Staging Plan

A Staging Plan, a Resource Management Plan, a Staff and Volunteer Plan and a Site Protection and Restoration Plan are provided in template form to enable event specific information to be inserted to produce detailed plans related to the staging aspect of any golf event.  

Staging Plan

This template plan includes details about accommodation, energy, travel, water and legislation.  Once event specific information has been put in place, this plan will form the basis for several event time activities and processes.

Resource Management Plan

This spreadsheet allows the input of all materials used to stage an event and the disposal methods used for each after the event has finished and the deconstruction phase has been completed. 

Staff and Volunteer Plan

After event specific adaptations are made, this plan will provide details of all staff and volunteers working at an event and what their sustainability responsibilities are.  It also provides a space to insert the event's Diversity Policy and Recruitment Policy. 

Site Protection and Restoration Plan

This plan gives an outline that after completion will provide an event risk assessment, incident response procedure and post event restoration plan.