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GEO Certified® 12/2011 GEO Re-Certified 09/2016
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On Thursday July 14th, I have visited Golfclub Toxandria for the GEO certification first renewal audit. Golfclub Toxandria is situated in Molenschot (the province of North-Brabant) and has an 18-holes championship golf course. The golf course is situated in a woodland area with an area of 66 hectares, of which 51,6 hectares are used for golf. The golf club was founded in 1928, the opening of the first nine holes took place in 1929.
During the audit I have reviewed the documentation that the golf club had send me about their actions of the pas…

Sander Kristalijn, GEOSA, Accredited Verifier Read verifier report.

GEO Certified® Report

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Facility details

Golf Courses
Toxandria (18 holes, 6029 metres, year opened 1928)
1 Clubhouse(s)
1 Maintenance Facility/Facilities
1 Practice Facility/Facilities


Golfclub Toxandria is built on the Western part of the most Northern sand deposits of the North Brabant province. During the Weichsel ice-age, about 15,000 years ago, the Netherlands did not disappear below the ice but found itself at the foreshore of the land ice. It was a severe and windy climate which made the tundra-like landscape an inhospitable environment. The wind carried great amounts of sand which drifted down in Brabant, and which together with loam formed the four sand deposit dunes. The undulating landscape which we now find at Toxandria originated in that period. On older topographical maps of the area surrounding Toxandria, one can see that is was covered with so called ‘wet heather’, scattered here and there with shrubs, birch and oak trees. Later, towards the end of the nineteenth century, pine trees were planted for use in the mining industry.
In 1928 the formation of the Golf Club was established; 9 holes were designed and build under the management of the architects “Colt and Morisson”. At that time the grounds measured 43 hectares and has now extended to 64 hectares. The golf course with the structures built on it are owned by the club and form part of the N.S.W. Landgoed Toxandria. (N.S.W.: Natuur Schoon Wet 1928).
At the same time the grounds to the south of Toxandria were gradually being used for small scale agriculture. Through land consolidation at that time the straight Goorloop was dug to replace several streams in the area to regulate drainage. Because the golf course was build in the existing landscape, the old landscape is still recognizable.
The Noord Brabantsche Golfclub Toxandria wishes to make a clear contribution to the ecological values being developed in the area with all the environmental technical knowledge that is available.
Maintenance and nature conservation of the golf course is based on the Buiting Report, taking into account the ‘Code of conduct for nature conservation’. This document was approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Fisheries in 2009 and prepared by Bosschap in cooperation with the Forestry Commission, Society for the Preservation of Nature, LandschappenNL, the Federation of Private Land Owners and others.
Examples of applications of nature conservation comprise the following: felling and removal of trees/shrubs; mechanical pruning, mowing and removal of remains from heathland, management of special grasses and flowers such as those falling under the STIKA (Subsidiereleling Groen Blauw Stimuleringskader)
prescriptions; cleaning and maintenance of pools and water streams according to the management plan for the Ecological Connection Zone for the tree frogs.
Regular inventories of the flora are made. A comprehensive inventory of the flora was made in 2010. The relevant report on this can be found later in this theme as a document.

Objective 2016-2019
The new Nature Conservation Law will be implemented from January 2017. This replaces 3 other Laws: the Nature Protection Law 1998, the Woods Law and the Flora and Fauna Law. Toxandria will study the new law and make known the effects thereof on the maintenance and management of the golf club and course. In addition, the special varieties mentioned will be checked.

Consultation & Surveys

This golf facility consults the following organizations regarding landscape heritage conservation:

  • Infinite Variety Architectenbureau Pont
  • Staatsbosbeheer
  • NLadviseurs
  • Provincie Noord-Brabant
  • Gemeente Gilze-Rijen
  • Waterschap de Brabantse Delta
  • Bureau Kragten
  • Bureau Natuurbalans - Limens Divergens b.v.
  • Bureau Buiting
  • Stichting Brabants Landschap
  • ZLTO West-Brabant
  • Vereniging Particulier Grondbezit
  • Sport Turf Research Institute (STRI)
  • Natuur- en Landschapsvereniging Gilze-Rijen

The following landscape assessments and surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility:

Title Author Date View document
Een golfclub in Brabant, driekwart eeuw Toxandria A.E.G. Timmermans 2011/04/13
EVZ boomkker Molenschotse heide - Chaamser bossen A. Breeuwer-Spierings 2012/04/20
Natuur- en Landschapsvereniging Gilze-Rijen J.M. Weterings 2015/05/09
Natuur- en Landschapsvereniging Gilze-Rijen J.M. Weterings 2015/05/09
Floraonderzoek Toxandria 2010 Weterings en anderen 2010/02/28

This golf facility consults the following organizations regarding ecosystem protection and enhancement:

  • Adviebureau Buiting
  • Staatsbosbeheer
  • Waterschap de Brabantse Delta
  • Adviesbureau Natuurbalans
  • Heidemaatschappij

The following ecological surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility:

Title Author Date View document
Beheerplan groene omgeving golfclub Toxandria Buiting 2007/01/31
Beheerplan groene omgeving golfclub Toxandria; bijlage Buiting 2007/01/31
Beheerplan groene omgeving golfclub Toxandria; bijlage Buiting 2007/01/31
Beheerplan groene omgeving golfclub Toxandria; bijlage Buiting 2007/01/31
Adviesbezoek heidebeheer Toxandria Golfbaan Smits 2016/02/03
Vogeltelling 2015 West-Brabantse vogelwerkgroep 2015/04/25
Tour Best, Soil Analysis & Results Ian Glen 2014/11/29
Toxandria grondgebruik Buiting 2007/01/31
Waterschap Brabantse Delta Beheer- en onderhoudsplan EVZ Boomkikker deeltraject 2 2013/08/28
Gedragscode en natuurbeheer het Bosschap en anderen 2009/04/21

Rare, protected and notable species occurring at this golf facility:

Local name Scientific name
Boomkikker Hyla arborea
Bruine kikker Rana temporaria
Bruine pad Bufo bufo
Levendbarende hagedis Zootoca vivipara
Baardvleermuis Myotis mystacinus
Ruige dwergvleesmuis Pipistrellus nathusii
Behaarde rode bosmier Formica rufa
Zandblauwtje Jasione montana
Kale jonker Cirsium palustre
Akkerviool Viola arvensis

This golf facility regularly monitors the following species as indicators of environmental quality:

Local name Scientific name
Groene specht Picus viridis
Ransuil Asio otus
Gekraagde roodstaart Phoenicurus phoenicurus
Grote bonte specht Dendrocopos major

Habitats & Designations

This golf facility features the following landscape designations:

Description Designating Authority
The landscape originated on one of the five wind-borne sand deposit dunes in the North-Brabant province. Provincie Noord-Brabant

Area of habitats / vegetation types, and associated designations at this golf facility:

Title Estimated Area (Hectares) Designation
Rough 'ecological' grassland 5 Self Appointed
Scrub Vegetation 15 Self Appointed
Native Woodland 15 Self Appointed
Open Water Features 0.2 Self Appointed
Heather and other dwarf shrub communities 0.3 Self Appointed
Ecologische verbindingszone 4.3 Local Government
Landbouwgronden 6.9 Local Government


Size and estimated species composition of amenity turfgrass maintained at this golf facility.

Estimated Area (Hectares) Turfgrass Species Sward Composition (%)
Greens 0.85 Hectares Agrostis tenuis / capillaris 55%
Poa annua 40%
Tees 0.82 Hectares Poa pratensis 50%
Lolium perenne 20%
Fairways 9.21 Hectares Agrostis tenuis / capillaris 50%
Lolium perenne 20%
Semi Rough 3.67 Hectares Agrostis tenuis / capillaris 50%
Lolium perenne 20%

These turfgrasses are optimal for the circumstances at this club because:
De samenstelling van de grassoorten voldoet goed op ons terrein, het streven blijft om het percentage struisgras in de greens verder te verhogen eventueel aangevuld met roodzwenk. Dit om de greens weerbaarder te maken tegen allerlei ziekten.
Door specifiek bosbeheer wordt er naar gestreefd om meer zon en wind de greens te laten bereiken. Daarnaast is gebleken dat de gebruikte grassoorten erg weinig mest behoeven met name op de fairways, de semi-rough en de tees

The mixture of the types of grasses grown on the course is
satisfactory. Our aim is to increase the percentage of agrostis on the greens and if necessary supplement it with fescue. This is to make the greens more resilient against all kinds of diseases.
By using our specific woodland maintenance policies we are aiming to let more sunshine and wind reach the greens. Also the types of grass used has shown that very little fertilizer is needed, especially on the fairways, the semi-rough and the tees.

This golf facility assesses mowing patterns every: 1 months

This golf facility consults the following individuals / organizations regarding its grassing plan:

  • Architectenbureau Pont, Frank Pont
  • Sport Turf Research Instituut (STRI), Coner Nolan

This golf facility is making the following efforts to manage the playing quality expectations of customers:

Activity Description
Establishing clear internal policies for irrigation, fertilization, colour, cutting heights, overseeding etc Twice a year an internal policy plan is drawn up by the Chairman of Green, the Course Manager and the STRI-advisor Conor Nolan. This to establish irrigation, fertilization, frequency overseeding and establishing the mowing hights. This plan is discussed with the Greenkeepers, the Committee members and is available to all members to read. Irrigation keeps being a point of discussion. Because of the poor sandy soil the amount of irrigation is rather high. Members do not like to see dried grass on the fairways, therefore the irrigation policy shall not be changed in the foreseeable future.
Promoting the playing quality values of more naturalized turf, particularly fairways and semi-rough The quality of the greens tees, fairways and semi-roughs has been good the past years. Members’ opinion has been positive. Because of this we are not planning to change the types of grasses.
The rough is only mown once a year, is not irrigated and the grass cuttings are removed in order to make the ground poorer. Because of this a more natural growth will take place.
Promoting the financial benefits of presenting sustainable surfaces The financial benefits of presenting sustainable surfaces were clearly shown when discussing the reduced annual cost because of using less protective means to protect plants. A big saving was realized when the use of nematodes was discontinued against the grubs of leatherjackets and May-beetles.
By stimulating the bio diversity and increasing the natural balance it is expected that the various harmful grubs will be reduced. The floral verges surrounding the small scale agricultural fields, growing old grains, linseed and buckwheat add to the increase of bio-diversity.

Improving customer understanding around greens maintenance The maintenance programme is agreed and can be read by the members. Regular information is given in the club magazine and on the website about the planning and maintenance activities on the course. Members are also informed about the difficulties which may occur if the use of plant protection products is reduced.
Demonstrating the direct relationship between environmental best practice and year round high quality playing surfaces The policy and sustainability management in recent years has resulted in excellent playing surfaces, both on the greens and fairways. In spite of limits placed on fertilization, there are few complaints from members. Members have sympathy for the natural environment, but do show their dissatisfaction if existing natural vegetation is damaged by moving of teeing areas, for example.

Conservation & Enhancement

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to conserve landscape character:

Activity Description
Allowing seasonal variation of course coloration and texture The character of the course on sandy soil, in a wood with predominantly fir, oak and beech trees, shows little variation during the seasons. Planting of shrubs such as current, blackthorn and mountain-ash give more texture to the course. The coherence between the various types of trees is recognized and the maintenance of them is determined in co-operation with Bureau Buiting. Further, the heathers already present on the estate are specifically increased by the planting of heather seeds/clumps.
Appropriately matching mowing lines to contours De hoofdgreenkeeper en de baancommissaris bepalen jaarlijks de maailijnen. Dit hangt samen met de bosranden en (semi-)rough. De maailijnen zijn mede bepalend voor de moeilijkheid van de baan.

The head greenkeeper and the course commissioner determine the mowing lines annually. This is determined by the edges of the woods and the ‘semi-rough’. The mowing lines are mainly determined for the difficulty of the course.
Protection and restoration of historic features Er is aandacht voor het onderhoud en uitbreiding van het heideareaal.

Attention is paid to the maintenance and expansion of the heather areas.

Discreet on-course signage and furniture Baan meubilair en bewegwijzering mogen nooit de baan ontsieren. Het beleid richt zich op een zo natuurlijk mogelijke omgeving.

Course furniture and signposting must never spoil the course. Our policy is to provide the most natural possible surroundings.
Conservation of specimen trees In the nature management plan from Bureau Buiting, specific trees are noted as being very valuable and as a result receive appropriate attention. We are extra careful about the fir trees since, due to their age, they are more vulnerable. In recent years younger fir trees have been planted in so-called ‘flying formations’.
The policy is to maintain the character of the course.
Screening and softening unsightly man-made features Op meerdere plaatsen zijn bomen en struiken geplant om onnatuurlijke elementen in de baan aan het oog te onttrekken. Er is extra aanplant gedaan bijvoorbeeld bij de loods van de greenkeepers en bij de afvalcontainers.

In several places trees and shrubs have been planted to screen un-natural elements from view. For example, extra planting has been done around the greenkeepers’ sheds and refuse containers.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to improve the landscape ecology of the golf course:

Activity Description
Minimizing the amount of amenity grass Extending the size of heath areas over the areas of fairways promotes the natural character of the course. The rough is only mown once per year and grass removed, resulting in bareness allowing the growth of more natural grasses. Shrubs such as blackthorn, Gelderland rose and mountain-ash at the edges of the woods provide optical variation and a more natural situation.
Increasing the size of habitat patches Through the finalization of Ecological Contact Zone (EVZ) for the tree frog on the Toxandria estate, biodiversity can develop strongly. The EVZ has three large stepping stones as a specific habitat for the tree frogs. We have commenced growing historical types of grain, buck wheat and rape seed on the agricultural fields. The edges of the agricultural land have also been sown with flower-rich grass seeds.
Connection of internal habitat patches The golf course, ecological contact zone and the sustainable agricultural land with flower-rich grass lands are strongly connected together.
Newly laid wood walls and wood piles on recently purchased land complement existing walls and piles. Many bird houses, dead trees which remain for the woodpeckers and insects, and insect hotels promote the spreading of fauna over the estate.
Connection of patches with external habitats De leefgebieden van de dieren worden verbonden met externe leefgebieden door o.a. de aanleg van de ecologische verbindingszone, de landschappelijke ecologische zone, een ecologische tunnel (duiker) onder de oude Rijksweg tussen het bos van Dorst en de golfbaan

The natural habitat of the animals is connected with the external habitat by means of the installation of the ecological contact zone, the landscape ecological zone, and ecological tunnel under the old main road between the Dorst woods and the golf course.
Creation of habitat corridors Ecologische verbindingszone en ecologische tunnel.

Ecological contact zone and ecological tunnel.
Avoidance of habitat fragmentation De leefgebieden binnen landgoed Toxandria zijn sterk met elkaar verbonden.

The natural habitats within the Toxandria estate are closely connected with each other.
Improving and diversifying habitat edges Naast het gecultiveerde gras op de golfbaan is er veel aandacht voor de rough, ecologische verbindingszone en duurzame landbouw omrand met bloemrijk grasland.

In addition to the cultivated grass on the golf course much attention is paid to the ‘rough’, ecological contact zone and sustainable agriculture surrounded by flower-rich grassland.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to improve the quality of habitats on the golf course:

Activity Description
Creation of botanically rich rough grassland Het aanleggen van struikvegetatie in de bosranden, de singels tussen en naast de akkers en de EVZ bevorderen de ecologie. Met behulp van STIKA is bloemrijk grasland aangelegd.

Planting of shrub vegetation at the edges of the woods, ditches between and next to the fields and the EVZ promote ecology. With the help of STIKA (Green-Blue Stimulating Subsidy, North-Brabant) grassland has been planted.
Ecologically informed management of scrub vegetation Het bosbeheersplan van adviesbureau Buiting levert een bijdrage aan een verantwoord ecologisch struweel- en bosvegetatie.

The woodland management plan from Buiting Consultants has supported responsible ecological brushwood and woodland vegetation.
Promoting species and structurally diverse woodlands Het bosbeheerplan toont een goede sortering aan grasland, soortenrijke en structuurrijke bosvlakken die ecologisch verantwoord worden beheerd

The woodland management plan shows a good mixture of grassland, types and sizes of trees, which are managed in a responsible, ecological way.
Establishment of littoral shelves and marginal vegetation in wetland areas The Toxandria estate has no wetland areas. For the 2 existing small lakes, surrounding vegetation is in balance with the golf course. By the 3 new lakes in the ecological contact zone, the surrounding vegetation is still under development. The surrounding vegetation is reviewed each year for progress.
Maintenance of an appropriate balance of open water and aquatic vegetation Door middel van onderzoek wordt de ontwikkeling van de vegetatie gevolgd van de nieuw aangelegde poelen.

Studies are made on the development of the vegetation of the new lakes
Naturalization of linear habitats In addition to the insect hotels already mentioned, the increase in grass land with flowers such as buck wheat and rapeseed stimulate insect diversity. Further, more beehives are placed in the Spring by the bee-keeper used by Toxandria. Hedge vegetation, umbelliferae and shrubs such as the butterfly bush are attractive for insects and butterflies. Stinging nettles are only be removed if they hinder golfers.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to conserve and enhance biodiversity on the golf course:

Activity Description
Provision of nesting and nectar for pollinators Door het inzaaien met zaden van boekweit, koolzaad en bloemrijk grasland is het voedingsareaal voor insecten sterk uitgebreid.

By sowing with buck wheat and rapeseed seeds, together with flower-rich grass land, the variety of insect food is increased.
Installation of nest boxes Meerdere nestkastjes zijn bevestigd aan de bomen. Behalve door de vogels worden ze ook door de golfers gebruikt om de afstand van hun bal tot de pin mede te bepalen.

Numbers of nesting boxes are attached to trees (at 150m from the greens). Whilst used by birds, these boxes are also used by golfers to judge their distance to the flag on the green.
Provision of feeding tables Een voedersilo en voedertafel wordt alleen gebruikt rond het clubhuis en het terras, voor de vogels is het gemakkelijke voeding, de leden van de golfclub vermaken zich door de vogels te observeren en te identificeren.

A feeding silo and feeding table are only used around the club house and terrace.
This is an easier way for the birds to feed and members of the club enjoy observing and identifying them.
Control / management of alien species Specifieke bewaking van uitheemse soorten kennen wij niet.

There is no specific monitoring of alien species.
Provision of hibernation areas Er zijn in en rond de baan insectenhotels en houtrillen. Van de houtrillen maken ook kleine zoogdieren gebruik.

There are insect hotels and wood piles throughout the golf course. Small animals also use these wood piles.
Creation of micro-habitats (eg log and stone piles) De specifieke mierenhopen zijn afgepaald en worden beschermd.

Specific anthills are fenced-off and protected.


De watervoorziening op Toxandria is op te splitsen in twee typen water: leiding water en grondwater.
Voor het leidingwater zijn er drie accounts bij Brabant Water. Eén account voor de watervoorziening van het clubhuis, werkplaats en kantine greenkeepers, stokkenloods en jeugdhonk. Dit account verbruikt veruit het meeste leidingwater. Eén account meet het waterverbruik van de catering en één account meet het waterverbruik voor de twee toiletten in de baan.
Het grondwater, dat gebruikt wordt voor de beregening van de baan, wordt verkregen via een tweetal bronnen. Het beregeningssysteem werkt vol automatisch en is computergestuurd. De aanpassing en updating van het computergestuurde irrigatiesysteem vindt regelmatig plaats en wordt mede bepaald door het bedrijf waarmee het contract is afgesloten.

Doelstelling 2016-2019
Er wordt gestreefd naar een compromis tussen de mate van beregening en de kwaliteitseisen die gesteld worden aan de baan. Er is aandacht voor het niet verder laten oplopen van het grondwater gebruik.
Bij het drinkwater en de drinkwaterinstallaties voldoen aan de kwaliteitseisen die hieraan worden gesteld.

Toxandria’s water supply can be divided in two types of water: tap water and groundwater.
For the tap water there are three contracts with Brabant Water. One for the water supply of the clubhouse, the green keepers’ workshop and canteen, the club storage and youth clubroom. One contract for the club’s catering and one that measures the water used for the two toilet facilities on the course.
The groundwater used for irrigation of the course comes from two sources. The irrigation system is fully automatic and computer-controlled. Adjustment and updating of the computer-controlled irrigation system takes place regularly in consultation with the Company with which the contract has been made.

Objective 2016 – 2019
We shall work towards a compromise between the amount of course watering and the quality requirements determined for the course. We are paying attention to ensure that the use of ground water does not increase.
Drinking water and drinking water installations must meet the stated quality requirements.

Sources & Consumption

The following water audits have been undertaken at this golf facility:

Title Author Date View document
watermonster van de beregeningsinstallatie firma Bas van Duren research Maasland 1996/10/13
Brabant water Bert Bekkers 2016/07/19 Download

The water used at this golf facility is drawn from the following sources:

2015 Source(s) % of supply Total Consumption
Clubhouse(s) Public / Potable 86% 983,000 Litres
Public / Potable 5%
Public / Potable 9%
Golf Course Groundwater 100% 34,000,000 Litres
2014 Source(s) % of supply Total Consumption
Clubhouse(s) Public / Potable 82% 955,000 Litres
Public / Potable 10%
Public / Potable 8%
Golf Course Groundwater 100% 34,102,000 Litres
2013 Source(s) % of supply Total Consumption
Clubhouse(s) Public / Potable 81% 833,000 Litres
Public / Potable 8%
Public / Potable 11%
Golf Course Groundwater 100% 39,212,000 Litres

Irrigation & Efficiency

The following areas receive irrigation at this golf facility:

Greens 2-3 days per week
Tees 2-3 days per week
Fairways Weekly

The irrigation system at this golf facility is:
Fully computer controlled

The irrigation system at this golf facility is:

Serviced every 2 years

Re-calibrated and checked for efficient application every 2 years

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to maximize irrigation efficiency:

Activity Description
Selection of grass species Er wordt regelmatig onderzoek gedaan naar grassoorten die aangepast zijn aan klimaat, grondtypen en de lokale omstandigheden. Voor geschikte grassoorten van (fore)greens, tees en fairways zie tabellen 7, 9 en 10 in ‘Noord-Brabantsche Golfclub Toxandria’.

Research regularly takes place with types of grass which have adapted to the climate, the soil and the local circumstances. See tables 7, 9 and 10 in “Noord-Brabantsche golfclub Toxandria” for suitable types of grass for the (fore)greens, tees and fairways.
Soil decompaction and thatch management Om bodemverdichting en vervilting tegen te gaan worden regelmatig grond- en grasmonsters genomen voor chemische en biologische analyses. Daarnaast worden dichtheidsmetingen uitgevoerd. In overleg met de Ierse adviseur Conor Nolan wordt een bewerkings- en bemestingsplan opgesteld.

To reduce ground compaction and the grass becoming matted, samples of the ground and grasses are regularly taken for chemical and biological analysis. In consultation with our Irish advisor Conor Nolan, a maintenance and fertilizing programme has been established.
Timing and dose of water application The irrigation system is used during the hours of darkness in order to spread the water as evenly as possible. Only the (fore)greens, tees and fairways are irrigated and only on those parts where necessary. The frequency of irrigation as mentioned above indicates that it can vary week by week, depending on the weather conditions.
By regularly measuring the moisture level of the soil, in particular the (fore)greens, and the use of a professional weather station, they offer information for a balanced irrigation policy.
Analysis of soil moisture Regelmatig worden bodemvochtanalyses uitgevoerd van de greens.

On the greens moisture analysis of the soil take place regularly.
Incorporation of evapotranspiration rates and weather data De noodzakelijke watergift is afhankelijk van de meetresultaten van de vochtigheid in de wortelzone van de greens, natuurlijke neerslag, temperatuur, windsnelheid en verdampingsfactor. Het sproeisysteem werkt ’s nachts voor een optimale verdeling van het water en er is dan een geringere verdamping.

The necessary amount of irrigation depends on the results of the moisture level measures at the root zone of the greens, precipitation, temperature, wind speed and evaporation. Irrigation takes place at night to optimize the spread of the water. There is also less evaporation at night.
Use of wetting agents Om de vochtigheid zo goed mogelijk te verdelen over de greens ter voorkoming van ‘dry patches’ wordt regelmatig gebruik gemaakt van de wetting agents: Revolution en Dispatch. Wetting agent werkt profylactisch en geeft geen of minimale schade aan het bodemleven.

To spread the moisture over the greens as evenly as possible and to avoid dry patches, wetting agents ‘Revolution’ and ‘Dispatch’ are used regularly. The wetting agents cause little or no damage to soil ecology.
Overall reduction in irrigated area Alleen de (fore)greens, fairways en tees worden beregend.

Only the (fore)greens, fairways and tees are irrigated
Targeting of sprinkler heads De sproeikoppen zijn zodanig afgesteld dat alleen de (fore)greens, fairways en tees worden beregend. De sprinklerkoppen zijn gedifferentieerd afgesteld.

The sprinkler heads have been so adjusted that only the (fore)greens, fairways and tees are irrigated. The sprinkler heads have been individually adjusted.
Optimizing system pressure Alle sproeikoppen zijn voorzien van reduceerkleppen waardoor de leidingdruk wordt geoptimaliseerd. Tevens is het pompsysteem zodanig ingericht dat er zo weinig mogelijk drukschommelingen in het leidingsysteem kunnen ontstaan

All sprinkler heads have reducing valves so water pressure is optimized. The pumping system has also been arranged to cause as little as possible pressure fluctuation in the water network system.
Adoption of cutting edge nozzle technology De meest geavanceerde spuitmonden worden gebruikt bij Toxandria.

Toxandria uses the most advanced nozzles
Optimaal gebruik van de hoeveelheid grondwater Er wordt voortdurend gezocht naar een compromis tussen de mate van beregening en de kwaliteitseisen die gesteld worden aan de baan. Er is aandacht voor het niet verder laten oplopen van het grondwaterverbruik.

Continual research takes place to find a compromise between the amount of irrigation and the demands for quality of the course. Attention is paid to avoid an increase of groundwater usage.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to conserve / reduce / minimize water consumption:

Activity Description
Low-flow urinals and toilets De toiletten zijn zodanig afgesteld dat een minimale hoeveelheid water wordt verbruikt, middels waterbesparende kranen.

Urinals and toilets have water saving taps installed to minimize the amount of water used.
Use of water efficient appliances Het gebruik van water efficiënte toepassingen heeft de aandacht.

Attention is paid to the use of water efficient appliances.
Use of efficient shower technology Bij de douches zijn ringleidingen aangebracht met kleppen. De temperatuur van het douchewater is >60ºC ter voorkoming van eventuele infecties. Ook bij douches zijn waterbesparende kranen en douchekoppen toegepast.

The showers have water pipes installed with valves. The water temperature is >60ºC to avoid possible infections. The showers are also equipped with water saving taps and shower heads.
Repairing leaks In 2008 is er een forse lekkage gevonden onder de vloer van het clubhuis, deze is inmiddels gerepareerd. Nadien hebben geen calamiteiten zich meer voorgedaan.

In 2008 an enormous leakage was discovered under the floor of the club house. That has been repaired and since then no more calamities have taken place.
Water awareness signage Belangrijk is om het bewustwordingsproces bij de leden te blijven continueren om zo zuinig mogelijk met water om te gaan. Bij eventuele renovaties van het clubhuis zullen efficiënte water technologieën worden toegepast.

It remains important keeping members aware to use water as sparingly as possible. If and when renovations take place to the club house, efficient water technologies will be used.


De energievoorziening bij Toxandria bestaat uit gas met 4 aansluitingen: één voor de stokkenloods, twee voor het clubhuis en één voor greenkeepershome. Elektriciteit met twee aansluitingen: één voor het clubhuis en één voor de toiletten in de baan. Als brandstof wordt benzine, diesel en hydraulische olie gebruikt. In de jaren 2013, 2014 en 2015 is geen gebruik gemaakt van butaan/propaan.
Een professionele energieaudit of controle hierop heeft niet plaats gevonden.

Doelstelling 2016-2019
Het dak van het clubhuis wordt (gefaseerd) vervangen waarbij een goede isolatie wordt toegepast. Tevens wordt overwogen zonneboilers te plaatsen op het dak in verband met de warmwatervoorziening.
Voor de verlichting wordt het aantal bewegingsmelders uitgebreid evenals de led-verlichting.

Toxandria’s energy supply consists of gas which has four connections: one for the clubs storage shed, two for the club house and one for the green keepers’ shed. The electricity supply has two connections: one for the clubhouse and one for the toilets on the course. Petrol, diesel and hydraulic oil are the fuels used. In 2013, 2014 and 2015 butane/propane were not used.
For this a professional energy audit or monitoring did not take place.

Objective 2016 – 2019
The roof of the Clubhouse will be replaced in phases, including the installation of good insulation. In addition, consideration is being given to installing solar boilers on the roof to provide hot water supply.
For lighting there will be an increased number of movement registers and LED lighting.

Sources & Consumption

No energy surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility.

Consumption of renewable energy and resources at this golf facility:

2015 2014 2013
Biogas (Litres) 0 0 0
Biomass 0 0 0
First Generation Bio-Fuels (Litres) 0 0 0
Hydrogen (Litres) 0 0 0
On-site Hydro (kWh) 0 0 0
On-site Solar (kWh) 0 0 0
On-site Wind (kWh) 0 0 0
Renewable Grid Electricity (kWh) 0 0 0
Second Generation Bio-Fuels (Litres) 0 0 0
Wood from sustainable sources 0 0 0

Consumption of non-renewable energy and resources at this golf facility:

2015 2014 2013
Coal 0 0 0
Diesel (Litres) 11327 12334 11832
Heating Oil (Litres) 0 0 0
Hydraulic Oil (Litres) 0 0 20
LPG (Litres) 0 0 0
Natural Gas (Litres) 220122000 19844000 22715000
Non-renewable Grid (kWh) 160122 156503 168059
Petrol (Litres) 1775 1770 1805
Propane / Butane (Litres) 0 0 0
Wood from unsustainable sources 0 0 0

Energy Efficiency

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to diversify energy and fuel supply:

Activity Description
Adoption of green tariff grid supply Er wordt géén groene stroom aangeleverd.

The is no delivery of green electricity.
Installation of small scale wind turbine Installatie van een kleinschalige windturbine is niet aan de orde gezien het karakter van de baan.

The installation of a small scale wind turbine is not practical bearing in mind the character of the course.
Installation of photovoltaic and / or solar panels Bij een toekomstige renovatie van het clubhuis wordt de installatie van zonnepanelen in overweging genomen.

When in the future a renovation of the club house is planned, the installation of solar panels will be taken in consideration.
Use of geothermal and / or ground sources De vereniging heeft nog geen aandacht besteed aan geothermische en/of bodembronnen.

The club has not yet taken into consideration the use of geothermal and/or ground sources.
Use of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Ombouw van bestaande installaties en/of voertuigen is voorlopig voor Toxandria een te kostbare operatie.

Adaptation of existing installations and/or vehicles is too expensive for Toxandria at the moment.
Use of biodiesel and /or ethanol Er wordt géén gebruik gemaakt van biodiesel en/of ethanol.

Biodiesel and/or ethanol is not used.
Use of electric hybrid vehicles Inmiddels zijn bij Toxandria twee hybride zitmaaiers in gebruik. Deze hybride machines zijn uitermate onderhoudsgevoelig. Bij vervanging van machines en voertuigen wordt overwogen over te gaan op elektrische- en hybride uitvoeringen.

At the moment Toxandria uses two so called sit on mowers. These hybrid machines require intensive maintenance. When replacement of these machines and vehicles becomes necessary changing to electric and hybrid versions is being considered.
Use of recycled oils Gerecycleerde oliën worden niet gebruikt.

Recycled oils are not being used.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to reduce energy consumption:

Activity Description
Investment in low-energy heating and air conditioning systems In 2013 zijn nieuwe hoogrendementsketels geplaatst in het clubhuis. Ook de keukenapparatuur is gemoderniseerd in hetzelfde jaar. Zowel het gas- als het stroomverbruik vertonen een daling.

In 2013 high performance boilers were installed in the club house. The same year the kitchen equipment was modernised. Since then the use of both gas and electricity has gone down.
Optimizing thermostat levels for heating and refrigeration Bij de golfclub zijn zoveel mogelijk thermostaatknoppen geplaatst.
Er wordt een plan ontwikkeld om de verwarmingsenergie meer af te stemmen op de behoefte.

Where possible thermostat switches have been installed. A plan is being worked out to adjust the level of heating better when and where needed.

Enhancement of natural ventilation opportunities Bij de verbouwing van de serre zijn zowel de isolatie en de ventilatie geoptimaliseerd.

When the sun-lounge was renovated both the isolation and ventilation was optimized.
Upgrading of building insulation Bij de onderhoudsbeurt van de stokkenloods is de gebouwenisolatie aanzienlijk verbeterd. Op termijn wordt het dak van het clubhuis gerenoveerd waarbij extra aandacht wordt besteed voor betere isolatie.

When the clubs storage shed was renovated the isolation was greatly improved.
In the future when the roof of the clubhouse is going to be renovated, special attention will be paid to improve the isolation.
Use of natural light (e.g. sunlight pipes) Door de ligging van de lounge in het clubhuis (zuid/west) en het aanwezig zijn van grote raampartijen wordt optimaal gebruik gemaakt van natuurlijk licht.

Because of the aspect of the lounge in the clubhouse (south-west) with its large windows, optimum use of natural light is being made.
Installation of low-energy lighting Door gebruik te maken van o.a. ledverlichting, gasontladingslampen en timers wordt gestreefd naar een zo laag mogelijk energieverbruik.

By using led lights, other low-energy lamps and timers, we endeavour to use as little energy as possible.
Use of motion sensor lighting Bewegingssensoren worden op beperkte schaal toegepast, met name in de stokkenloods. Dit wordt op korte termijn verder uitgebreid naar kleedkamers en toiletten.

Limited use is being made of motion sensor lighting, at present only in the clubs storage shed, but in the near future this will be further extended to the dressing rooms and toilets.
Transition to energy efficient appliances Bij de bouw van de nieuwe loods, greenkeepershome en driving range zijn door Toxandria de nieuwste eisen gerespecteerd op het gebied van energie efficiëntie.

When building the new sheds, green keepers accommodation and driving range, Toxandria respected the latest demands as far as energy efficient appliances was concerned.
Use of timers with appliances, heating and lighting Zowel het gebruik van timers als thermostaatknoppen worden reeds enkele jaren bij de golfclub toegepast.

The club has been using timers and thermostat switches on appliances, heating and lighting for a number of years now.
Educating staff and customers Via de geëigende communicatiekanalen worden leden en personeelsleden attent gemaakt op een zuinig energiebeleid.

By means of appropriate channels, members and staff are being made aware of the use of energy sparingly.

Vehicles & Transport

The maintenance fleet at this golf facility uses the following fuel sources:

Ride-on Mowers Walking Mowers Utility Vehicles
Petrol 0% 100% 46%
Diesel 67% 0% 54%
LPG 0% 0% 0%
Grid Electric 0% 0% 0%
Micro Renewable 0% 0% 0%
Hybrid 33% 0% 0%
Hydrogen 0% 0% 0%

Additional vehicles operated by this golf facility use the following fuel sources:

Golf Carts Cars Buses
Petrol 0% 0% 0%
Diesel 0% 100% 0%
LPG 0% 0% 0%
Grid Electric 100% 0% 0%
Micro Renewable 0% 0% 0%
Hybrid 0% 0% 0%
Hydrogen 0% 0% 0%

This golf facility has established the following schemes to encourage reductions in staff and customer transport emissions:

Activity Description
Car sharing incentives Wat de leden betreft zijn hiervoor binnen Toxandria tot nu toe geen initiatieven ondernomen. De meeste medewerkers wonen binnen een straal van 10 km van de golfbaan en afhankelijk van de weersomstandigheden wordt veelvuldig gebruik gemaakt van een fiets.

As far as the members of Toxandria are concerned, up until now no initiatives have been made. Most of the staff live within a radius of 10 km of the course and depending on the weather they mostly use bicycles for transport to and from
Group transportation (e.g. buses) Toxandria heeft 8,5 FTE in dienst waarvan de meeste medewerkers binnen een straal van 10 km van de golfbaan wonen. Dit aantal van 8,5 FTE is te weinig om tot een rendabele vorm van groepsvervoer te komen.

Toxandria employs 8,5 full time units most of whom live within a 10 km radius of the course. 8,5 full time units are too few to make group transportation cost-effective.
Secure cycle parking Deze is aanwezig op het terrein van de golfclub.

Secure bicycle parking is available on the premises
Promoting public transport routes and timetables Gezien de ligging van de baan en de organisatie van het openbaar vervoer in de regio is dit geen optie voor Toxandria.

Bearing in mind the location of the course and the lack of public transport in the area, promoting public transport routes and timetables are no option.
Increasing equipment storage (e.g. lockers) De golfclub beschikt over 600 lockers verdeelt over verschillende ruimtes. Ruim 80% van de lockers zijn in gebruik door leden. Het aantal beschikbare lockers voldoet aan de behoefte.

The club has more than 600 lockers spread around several clubhouse areas. More than 80% of the lockers are used by members. The number of available lockers is sufficient for the demands.
Staff showers Zowel in greenkeepershome als in het clubhuis zijn voldoende douches aanwezig. Aan de relevante ARBO wetgeving wordt voldaan.

The green keepers accommodation and the clubhouse have a sufficient number of showers to comply with the ARBO laws.
Tax breaking incentives for cycling Niet van toepassing.

Not applicable.
Promotion of walk to work campaigns Het organiseren van wandel/werk campagnes heeft weinig zin aangezien de medewerkers de voorkeur geven aan eigen vervoer zoals fiets of auto.

Promotion to encourage staff to walk to work is bound to fail because they prefer coming to work on their own bicyle or by car.

Supply Chain

Hoofdproducten en diensten zijn in twee groepen te verdelen;
a/ producten ten behoeve van onderhoud van de golfbaan en opstallen.
b/ producten ten behoeve van de pachter van bar en restaurant (drank en voeding). In principe wordt uit oogpunt van duurzaamheid gewerkt met lokale leveranciers en streekeigen producten.

Er worden door de greenkeepers zoveel mogelijk gerecyclede of recyclebare producten ingekocht. Om de verpakkingen te minimaliseren worden door de greenkeepers producten in grootverpakkingen en in bulk ingekocht.
Ook de cateraar schaft producten indien mogelijk in grootverpakking aan. De catering wordt verzorgd door een extern bedrijf. De inkoop en keuze van bedrijven valt onder verantwoordelijkheid van de cateraar.
De hoeveelheid verbruikte stikstof in 2015 is toegenomen in vergelijking met het verbruik in 2013 en 2014. Eind 2014 en begin 2015 zijn twee nieuwe holes en een tijdelijke hole aangelegd. Daarnaast zijn de nieuwe driving range en de uitbreiding met twee oefengreens gerealiseerd. Deze vernieuwing en uitbreiding heeft geleid tot een toename van het stikstof verbruik

Doelstelling 2016-2019
Minimaliseren van bemesting – en gewasbeschermingsmiddelen.
Optimaliseren van gescheiden afval waarbij onder andere petflessen worden gescheiden.

Main products and services can be divided into two groups; (a) products for maintenance of the golf course and facilities, (b) products for the leaseholder of the bar and restaurant (drinks and meals). In principle, from the durability point-of-view we use local suppliers and regional products.

The greenkeepers purchase predominantly recycled or recyclable products. To minimize packaging greenkeepers purchase products in large sizes and in bulk.
The caterer also purchases where possible products in large sizes. Catering is provided by an external company. The choice of, and purchases from, suppliers is the responsibility of the caterer.
There has been an increase in the use of nitrogen in 2015, in comparison with its use in 2013 and 2014. Between the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 two new holes and one temporary hole were constructed. In addition, the new driving range and two new practice greens have been completed. These improvements and extensions have resulted in the increased use of nitrogen.

Objective 2016 – 2019
Minimize the use of fertilizers and plant protection products.
Optimize waste separation, whereby PET bottles are separated

Purchasing Policies

This golf facility undertakes the following ethical / environmental purchasing activities:

Activity Description
Measures to avoid waste at source De afschrijving op het machine park gebeurt niet naar gebruikte jaren maar naar het aantal werkuren van de machine. Bij de aanschaf gaat de voorkeur uit naar tweedehands machines ook in verband met het hergebruik van onderdelen.

The depreciation of course maintenance equipment is not based on years of use but on the operational hours of each machine. Preference is for the purchase of secondhand machinery, also in relation to reuse of parts.
Use of local suppliers Het streven is zoveel mogelijk gebruik te maken van lokale leveranciers, dit zowel uit duurzaamheids- als praktische overwegingen.

We endeavour to make the most use of local suppliers, this for both durability and practical considerations.
Use of local products Greenkeepers preferably use local products, such as dressing sand from Dongen. The caterer also prefers to use regional and time-related products such as vegetables.
On the agricultural land of the estate we have started small-scale agricultural projects such as growing our own grains, rapeseed and buckwheat.
Selection of certified products Alle producten ten behoeve van het onderhoud van de golfbaan zijn (voor zover mogelijk) gecertificeerd.

Where possible, products for the maintenance of the golf course are certified.
Use of recycled and recyclable products Naast het duurzaam Hollands hout wordt er ook gebruik gemaakt van gerecyclede producten zoals baanmeubilair van gerecycled plastic. Biologisch afval zoals boomsnippers, graspluggen, gras- en bladafval worden gecomposteerd in grassilo’s en later aangewend voor de landbouwgrond.

In addition to sustainable Dutch wood, use is also made of recycled products such as course furniture from recycled plastic. Biological refuse such as wood chippings, grass sods, mowings and dead leaves are composted in grass silo’s and later used for agricultural purposes.
Selection of products that feature minimal packaging Om de verpakkingen te minimaliseren worden door de greenkeepers producten in grootverpakkingen en in bulk ingekocht. Ook de cateraar schaft producten naar mogelijkheid in grootverpakkingen aan.

To minimize packaging greenkeepers purchase products in large sizes and in bulk. Where possible the caterer also purchases products in large volumes.
Use of accredited suppliers (e.g. ISO 14001) Alle leveranciers zijn erkende bedrijven dat wil zeggen dat ze voldoen aan de wettelijke eisen.

All suppliers are authorized companies, which implies that they meet legal requirements.

Supply Chain

An overview of the supplier network at this golf facility:

Total number of suppliers Total number of suppliers within 10 Kilometres Total number of suppliers within 100 Kilometres
Retail 4 3
Trade & Contractors 8 6
Maintenance Equipment 8 4
Course Supplies 12 6

Turfgrass Inputs

This golf facility undertakes the following IPM activities:

Activity Description
Encouraging drought and disease tolerant grasses The use of fertilizers and plant protection products are minimized in relation to the requirements of the various parts of the course and grasses. The re-sowing of fairways and greens is done with grass seeds which are resistant to low rainfall and sicknesses. For the greens a balance is sought between spear-grass, festuca rubra and annual meadow grass.
Managing stress and wear Grass stress and wear is related to the amount of use. The most natural sorts of grasses, related to the requirements of various parts of the course such as fairways, greens and tees forms an important part of the management.
The club has its own sharpening machine ensuring that mowers with sharp blades can always be used and grass stress minimized.
Pin positions on the greens are changed according to a planned scheme. Tee markers are freqently repositioned.
Enhancement of soil structure Ter verbetering van de bodemstructuur wordt de bodem belucht, zeer regelmatig gedrest en minimaal, op geleide van vochtmeting, beregent. Bij bemesting worden zoveel mogelijk biologische middelen gebruikt.

To improve the soil structure it is aerated, dressed very often and, based on moisture measurement, regularly sprayed with water. Where fertilizers are used they are biologically based, where possible.
Optimization of the growing environment Het bodemleven wordt gestimuleerd door gericht toevoegen van compost waarin bepaalde schimmels dominant zijn. Het bosbeheerplan is gericht op meer licht en lucht op de greens.

Healthy soil is stimulated by using appropriate amounts of fertilizer containing selected fungi. The woodland management plan is directed towards more light and air on the greens.
Managing thatch levels Het minimaliseren van vilt gebeurt door het bodemleven te stimuleren, regelmatig dressen en zonodig behandelen door mechanische beluchting.

Minimization of thatch levels is done by stimulating the soil structure, regular dressing and, as necessary, mechanical aeration.
Managing surface moisture Bodemvocht niveau in de greens wordt structureel gemeten met bodemvochtmeters. In de fairway worden monsters uitgestoken voor beoordeling door de tast en de reuk. Bij droogteplekken in de fairways en in de greens wordt waar nodig gebruik gemaakt van wetting agents.

Soil humidity levels of the greens is structurally measured with soil humidity meters. For the fairways, samples are taken for evaluation by feel and smell. Wetting agents are used where necessary for dry parts of the fairways and greens.
Establishing thresholds for pests and disease De grootste barrière voor plagen en ziekten is een gezonde grasplant.
Naast het creëren van gunstige groeiomstandigheden is het
bemestingsplan er op gericht de grasplant regelmatig van minimale voeding te
voorzien en niet te wachten tot de plant zichtbaar gebreksverschijnselen vertoont.

The greatest barrier for pests and disease is a healthy grass plant. In addition to creating positive growing conditions, the fertilization plan ensures a minimal amount of feed, rather than waiting for the plant to show visible amounts of degradation.
Scouting for pests and diseases Naast de tweewekelijkse inspectieronde van de hoofdgreenkeeper zijn de
greenkeepers getraind op het signaleren van plagen en ziekten in de baan.

The head greenkeeper carries out a tour of inspection every two weeks and the greenkeepers are trained to watch out for signs of pests and diseases.
Monitoring / improvement of plant health Om de gezondheid van het gras te monitoren wordt er tweemaal per week een ronde gemaakt over de golfbaan. Er worden monsters uitgestoken, de kleur van het gras beoordeeld en de bodemvochtigheid gemeten. Daarnaast worden, indien nodig, chemische analyses uitgevoerd van het gras en van de bodem.

To monitor the health of the grass, an inspection tour of the golf course is made twice per week. Samples are taken, the colour of the grass evaluated and the soil moisture level measured. When necessary, chemical analysis of the grass and soil is carried out.

Fertilizer use at this golf facility in the last three years (kg):

2015 2014 2013
Fairways - K - Inorganic 12.1 4.8 0
Fairways - K - Organic 3 19 6.2
Fairways - N - Inorganic 35.2 33.4 1.5
Fairways - N - Organic 21 19.6 4.8
Fairways - P - Inorganic 12.1 4.8 0
Fairways - P - Organic 0 4.2 1.1
Greens - K - Inorganic 0 0 0
Greens - K - Organic 81.6 119.9 33.5
Greens - N - Inorganic 40 32.1 32.1
Greens - N - Organic 86.1 64 25.4
Greens - P - Inorganic 0 0 0
Greens - P - Organic 61.8 61.8 51.9
Rough - K - Inorganic 0 0 0
Rough - K - Organic 0 0 0
Rough - N - Inorganic 0 0 0
Rough - N - Organic 0 0 0
Rough - P - Inorganic 0 0 0
Rough - P - Organic 0 0 0
Semi-Rough - K - Inorganic 12.1 4.8 0
Semi-Rough - K - Organic 3 19 6.2
Semi-Rough - N - Inorganic 35.2 33.4 1.5
Semi-Rough - N - Organic 21 19.6 4.8
Semi-Rough - P - Inorganic 12.1 4.8 0
Semi-Rough - P - Organic 0 4.2 1.1
Tees - K - Inorganic 0 5.5 0
Tees - K - Organic 22 51.2 59.3
Tees - N - Inorganic 74.3 29.5 16.4
Tees - N - Organic 54.9 73.1 32.9
Tees - P - Inorganic 0 5.5 0
Tees - P - Organic 0 0 0

Pesticide use at this golf facility in the last three years (kg):

2015 2014 2013
Fairways - Fungicide - Total Weight 4.5 3 0
Fairways - Fungicide - Number of applications per year 3 2 0
Fairways - Herbicide - Total Weight 17 1 12
Fairways - Herbicide - Number of applications per year 3 1 6
Fairways - Insecticide - Total Weight 0 0 0
Fairways - Insecticide - Number of applications per year 0 0 0
Greens - Fungicide - Total Weight 26 4.5 30
Greens - Fungicide - Number of applications per year 5 3 7
Greens - Herbicide - Total Weight 0.75 0.099 0
Greens - Herbicide - Number of applications per year 1 1 0
Greens - Insecticide - Total Weight 0 0 0
Greens - Insecticide - Number of applications per year 0 0 0
Rough - Fungicide - Total Weight 0 0 0
Rough - Fungicide - Number of applications per year 0 0 0
Rough - Herbicide - Total Weight 0 0 0
Rough - Herbicide - Number of applications per year 0 0 0
Rough - Insecticide - Total Weight 0 0 0
Rough - Insecticide - Number of applications per year 0 0 0
Semi-Rough - Fungicide - Total Weight 0 0 0
Semi-Rough - Fungicide - Number of applications per year 0 0 0
Semi-Rough - Herbicide - Total Weight 0 0 0
Semi-Rough - Herbicide - Number of applications per year 0 0 0
Semi-Rough - Insecticide - Total Weight 0 0 0
Semi-Rough - Insecticide - Number of applications per year 0 0 0
Tees - Fungicide - Total Weight 1.5 2 0
Tees - Fungicide - Number of applications per year 1 1 0
Tees - Herbicide - Total Weight 0.6 0 0
Tees - Herbicide - Number of applications per year 1 0 0
Tees - Insecticide - Total Weight 0 0 0
Tees - Insecticide - Number of applications per year 0 0 0

This golf facility undertakes the following actions to optimize pesticide use:

Activity Description
Selection on the least toxic and lest persistent products We choose the least damaging products. As a Wetting Agent, the less damaging product Greenstim is used, rather than Revolution. For weed control the growth promoting AA-mix is used in place of Glyfosaat. The subject of vegetation protection is a regular part of study and discussion.
Selection of appropriate products for specific pests and diseases Om de aanwezige ziektes en plagen te bestrijden worden de meest effectieve producten geselecteerd.

To treat the sicknesses and diseases present, the most effective products are selected.
Spot-treatment with handheld sprayers and wipers Ook een pleksgewijze behandeling met handsproeiers zijn in het verleden toegepast zoals aaltjes op plekken waar engerlingen voorkwamen.

Het lokaal voorkomende onkruid in de fairway wordt met handsproeiers behandeld en op de greens wordt het onkruid uitgestoken met een mesje.

In the past we have used hand sprayers for localized treatment, such as in cases where the eggs of the white grub are present. Local weeds on the fairways are treated using hand sprayers, whilst on the greens weeds are removed with a knife.
Calibration and testing of sprayers De veldspuiten worden regelmatig door eigen medewerkers getest en afgesteld.

The sprinkler heads are regularly tested and adjusted by our own staff.
Use of shrouded sprayer and anti-drip nozzles Men gebruikt spuiten met low drift nozzles.

We use sprayers with low-drift nozzles.
Non-chemical weed control Niet-chemische onkruidbestrijding past men toe op de greens door het uitsteken van onkruid met een mesje. Op de fairways sproeit men pleksgewijs met handapparatuur onkruidbestrijdingsmiddel dat gemakkelijk afbreekbaar is.

Non-chemical weed treatment is used on the greens by removing the weed using a knife. On the fairways we spray bio-degradable herbicide on selected areas using hand-held equipment.
Use of organic and biological products to improve plant health and resistance. In de winter wordt een enkele keer gespoten met winterhardner om de plant weerbaarder te maken. Dit biologische product van zeewier bevat met name mineralen, spoorelementen en kalium.

During the winter the course is occasionally sprayed with Winterhardner to make the plants more resistant. This seaweed-based product contains minerals, trace elements and potassium.

Waste Management

No waste audits have been undertaken at this golf facility.

This golf facility manages key waste streams as follows:

Re-use Recycle Landfill Incinerate
Glass false true false false
Plastic false false false true
Aluminium false true false false
Metal false true false false
Paper & Cardboard false true false false
Grass Clippings false true false false
Cores & Turf false true false false
Sand false true false false
Wood / Timber true true false false

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to continue the lifecycle of materials and resources:

Activity Description
Separation of recyclable materials Glass, metal and paper/cardboard is collected separately and removed by a certified refuse treatment organization. During the last two years the quantities have remained the same. During recent meetings with the refuse treatment organization sustainability has been clearly discussed and the contract further clarified. Part of the refuse is used for city heating. Part of the conifer refuse is supplied to the wood industry.
Establishment of recycling centers Niet van toepassing.

Not applicable.
Returning clipping to fairways and walkways Ongeveer 15.000 kg grasafval, 5000 kg bladafval, graspluggen en een kleine hoeveelheid houtsnippers worden jaarlijks gecomposteerd en hergebruikt op de landbouwgronden van het landgoed.
Het grasafval van de fairways wordt niet afgevoerd.

Approximately 15.000kg grass refuse, 5000kg dead leaves, grass sods and a small quantity of wood chips are composted annually and re-used on the agricultural land of the estate.
The grass refuse from the fairways is not transported.
Education of staff and customer education De duurzaamheidsgedachte zit in het hart van alle greenkeepers. In het clubblad en op de website wordt aandacht besteed aan het duurzaamheidsbeleid.

The principle of durability and sustainability is in the heart of all greenkeepers. Both the Club magazine and website focus on sustainability policy.
Waste awareness campaigns Is onderdeel van het duurzaamheidsbeleid.

This is part of the sustainability policy

Pollution Control

Door de golfvereniging wordt getracht de lokale omgeving zoveel mogelijk te vrijwaren van vervuiling en verontreiniging. Ook wordt er zoveel mogelijk gewerkt met lokale leveranciers zowel door de greenkeepers als ook door de cateraar. Bij problemen kan sneller gehandeld worden en het vervoer van de producten kost minder energie. De gebruikte producten en machines zijn gecertificeerd.
Leidingwater wordt nooit gecontroleerd door de golfvereniging, alleen bij controle van het douchewater op legionella. De kwaliteit van het water en de controle daarop is voorbehouden aan de waterleverancier Brabant Water.
Het gescheiden afval wordt afgevoerd en verwerkt door gecertificeerde bedrijven.

Doelstelling 2016-2019
Updating van de Risico-Inventarisatie & -Evaluatie (RIE) bij Toxandria.

The golf club endeavours to safeguard the local neighbourhood as much as possible from pollution. Our greenkeepers and the caterer work as much as possible with local suppliers. If problems arise these can be handled quickly and the transport of products uses less energy. Their products and machines are certified. Water supply is not controlled by the golf club, except for checks on legionella for the shower water. Water quality and its control is the responsibility of the supplier, Brabant Water.
Separated refuse is removed and treated by certified companies.

Objective 2016 -2019
Updating the Risks Inventory and Evaluation (RIE) by Toxandria.

Water Analysis

This golf facility monitors water quality with the following frequency:

Chemical Biological Visual
Inflow Never Never Never
On-Site Never Never Never
Outflow Never Never Never

Waste Water

Waste water from this golf facility is managed as follows:

Discharges to Formal Discharge Agreement
Golf Course N/A N/A
Clubhouse Mains Sewer N/A
Maintenance Facility Mains Sewer N/A
Wash Pad Mains Sewer N/A

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials at this golf facility are handled and disposed of as follows:

Secure Storage Registered Uplift
Detergents true true
Cooking Oils true true
Lubricants true true
Pesticide Containers true true
Fertiliser Bags true true
Oil Filters true true
Batteries true true

Pollution Prevention

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to prevent pollution from its maintenance facility and clubhouse:

Activity Description
Storage of equipment and hazardous products on covered, sealed impervious areas Gevaarlijke materialen zoals brandstoffen en andere chemische stoffen worden in afgesloten kasten en ruimtes bewaard met tevens vloeistof dichte vloeren. Zowel de kast voor de chemische stoffen als ook de ruimte van de brandstoffen voldoen aan de wettelijke normen en voorschriften.

Dangerous materials such as fuels and other chemicals are stored in closed cupboards and storage rooms which also have leak proof floors. The cupboards for chemicals and fuels storage meet the appropriate laws and regulations.
Maintenance of equipment on covered, sealed impervious areas Het onderhoud van machines gebeurt op een vloeistofdichte vloer. De ruimte is voorzien van een afzuiginstallatie.

Machine maintenance is carried out on leak proof floors. The space is provided with an extraction installation.
Mixing of pesticides and fertilizers in covered areas Het mengen van bestrijdingsmiddelen en meststoffen gebeurt in een overdekte en geventileerde ruimte.
Pesticiden worden opgeslagen in een afgesloten kast waarbij de sleutel wordt bewaard door de hoofdgreenkeeper en zijn vervanger.

The preparation of pesticides and fertilizers takes place in covered and ventilated
Pesticides are stored in a closed cupboard for which the key is held by the head greenkeeper and his deputy.
Mixing of pesticides and fertilizers over impervious surfaces Het mengen van bestrijdingsmiddelen en meststoffen gebeurt eveneens op een vloeistofdichte vloer

The preparation of pesticides and fertilizers also takes place on leak proof floors.
Installation of above-ground fuel tanks Fuels storage meets environmental regulations. Diesel is stored in a double-walled 1200 liter tank with leak sensor, in a leak proof container in a separate, lockable space with leak proof floor. Gasoline is stored in a leak proof container in a separate, lockable, explosion-resistant space with leak proof floor.
Installation of sufficient secondary containment for fuel Er zijn geen secundaire containers aanwezig.

There are no secondary containers present.
Provision of containment booms and absorbent materials Absorptiekorrels zijn voldoende aanwezig en binnen handbereik en worden na gebruik bij het chemisch afval bewaard.

Adequate absorbent materials are always present and within reach, and after use are stored with other chemical refuse.

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to prevent pollution on its golf course:

Activity Description
Eliminating leachate and run-off through careful timing of turf inputs We endeavour to prevent cleaning and rinsing of vegetation protection materials by good timing.
No chemical pesticides are used on the ecological contact zone and fields, and fertilization is limited to using degradable vegetation material on the golf course. No chemicals are used around the three pools in the ecological contact zone.
Establishment of vegetative buffer strips around water bodies Rond waterpartijen zijn vegetatieve bufferzones gerealiseerd.
Bij de Goorloop worden op ons terrein geen chemische bestrijdingsmiddelen en meststoffen gebruikt.

Vegetative buffer zones are present around all areas of water. No chemical pesticides or manures are used on the Goorloop.
Establishment of emergency spillage response plan Er is een calamiteitenplan aanwezig voor onder andere direct ingrijpen bij lekkages om schade te minimaliseren.

There is an emergency response plan present for action by leakages to minimize damage, for example.
Controlling erosion and sediment discharge Door terreinen niet onbegroeid te laten voorkomt men erosie. Overal is beplanting met heide, kruiden, grassen etc. aanwezig. Bij de landbouwgronden is een zaaiplan opgesteld.

Erosion is prevented by allowing vegetation growth on appropriate areas. Heather, herbs, grasses, etc. are planted where necessary. There is a planting plan for agricultural areas.
Establishment of pesticide-free zones Op de ecologische verbindingszone en landbouwgrond worden geen chemische bestrijdingsmiddelen en geen chemische meststoffen gebruikt.
Bij de Goorloop is een buffer aanwezig met kruiden waar niet wordt gespoten met gewasbeschermingsmiddelen.

No pesticides or chemical manures are used on the ecological contact zone and agricultural ground. The Goorloop has a buffer zone with herbs which are not sprayed with pesticides.
Use of swales and bio-filters to slow and treat surface run-off Aanleg van greppels en bio-filters is niet nodig omdat er geen wateroverlast optreedt. Alleen bij extreem veel regenval kan plaatselijk tijdelijk wateroverlast ontstaan. De zandgronden zijn goed water doorlaatbaar.

The use of extra drains and bio-filters is not necessary as there is no flooding problem. During periods of heavy rainfall temporary, local flooding may occur.
The sandy earth on the estate allows good water dispersion.


Ever since the establishment of Toxandria Golf Club it has striven to build a positive and constructive relationship with the local authority.
Since its formation in 1928 the golf course and its facilities are part of the Toxandria estate. This estate falls under the Nature Conservation Law of 1928. As a result there is an obligation to maintain and conserve the estate as determined in Law. Over the years the estate has been expanded with a further 15 ha. Of this, the majority was committed to increasing the natural character of Toxandria since the ecological development is considered of great importance. Due to this development, contacts with the local authority have been further intensified.
The contacts with the Gilze-Rijen local authority, neighbours in Molenschot, the water management authority, the Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organisation and the State Forestry Service have contributed to the development of the ecological contact zone and nature. A foot-path has been constructed on the south side of the estate, the so-called Tree Frog Path. This path is often used by the residents of Molenschot and is part of the national foot path network. Walkers can see how nature is developing, the contours of the golf course and hopefully in the future can enjoy the tree frogs.
For many years there has been a relationship with the Nature and Landscape Society of Gilze and Rijen which to this day is being continued. This society is primarily concerned with the inventarisation of plants, birds and fungi. Bird-counting during the Bird Watching Day is done jointly with the West-Brabants Bird Workgroup.
There is close co-operation with local suppliers, if these have the required legal licences.
The golf club leases the catering services to a caterer and such staff are not employed by Toxandria.
The golf professionals work under contract to the golf club but are not employed by Toxandria.

Objective 2016 – 2019
Completion of the 1st part of the Ecological Contact Zone of the Tree Frog. Further, providing support for the realization of the remaining parts of the total Ecological Contact Zone of the Tree Frog between the Gilze Rijen airfield and Chaam woods.
Presentation of our own estate products.
Improved profiling of the GEO certification both within and outside the golf club.

Employment & Education

Typical staffing levels at this golf facility are:

Full Time Part Time Seasonal
Club Management 1.0 2
Course Management 5.9 6
Caddies 1.55 4

The sustainability working group at this golf facility is comprised of:

  • Committee Members
  • Technical Specialist
  • Werkgroep bestaat uit 5 commissieleden, baancommissaris en hoofdgreenkeeper

Employees at this golf facility receive the following formal and informal environmental education:

Activity Description
Storage, application and disposal of pesticides The greenkeepers, depending on their job, have followed one of the following training programmes: green keepers training, assistant head green keepers training or head green keepers training. In addition, they have taken courses in soil management for greenkeepers. They hold current spraying and sawing licences. They follow refresher courses regularly.
Efficient water management In overleg met de Landbouw Universiteit van Wageningen werd deelgenomen aan experimenten om het benodigde water te beheren. Tevens is waterbeheer een onderdeel van de greenkeepersopleiding.

In co-operation with the Wageningen Agricultural University, experiments have been carried out on the necessary water management. Water management is also part of the greenkeepers’ training.
Management of accidents and emergencies The greenkeepers, secretaries and caddymasters are certified in operational emergency response work and regularly follow refresher courses. There are two defibrillator units present in the club house. Guidelines have been developed regarding calamity management such as thunder storms and requesting a doctor or ambulance.
Management of habitats and vegetation Vegetation is managed by the greenkeepers. The forest management plan has been developed in co-operation with Buiting Consulting Bureau. Conor Nolan, consultant with STRI, gives advice twice per year. This advice is based on the results of earth analyses.
The Heidemaatschappij has produced a plan for the management of the heathland vegetation.
In addition, information about specific habitats is shared with other golf clubs and/or external specialists.
Waste minimization, separation and recycling Afval minimaliseren, scheiden en recyclen is onderdeel van de gevolgde cursussen en opfrisbijeenkomsten.

Refuse minimisation, separation and recycling are part of the training and refresher courses.
Health & Safety In het kader van de ARBO wetgeving worden veiligheidscursussen gevolgd. De wetgeving wordt bij Toxandria gerespecteerd en de veiligheidseisen nageleefd zoals beschermende kleding en hulpmiddelen.

Safety courses are followed as required by the National Health and Safety legislation. This legislation is implemented by Toxandria and safety regulations, such as for protective clothing and aids, are followed.
Energy Saving Dit is onderdeel bij gevolgde cursussen en aandachtspunt bij werkoverleg bij Toxandria.

This is part of the courses which are followed, and a point of attention during work planning meetings at Toxandria.
Understanding of landscape and cultural heritage Dit vormt een onderdeel van de opleiding en diverse cursussen.

This forms a part of the training and various courses.
Environmental management planning Planning van milieubeheer vormt onderdeel van de greenkeepersopleiding of opfriscursussen.

The planning of environmental management forms part of the greenkeepers’ refresher courses

Community Relations

This golf facility engages with local community groups in the following manner:

Activity Description
Neighbours De buren worden geïnformeerd over ontwikkelingen en er is overleg met de bewoners aan de Goorbergseweg over bijvoorbeeld het onderhoud van de weg. Daarnaast is er incidenteel een en ontvangst en rondleiding voor de buren en lokale bevolking op het landgoed Toxandria.

The neighours are informed about developments and there is consultation with the residents of the Goorbergseweg about road maintenance, for example. In addition, from time-to-time there are receptions and tours on the Toxandria estate for the neighbours and local population.
Local Government Regelmatig contact met de gemeente Gilze-Rijen, gemeente Breda, provincie Noord-Brabant afdeling ruimtelijke ordening en natuur onder andere in verband met de realisering van de ecologische verbindingszone.

Regular contact with the Gilze-Rijen local authority, the city authority of Breda, the town-and-country planning department of the province of Noord-Brabant concerning the realization of the ecological contact zone.
Local Environmental Groups Local environmental groups such as the Nature and Landscape Society of Gilze-Rijen and the West-Brabant bird working group carry out research, inventarise flora and fauna and lead excursions on the Toxandria Estate. In addition, there are contacts with Brabants Landscape Foundation, Brabant Water and the Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organisation
Local Community Groups De officiële opening van de ecologische verbindingszone, fase 2, in 2015 heeft plaatsgevonden in het lokale gemeenschapshuis waarbij vertegenwoordigers van de lokale gemeenschap van Molenschot aanwezig waren.

The official opening of the ecological contact zone, phase 2, in 2015 took place in the local authority hall during which representatives of the local Molenschot community were present.
Media De lokale dagbladen geven jaarlijks veel aandacht aan het internationale jeugd golftoernooi ‘Dutch Junior Open’. Het wordt dit jaar voor de 32e keer georganiseerd. Daarnaast was er veel aandacht in de media over de aanleg en opening van fase twee van de ecologische verbindingszone van de boomkikker.

The local daily press has given much publicity each year to our international “Dutch Junior Open” golf tournament. This year it will be organized for the 32nd time. Additionally, there was much media attention about the opening of Phase 2 of the ecological contact zone for the tree frog.
Local Businesses From the durability point of view local suppliers are used as much as possible, to minimize the number of transport movements. All suppliers have the required legal licences. The golf club has a limited number of suppliers, the majority of which are located within a radius of 12km.
Schools & Colleges Toxandria heeft contacten met de H.A.S. in ’s Hertogenbosch. Deze Hogeschool verzorgt opleidingen en cursussen voor onder andere greenkeepers en baancommissarissen. Daarnaast zijn er contacten met de Landbouw Universiteit Wageningen en het Instituut Alterra.

Toxandria has contacts with the H.A.S. (University of Applied Sciences, ‘s Hertogenbosch). This university provides training and courses for, amongst others, greenkeepers and golf course managers. In addition, there are contacts with the Wageningen Agricultural University and the Institute Alterra.
Old Nine De Oude Negen zijn de oudste 9 golfclubs van Nederland. Deze clubs hebben regelmatig onderling overleg en wisselen onderling informatie uit.

The “Old Nine” are the 9 oldest golf clubs in the Netherlands. These clubs have regular contact with each other and exchange information.

Land Use & Cultural Heritage

This golf facility provides access and diversified land use for others through:

Activity Description
Maintenance of existing public paths Er is één half verharde openbare weg over de golfbaan, deze wordt onderhouden door Toxandria. Dit is de ontsluitingsweg voor de aanwonenden van een viertal woonhuizen. Tevens maken bezoekers van de aanwonenden en wandelaars gebruik van deze openbare weg.

There is a semi-permanent public road over part of the golf course, which is maintained by Toxandria. It is a connecting road for four residential houses and walkers make use of this road.
Creation of new paths and nature trails In het kader van de ecologische verbindingszone is het boomkikkerpad aangelegd. Dit pad loopt gedeeltelijk over het landgoed Toxandria en is openbaar.

In relation to the ecological contact zone the tree frog path has been laid. This path runs partially over the Toxandria estate and is open to the public.
Installation of effective and welcoming signage De golfbaan en het boomkikkerpad zijn voorzien van informatieve borden die nodig zijn voor de betreffende omgeving.

The golf course and the tree frog path are provided with information boards which are necessary for the locality involved.
Providing opportunities for other recreation (e.g. fishing) Gezien de ligging en de inrichting van landgoed Toxandria zijn er buiten golf en wandeling, op de betreffende paden, geen mogelijkheden voor alternatieve recreatie aanwezig.

In view of the location and facilities of the Toxandria estate, there are no possibilities for alternative recreation other than golf and walking on these paths.
Partnership conservation and access projects (e.g. community woodland) Voor de instandhouding en onderhoud van de ecologische verbindingszone zijn er partnerschappen met de gemeente Gilze-Rijen en het Waterschap.

For the continuation and maintenance of the ecological contact zone there are partnerships with the Gilze-Rijen local authority and the Water Management organisation .
Continuation of traditional agricultural activities The Toxandria estate has approximately 7 hectares of agricultural land. This land is organized to increase the biodiversity. For this, Advice is provided by Korensla (agro-biodiversity) and Beeezz (apiculture). Through the Green Blue Stimulance Programme (STIKA) funds are available for nature and landscape maintenance. One part (0.3ha)of the agricultural land is used for the production of turf for our own use.

The following archaeological and heritage surveys have been carried out at this golf facility:

Title Author Date View document
Beschikking uw pand een gemeentelijk monument Burgemeester en wethouders van Gilze en Rijen 2012/08/27

This golf facility consults the following organizations regarding the conservation of cultural heritage:

  • Gemeente Gilze-Rijen
  • Staatsbosbeheer
  • Adviesbureau Mommers, rentmeesters en adviseurs
  • Waterschap de Brabantse Delta

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to conserve cultural heritage features:

Activity Description
Buildings (Listed Buildings / Ancient Monuments etc) De gemeente Gilze-Rijen heeft het clubhuis aangewezen als gemeentelijk monument, zie bijlage hiervoor.

The Gilze-Rijen local authority has declared the clubhouse to be a local monument, see the attachment for this.
Archaeology (Settlements / Agricultural System etc) Op het Landgoed Toxandria zijn noch archeologische sporen noch specifieke landbouwsystemen aanwezig.

The Toxandria Estate has neither archeological remains or agricultural systems present
Historic Features (Hedgerows / Dykes / Moats / Cairns etc) De singels en houtwallen bij de landbouwgronden zijn karakteristiek in Noord-Brabant voor kleinschalige landbouw en worden daarom in stand gehouden.

The small moats and wood banks which are a characteristic of small farms in Noord Brabant are being retained.


This golf facility undertakes the following internal environmental communications:

Activity Description
Provision of newsletters, notice boards & poster display Via het clubblad “de Swing” en via de website worden regelmatig mededelingen gedaan en informatie verstrekt over de natuur en het milieu. In de baan staan borden met een korte beschrijving van een specifiek onderdeel van de natuur of een soorten die voorkomen op de betreffende plaats.

Information about nature and the environment is regularly provided in the Club magazine “The Swing” and on the website. On the golf course there are boards giving a short description of a specific part of the natural environment and species which are present.
Members evenings and course walks Binnen de golfclub bestaan geen specifieke ledenavonden voor natuur en milieu. Jaarlijks worden op het Landgoed wandelingen georganiseerd voor planten, paddenstoelen en vogels.

The golf club holds no specific evening meetings for members about the countryside and environment. There are annual walks arranged on the Estate covering plants, fungi and birds.
Course guides / brochures In 2015 is eenmalig een brochure uitgegeven bij de opening van de ecologische verbindingszone.

In 2015 a brochure was published in connection with the opening of the ecological contact zone.
Interpretation panels & course signage Op de golfbaan komen informatie- en uitlegborden voor.

The golf course has information and guidance boards.
Establishment of a nature trail Het Boomkikkerpad langs de ecologische verbindingszone is in 2015 gerealiseerd.

The tree frog path along the ecological contact zone was completed in 2015.

This golf facility undertakes the following social and environmental advocacy activities:

Activity Description
Website, press releases & brochures Informatieverstrekking over natuur en milieu, excursies over het landgoed en borden met specifieke aandacht voor flora en fauna.

We provide information about the countryside and environment, excursions through the Estate and boards with specific attention for flora and fauna.
Supporting campaigns Niet van toepassing

Not applicable
Course walks / open days Tot op heden zijn geen open dagen gehouden voor potentiele leden. Bij de internationale jeugdwedstrijd Dutch Junior Open worden berichten verstuurd dat iedereen vrije toegang heeft voor de golfwedstrijd.

Until now no open days for potential new members have been held. For the annual international Dutch Junior Open golf tournament information is provided regarding free access to the tournament.
Attending community meetings Bij sommige vergaderingen van de wijkraden in de gemeenten Gilze-Rijen en Oosterhout worden relevante onderwerpen ingesproken.

At some meetings of the neighbourhood committees of the Gilze-Rijen and Oosterhout local authorities relevant subjects are discussed.
Joint practical projects with community Het project snoeien van Elzen en Wilgen is uitgevoerd met de Natuur- en Milieuvereniging Gilze-Rijen.

The project for the pruning of Alder and Willow trees is carried out with the
Nature and Environment Association of Gilze-Rijen.