. This work will feed into the promotion and dissemination of projects’ achievements and be used to exemplify responsible, sensitive and effective course improvement approaches.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about working with GEO on this exciting new ground and how to receive:

  • OnCourse® club profile - all sustainability information plugged securely into the web application.
  • A baseline of sustainability data, gathered before the renovation happens, allowing easy measuring of positive impacts.
  • A promotional package highlighting the projects key achievements and legacy of the work.
  • The option to seek international certification on completion of the renovation for the club’s leadership and sustainability practices.
  • Project Blueprint

    Sustainability recommendations with a long-term view.

  • Promotion

    Celebrate project achievements & promotion of outcomes across media.

  • Partnership

    Create a long-term partnership ensuring continued success and results.

  • Self-help

    Bitesize guides from other projects to provide innovative sustainability-led solutions.