Common Questions

The most common questions about OnCourse® for golf facilities are answered below, including the transition to the new upgraded website, available on computer, tablet or smart phone.  We hope you find them of use, if you have any further questions not answered below please do get in touch at

  • What is OnCourse®? OnCourse® is a streamlined web app that allows you to discover, improve and promote your practices around nature, resource-efficiency and community value.  Within OnCourse® you can assess and record your practices as well as securely store your key data, upload and share your best examples, and track and analyse your performance.  When you’ve completed all of the sections, OnCourse® produces a Sustainability Report for your facility then you can apply for GEO Certified®.
  • What is new in the upgrade? A lot!  It's no longer just for getting GEO Certified® - OnCourse now provides valuable business benefits to your facility every year and is much faster and easier to use.  Find out more at
  • How do we get started with the new OnCourse®? You can access it right now at  It will take only a few minutes to register yourself as a user and create an account for your golf facility.  During registration you can also search for your facility, in case a colleague has already set up an account, and request to join the facility's team.
  • Who is behind OnCourse®? OnCourse® is a unique partnership and collaboration across the golf industry.  It has been developed and managed by the international non-profit GEO Foundation, and also supported by industry partners including:  The R&A, The European Tour; Textron Golf; Toro; John Deere; and dozens of National Golf Federations along with industry associations.
  • I already use the older OnCourse® programme do I need to do anything? Yes please!  Previous users of OnCourse® are asked to now re-register with the new programme to be able to enjoy its many benefits.  However, if you are currently using the older OnCourse® programme and are more than 60% complete you may prefer to continue and get certified there – please get in touch so we can support you with this via
  • Can we get GEO Certified® using the new OnCourse®? Yes, once you have completed OnCourse® you may, if you wish, apply to become GEO Certified® - golf’s most comprehensive and widely recognised eco-label.  You can find out more about the benefits of becoming GEO Certified® here.
  • How long will OnCourse® now take to complete? OnCourse® has been substantially improved and streamlined and can be completed in a matter of hours, depending on the circumstances, priorities and resources at your club.  It can be used at your own convenience and there are no deadlines to complete.  Some facilities may wish to put in place some of the ideas found within the checklists before they get their Annual Sustainability Report or before applying to be certified.  However, most facilities find they are already doing many of the best practices.
  • Is there a fee for OnCourse®? If you register and start before the end of 2017, you will receive 25% off the annual subscription fee of £300 (applicable for most countries).  For queries on this please email:  
  • Will there be any more significant upgrades to the programme? New analytical tools and features will be introduced to OnCourse® over time to further increase its functionality and value for clubs.  This will be done without interruption to users in the programme. 
  • Our club is already GEO Certified®, should we still sign up to the new OnCourse®? If your club is currently GEO Certified® or has been in the past, GEO has already created a new OnCourse® profile for you.  To access, and to recover your work from the old version of OnCourse® please contact GEO directly and we will help you get started –  
  • Will the programme be translated into other languages? Yes.  Currently, the programme is in English and Swedish with several more translations on the way.  We work closely with the national federations and associations of many countries and look forward to expanding this service for facilities around the world.
  • Where can I find the GEO Certified® Standard document? The voluntary international certification standard is available here.
  • Where can I find step-by-step details on the certification process for the new OnCourse® programme? A detailed guidance document on the steps required for certification can be found here, and the programme itself also contains a wealth of guidance and helpful tips.