Outreach & Legacies

The impacts of a sustainable event should not stop with the final putt.Sporting events have the ability to leave lasting, positive environmental legacies locally and into wider community projects. The benefits that these projects bring are evident both for the environment and the actual event which can gain valuable exposure and an improved reputation for doing the right thing.

Successful outreach programmes have several attributes:

-          Local to event

-          Relevant to event sustainability agenda and specified objectives

-          High level of public concern and interest

-          Managed by a reliable and accountable  organisation

There are many potential types of projects and organisations that could benefit from the support of golfing tournaments, whether they are small or large events, including: 

-          Local carbon offsetting schemes

-          Wildlife trusts

-          Big Tree projects

-          Schemes to reduce the amount of waste disposed of in landfills

-          Projects to improve local water quality in rivers and bathing waters

-          Organisations that work to protect and enhance biodiversity in designated areas such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest

-          Trusts which protect specific species of animals or plants

-          Projects to increase public knowledge about sustainability issues

-          Local climate change initiatives

-          Projects that help children or disadvantaged people to play golf

-          Any programmes that meet the event’s defined sustainability themes

Case Study: Ryder Cup 2014