Golf's Sustainability Leaderboard

The three amigosIn today’s world, you hear the word sustainability more and more.  Clearly it’s an important global priority - but what does it really mean? There are many answers to that question.

Looking from the 30,000 foot level, it’s about protecting our way of life and the planet we live on.

From round about a mountaintop level, it’s a new era gathering pace, like the industrial age we passed through, and the information age we’re still in. Society is grappling with how to transform in order to live and do business sustainably.

On the ground level, it’s mostly about making some slightly different choices. And for golf – the view here is pretty good.  For five hundred years, golf has been a good steward of the land and added value to people and communities. For the most part, this is just as true today. 

Sustainability comprises nature, business, and community. And golf is a business and sport, intrinsically tied to nature and community. Healthy recreation for all ages played amongst trees, grass, hills and dunes.

Certainly there are challenges. And, like every person, business, and industry, more can be done to improve over time - improvements that also carry business value, saving time and money, improving communications and the overall quality of the golf experience. 

GEO FlagsSo how can the 33,000 facilities around the world, and new developments and tournaments make sure they’re being more mindful - taking into account the right considerations?  Responding well enough – with credibility and confidence?

These are the questions GEO was founded to help answer.  The programmes available today were developed to make sustainability in golf easier, more practical, more beneficial.  So as individuals, as clubs and as an industry, golf can proudly share the stories of its great environments.

Golf’s sustainability scorecard is already relatively strong.  Lets get more people coming forward to be counted for their good work. And more people committed to continually improving to future-proof their business and the industry, and to play their part toward ensuring golf is universally valued for a positive environmental and social contribution.

On behalf of the team working for you at GEO, our many partners, supporters and friends, and the clubs who are already participating - you are invited to join the growing community of people interested and active around sustainability in golf.  Have a look around the website.  See what’s new.  And get involved!