Golfclub Erve Braakman

GEO Certified® 02/2016
Hoge Hexel,
Telephone: (0546) 69 72 65

The Erve Braakman family business constructed this par-3 course on a mere 5 ha of their own land. The golf course is situated east of the Hoge Hexel village in the Twente region, embedded in a predominantly agrarian landscape. The golf course is a scenic course that hardly stands out in the surroundings due to its modest design. There are no natural reserves nearby.

The club and the course are very accessible. The number of members has been steadily growing since the club opened in 2005 and is now about 500 people. This strong growth is a r…

Paul van Kan, GEOSA, Accredited Verifier Read verifier report.

GEO Certified® Report

GEO Certified® is the symbol of great golf environments worldwide – designating that a golf facility has met a credible standard in the areas of nature, water, energy, supply chain, pollution control, and community, and is committed to continually improve. GEO Certified® is widely trusted and endorsed by a growing number of organizations and people, both inside and outside golf.

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Facility details

Golf Courses
Erve Braakman (18 holes, year opened 2005)
1 Clubhouse(s)
1 Maintenance Facility/Facilities


Erve Braakman is a small par-3 golf course on a terrain of only 5 hectares, surrounded by agricultural fields. The characteristics of the golf course suit the surrounding fields well, by the rural appearance, openness, water and banks. Some oaks that are around 100 years old, stand on the parking lot. Before the golf course was constructed, the terrain was used as a soccer field and a fishing pond. The banks of this pond, which is now used as the driving range, are used by swallows and the kingfisher as nesting areas. The trees and bushes that are present are rich in seed-bearing plants. Because of the alternating open and more close areas on the golf course, many species of plants and animals can be found there. Despite the size of the golf course, Erve Braakman has greens of a high quality.

Golfbaan Erve Braakman is een kleine par-3 baan van slechts 5 hectare groot midden tussen de agrarische gebieden. Het karakter van de golfbaan zelf sluit goed aan bij het omringende akker/veenweide gebied door de landelijke uitstraling, openheid, water en oevers. Er staan enkele eiken op de parkeerplaats die een kleine 100 jaar oud zijn. Voor de aanleg van de golfbaan was het terrein in gebruik als voetbalveld en visvijver. In de oevers van deze vijver (die nu in gebruik is als driving range) nestelen nu bijna jaarlijks ijsvogels en de oeverzwaluwen. De aanwezige beplanting in de vorm van bomen en struweel is rijk aan bloem- en besdragende soorten. Door de afwisseling in open en gesloten terrein komen veel verschillende planten en dieren voor. Hoewel Golfbaan Erve Braakman een kleine, laagdrempelige baan is, zijn de greens van uitstekende kwaliteit.

Consultation & Surveys

This golf facility does not consult any organizations regarding landscape heritage conservation.

The following landscape assessments and surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility:

Title Author Date View document
Landschapsplan Eelerwoude 2005/09/22

This golf facility consults the following organizations regarding ecosystem protection and enhancement:

  • NLadviseurs
  • Vos Ruinerwold Golf B.V.

The following ecological surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility:

Title Author Date View document
Golfclub Erve Braakman GEO-rapport NLadvseurs 2015/12/16

Rare, protected and notable species occurring at this golf facility:

Local name Scientific name
IJsvogel Alcedo atthis
Oeverzwaluw Riparia riparia
Koolmees Parus major
Huismus Passer domesticus
Huisspitsmuis Crocidura russula
Haas Lepus europaeus
Konijn Oryctolagus cuniculus
Mol Talpa europaea
Gewone pad Bufo bufa
Kleine watersalamander Lissotriton vulgaris
Bastaardkikker Rana klepton esculenta
Bruine kikker Rana temporaria

This golf facility regularly monitors the following species as indicators of environmental quality:

Local name Scientific name
IJsvogel Alcedo atthis
Oeverzwaluw Riparia riparia
Koolmees Parus major
Huismus Passer domesticus

Habitats & Designations

This golf facility does not feature any landscape designations.

Area of habitats / vegetation types, and associated designations at this golf facility:

Title Estimated Area (Hectares) Designation
Open Water Features 1,0 Self Appointed
Native Woodland 0.44 Self Appointed


Size and estimated species composition of amenity turfgrass maintained at this golf facility.

Estimated Area (Hectares) Turfgrass Species Sward Composition (%)
Greens 0.19 Hectares Festuca rubra 40%
Agrostis tenuis / capillaris 60%
Fairways 0.76 Hectares Lolium perenne 70%
Poa pratensis 30%
Semi Rough 2.53 Hectares Lolium perenne 70%
Poa pratensis 30%

These turfgrasses are optimal for the circumstances at this club because:
Albert Timmerman of Vos Ruinerwold B.V. has been the person concerned when the golf course was constructed. At the time, grass species that grow well on moist and clayish soil were chosen. Perennial rye-grass and common meadow-gras do well on our course. Because we wish to have a high playing standard on the greens, we use a combination of red fescue and bentgrass.

Albert Timmerman van Vos Ruinerwold Golf B.V. is betrokken geweest bij de aanleg van de golfbaan, er is destijds gekozen voor soorten die goed groeien op rijke, vrij natte klei/veengrond. Engels raai en veldbeemd doen het hier uitstekend. Omdat voor de greens een vrij hoge kwaliteit gewenst is, is hier roodzwenk in combinatie met struisgras toegepast.

Mowing patterns are not assessed at this golf facility.

This golf facility consults the following individuals / organizations regarding its grassing plan:

  • Prograss

This golf facility is making the following efforts to manage the playing quality expectations of customers:

Activity Description
Promoting the financial benefits of presenting sustainable surfaces The communication between the club and our surroundings is very efficient. The member are informed often and at member meetings we have the maintenance of the golf course and sustainability as frequent subjects. This news is spreaded quickly wit hall the club members. The GEO-program is another frequent communication subject.

De communicatielijntjes binnen de club en naar buiten zijn heel kort. De leden krijgen veel info, bij ledenvergaderingen wordt alles over beheer gecommuniceerd, ook over duurzaamheid, dit gaat binnen de club snel rond. Ook over geo is gecommuniceerd.

Conservation & Enhancement

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to conserve landscape character:

Activity Description
Appropriately matching mowing lines to contours The mowing lines go around landscape elements.

De maailijnen lopen om de landschappelijke elementen heen.
Discreet on-course signage and furniture The course furniture and hole signs match the rural style of the golf course.

Het terreinmeubilair en de holeborden passen goed in de landelijke stijl.
Conservation of specimen trees When planting new trees, we keep the landscape characteristics in mind and choose indigenous species. Old trees are inspected and maintained.

Bij aanplant van nieuwe bomen is goed rekening gehouden met de inpassing in het landschap en gekozen voor gebiedseigen soorten. De oude bomen op het terrein worden onderhouden

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to improve the landscape ecology of the golf course:

Activity Description
Increasing the size of habitat patches Where possible, we do not mow reeds on the banks all at once, but mow the reed in stages.

Waar mogelijk blijven randen met riet staan, hier wordt gefaseerd maaibeheer uitgevoerd.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to improve the quality of habitats on the golf course:

Activity Description
Promoting species and structurally diverse woodlands The herbaceous growth in the bushes is mowed in stages.

De ondergroei in bosvakken wordt gefaseerd beheerd.
Maintenance of an appropriate balance of open water and aquatic vegetation Seed-bearing plant scan be found in and around the water features.

In de vijvers en oevers komen veel bloeiende soorten voor
Naturalization of linear habitats On the south-side of the golf course lies a long stretched bush. Because almost no golfers ever come here, it is used by many birds, insects and small mammals as a shelter.

Aan de zuidkant van de baan, langs de waterpartij ligt een langgerekt bosgebiedje. Doordat hier bijna geen spelers in komen biedt het schuilgelegenheid aan veel soorten vogels, insecten en kleine zoogdieren.
Aquatic birds / Watervogels Because of the large water features, the golf course is visited by many aquatic birds. Some of these use the banks for their nests. During the course maintenance we are carefull not to disturb the nests.

Doordat er een grote waterpartij op de golfbaan aanwezig is komen er veel watervogels op de baan. Enkelen hiervan nestelen ook in de oevers. We gaan voorzichtig om met de nesten.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to conserve and enhance biodiversity on the golf course:

Activity Description
Installation of nest boxes There are several different types of nesting boxes present on the golf course.

Er zijn diverse nestkasten aanwezig op de golfbaan.
Creation of micro-habitats (eg log and stone piles) We made piles of branches in the past.

Er zijn in het verleden wel takkenrillen gemaakt.
King fisher and sand martin / IJsvogel en oeverzwaluw The kingfisher and sand martin use the golf course to nest each year. By avulsion the banks can be used for nesting of these species. For the sand martin, we remove growth of trees and bushes on some locations around the banks. We monitor the presence of these species.

De ijsvogel en oeverzwaluwen nestelen bijna jaarlijks op de golfbaan. Door afkalving worden de oeverwanden waar deze soorten in nestelen vanzelf in stand gehouden. Voor de oeverzwaluw verwijderen we op sommige stukken beplanting langs de oever. We houden de aanwezigheid van de soorten in de gaten.


The golf club uses ground water to irrigate the golf course, this water is pumped up. Only the greens are irrigated, since the peat in the soil holds water and needs minimal irrigation.
Erve Braakman takes several measures to lower the use of water. We irrigate during shorter periods of time and work the soil in order to improve the roots of the turf grass. The irrigation system is maintained annualy.

De golfclub gebruikt grondwater voor de beregening, dit water wordt hiervoor opgepompt. Alleen de greens worden beregend en doordat de veengrond goed water vast houdt hoeft minimaal te worden beregend.
Erve Braakman heeft diverse praktische maatregelen getroffen om het waterverbruik naar beneden te brengen. Bijvoorbeeld door minder lang te beregenen en de grasmat zodanig te stimuleren dat er voldoende wortel aan de planten zit. Het beregeningssysteem wordt jaarlijks afgesteld en onderhouden.

Sources & Consumption

No water audits have been undertaken at this golf facility.

The water used at this golf facility is drawn from the following sources:

2014 Source(s) % of supply Total Consumption
Clubhouse(s) Public / Potable 100% 170,000 Litres
Golf Course Groundwater 100% 750,000 Litres
2013 Source(s) % of supply Total Consumption
Clubhouse(s) Public / Potable 100% 160,000 Litres

Irrigation & Efficiency

The following areas receive irrigation at this golf facility:

Greens 2-3 days per week
Other Weekly

The irrigation system at this golf facility is:

The irrigation system at this golf facility is:

Serviced every 1 years

Re-calibrated and checked for efficient application every 1 years

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to maximize irrigation efficiency:

Activity Description
Selection of grass species The grass species that are used, grow well on the soil

Er is gekozen voor grassoorten die goed groeien op de onderliggende bodem.
Soil decompaction and thatch management The forming of thatch levels is prevented by maintenance.

Viltvorming wordt zo goed mogelijk tegengegaan.
Timing and dose of water application The quantity of irrigation water has lowered during the past years. At the same time, we have worked the grass to improve growth and a deep rooting.

Watergift is afgelopen jaren al flink verminderd. Tegelijkertijd zijn de grasplanten gestimuleerd in groei, voor een diepere doorworteling
Analysis of soil moisture Soil moisture levels are monitored visually.

Bodemvocht wordt visueel beoordeeld.
Incorporation of evapotranspiration rates and weather data We use weather forecasts to decide on the moment to irrigating the course.

Er wordt altijd rekening gehouden met de weersvoorspellingen alvorens beregend wordt.
Use of wetting agents We use the wetting agent ‘Revolution’.

Er wordt revolution gebruikt.
Overall reduction in irrigated area The greens are irrigated by pop-up sector sprinklers. Sometimes, we irrigate manually on very dry spots.

Er wordt gebruikt gemaakt van pop-up sectorsproeiers op de greens. Soms wordt er handmatig bijgeregend op droge plekken.
Targeting of sprinkler heads The sprinklers are adjusted individually for the best quatity of irrigation.

Sproeiers zijn wel apart afgesteld op watergift

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to conserve / reduce / minimize water consumption:

Activity Description
Low-flow urinals and toilets In the club house, we have low-flow urinals

Er zijn toiletten met een minimaal waterverbruik aanwezig
Repairing leaks When a leak is detected, we try to repair it as soon as possible

Als er lekkage is, wordt dit zo snel mogelijk verholpen.


Erve Braakman wished to have an efficient energy useage and keep the use of energy as low as possible. Therefore, we have taken several measures to lower the energy usage. Examples are double glazed windows, motion sensors and timers on the lighting outside. The golf club wishes to continue this trend and look for ways to create their own energy supply.

Golfbaan Erve Braakman wil zo efficiënt mogelijk met energie omgaan en het verbruik zo laag mogelijk houden. Zo zijn er veel maatregelen genomen om het energie verbruik terug te dringen (denk aan energiezuinige beglazing, bewegingssensors, tijdschakelaars op buitenverlichting). Het streven van de golfclub is dan ook om deze trend voort te zetten. Zo kijken zij naar de mogelijkheden voor eigen energieopwekking.

Sources & Consumption

No energy surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility.

This golf facility does not consume any renewable energy or resources.

Consumption of non-renewable energy and resources at this golf facility:

2014 2013 2012
Diesel (Litres) 1850 1750 1800
Natural Gas (Litres) 2150 2100 2125
Non-renewable Grid (kWh) 2500 2450 2475
Petrol (Litres) 290 280 300

Energy Efficiency

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to diversify energy and fuel supply:

Activity Description
Use of electric hybrid vehicles the golf carts are electric

De golfkart is elektrisch

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to reduce energy consumption:

Activity Description
Investment in low-energy heating and air conditioning systems The thermostat is brand new and is adjusted frequently.

De thermostaat is vrij nieuw en wordt regelmatig afgesteld.
Optimizing thermostat levels for heating and refrigeration The temperature can be adjusted for each room separately

Het is mogelijk om per ruimte de temperatuur te veranderen.
Upgrading of building insulation The windows are glazed with double-glazed panes, this improves the isolation of the rooms.

De ramen zijn voorzien van speciale beglazing waardoor warmte beter wordt vastgehouden.
Use of motion sensor lighting In all buildings, including the shelters on the course, motion sensors are installed.

In alle gebouwen, inclusief de schuilhutten zijn bewegingssensoren geïnstalleerd.
Transition to energy efficient appliances The hardware we use in the buildings is energy saving.

De apparatuur die we gebruiken in het clubhuis is energiezuinig.
Use of timers with appliances, heating and lighting The lighting outside has motion sensors installed to it.

De buitenverlichting is voorzien van tijdschakelaars.

Vehicles & Transport

The maintenance fleet at this golf facility uses the following fuel sources:

Ride-on Mowers Walking Mowers Utility Vehicles
Petrol 100%
Diesel 100% 100%

Additional vehicles operated by this golf facility use the following fuel sources:

Golf Carts Cars Buses
Grid Electric 100%

This golf facility has established the following schemes to encourage reductions in staff and customer transport emissions:

Activity Description
Increasing equipment storage (e.g. lockers) There are not lockers in the club house, but golfers may use the offices to leave their bags.

We hebben geen vaste lockers, maar er is wel de mogelijkheid om tassen achter te laten.
Staff showers Showers can be used at the building of the neighbours.

Douchen is mogelijk in het gebouw bij de buren

Supply Chain

The products used by the restaurant are purchased at local suppliers and stores. Because of the remote location of the golf course, we tend to purchase our needs at smaller local businessed instead of big suppliers.
The fertilizers are purchased together with the supplies for Golfbaan de Hooge Graven. We use as little plant protection products as possible. By keeping the turf grass in a good health by adjusting the maintenance, irrigation and fertilization to the plant’s needs, we strengthen the grass. Mechanicle measures are taken against weeds. We strive to reach a situation in which no chemical plant protection products have to be used.
The golf club separates glass, plastics,paper, grass, sand and green waste as waste streams. Frying oil is collected separately, the municipaly gives a small compensation for this.

Voor de producten die door de catering worden gebruikt wordt zoveel mogelijk gebruik gemaakt van lokale bedrijven. Door de ligging van de golfbaan wordt met name ingekocht bij bedrijfjes in de regio en minder bij grote leveranciers.
De meststoffen worden gezamenlijk ingekocht met golfbaan de Hooge Graven. Er wordt zo min mogelijk gebruik gemaakt van gewasbeschermingsmiddelen in de baan. De insteek is door de bemesting, beregening en onderhoud aan de grasmat zo goed mogelijk op de behoeften van het gras aan te passen en zo de grasmat sterker te maken. Ook wordt mechanische bestrijding van bijvoorbeeld onkruid toegepast. Uiteindelijk is het de bedoeling dat er helemaal geen chemische middelen meer worden toegepast.
De golfclub scheidt glas, kunststof, papier, gras, zand en groenafval. Frituurvet wordt apart opgehaald en de gemeente geeft hier een kleine vergoeding voor.

Purchasing Policies

This golf facility undertakes the following ethical / environmental purchasing activities:

Activity Description
Use of local suppliers We purchase partly in the region and have few suppliers, only 2 for the restaurant.

We doen deels regionaal inkopen en hebben maar weinig leveranciers, slechts 2 voor het restaurant.
Selection of certified products We use organic fertilizers and certified grass seeds

We maken gebruik van organische bemesting en gecertificeerd graszaad.
Selection of products that feature minimal packaging We try to purchase in large quantities

We kopen telkens zo groot mogelijk in.

Supply Chain

An overview of the supplier network at this golf facility:

Total number of suppliers Total number of suppliers within 10 Kilometres Total number of suppliers within 100 Kilometres
Food & Beverage 2 2
Catering Supplies 1 1
Trade & Contractors 2 2
Maintenance Equipment 3 3
Course Supplies 2 2

Turfgrass Inputs

This golf facility undertakes the following IPM activities:

Activity Description
Encouraging drought and disease tolerant grasses By meeting the needs of the grass by adjusting the fertilizing and irrigation we strengthen the grass. This way we reduce the use of chemical products.

De insteek is door de bemesting, beregening en onderhoud aan de grasmat zo goed mogelijk op de behoeften van het gras aan te passen en zo de grasmat sterker te maken, zodat zo min mogelijk middelen nodig zijn.
Enhancement of soil structure On short terms, new soil samples will be taken. Based on this, the maintenance will be adjusted when needed.

Op korte termijn worden nieuwe bodemmonsters genomen, het beheer en onderhoud van de bodem wordt hierop aangepast.
Managing thatch levels Thatch levels are kept at a minimum

Vilt lagen worden zo klein mogelijk gehouden
Managing surface moisture Wetting agents are used

Er worden wetting agents gebruikt
Establishing thresholds for pests and disease We work towards a situation without the use of plant protection products.

We streven naar gewasbescherming-vrij beheer.

Fertilizer use at this golf facility in the last three years (kg):

2015 2014 2013
Fairways - K - Organic 57 57
Fairways - N - Organic 57 57
Fairways - P - Organic 6 6
Greens - K - Organic 156.5 264.5
Greens - N - Organic 119 139
Greens - P - Organic 55.5 55.5

Pesticide use at this golf facility in the last three years (kg):

2015 2014 2013
Fairways - Herbicide - Total Weight
Greens - Fungicide - Total Weight 4.5
Greens - Herbicide - Total Weight 0.04
Greens - Insecticide - Total Weight

This golf facility undertakes the following actions to optimize pesticide use:

Activity Description
Selection on the least toxic and lest persistent products Only certified products are used. We work towards a situation without the use of plant protection products, by taking mechanical measures.

Er worden alleen producten gebruikt die zijn toegelaten door het Ctgb. Het streven is om zo min mogelijk chemische middelen te gebruiken, en waar mogelijk mechanisch beheer toe te passen.
Selection of appropriate products for specific pests and diseases Only the correct products are used and only on spots that need to be treated.

Alleen de juiste producten worden gebruikt. Als er chemische middelen worden ingezet, dan gebeurt dit alleen pleksgewijs.
Calibration and testing of sprayers Vos Ruinerwold B.V. takes care of the machine maintenance and the management of hardware.

Vos Ruinerwold regelt dit bij het onderhoud aan de machines en apparatuur.
Use of shrouded sprayer and anti-drip nozzles Yes, we use low-drift nozzles and anti-nebula nozzles.

Ja, er worden lowdrift nozzels toegepast en anti nevel.
Non-chemical weed control Where possible, we use mechanical measures as a first measure.

Waar mogelijk zetten we mechanische bestrijding in als eerste ingreep.
Spot treatement / Pleksgewijze bestrijding Plant protection products are only used on spots that need treatment.

We dienen gewasbescherming zo veel mogelijk pleksgewijs toe.

Waste Management

No waste audits have been undertaken at this golf facility.

This golf facility manages key waste streams as follows:

Re-use Recycle Landfill Incinerate
Glass false true false false
Plastic false true false false
Aluminium false false false false
Metal false false false false
Paper & Cardboard false true false false
Grass Clippings true false false false
Cores & Turf true false false false
Sand false false false false
Wood / Timber false true false false

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to continue the lifecycle of materials and resources:

Activity Description
Separation of recyclable materials We separate as many waste streams as possible, at both the club house and the maintenance facility

We scheiden zoveel mogelijk afvalstromen, zowel bij het clubhuis als bij de werkloods.
Establishment of recycling centers We have two grease collectors. We also have containers for green and other waste. The frying oil is collected separately, we get a small compensation for this.

Er zijn twee vetputten. Daarnaast hebben we afvalbakken voor grijs en groen afval. Het frituurvet wordt apart opgehaald, hier krijgen we een vergoeding voor.
Returning clipping to fairways and walkways We use a composting container for the grass clippings

We hebben een compostbak voor gras.

Pollution Control

The daily maintenance of the golf course, at the club house and in the maintenance facility, is complient to the Dutch Environmental Protection Act 2007. For example, hazardous products and their packaging are stored and removed in accordance to the law.
To keep the situation on the golf course, at the club house and in the maintenance facility complient to the law, the golf course has a list of all dangerous and hazardous products. The storage of large quantities of these products is done at the main location of Vos Ruinerwold B.V.

Het dagelijkse beheer van de golfbaan en handelingen binnen het clubhuis en de werkloods voldoen aan de milieuwetgeving zoals is vereist volgens het Activiteitenbesluit Milieubeheer 2007.
Zo worden gevaarlijke stoffen en hun verpakkingen opgeslagen en afgevoerd conform de wet, en wordt een gevaarlijke stof op de juiste wijze gebruikt.
Om grip te houden op de milieurisico’s heeft de golfbaan een register van gevaarlijke stoffen. Opslag van gevaarlijke stoffen voor groot onderhoud gebeurt op de hoofdlocatie van Vos Ruinerwold Golf B.V.

Water Analysis

This golf facility monitors water quality with the following frequency:

Chemical Biological Visual
On-Site Yearly

Waste Water

Waste water from this golf facility is managed as follows:

Discharges to Formal Discharge Agreement
Golf Course Ditch
Clubhouse Mains Sewer
Maintenance Facility Mains Sewer
Wash Pad Ditch

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials at this golf facility are handled and disposed of as follows:

Secure Storage Registered Uplift
Detergents true false
Cooking Oils true false
Lubricants true false
Pesticide Containers true false
Fertiliser Bags true false
Oil Filters false false
Batteries false false

Pollution Prevention

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to prevent pollution from its maintenance facility and clubhouse:

Activity Description
Storage of equipment and hazardous products on covered, sealed impervious areas The maintenance facility has a special cupboard to store small amounts of dangerous products.

Er is in de werkloods van de golfclub een speciale kast aanwezig om kleine hoeveelheden op te slaan voordat deze worden gebruikt.
Maintenance of equipment on covered, sealed impervious areas The washing pad doesn’t have an oil separator yet. Despite the municipaly auditors have never adressed this, we wish to change this as soon as possible. We have asked for tender offers to install an oil separator.
Large machine maintenance is done at the main location of Vos Ruinerwold B.V.

De wasplaats heeft nog geen vetput. Ondanks dat bij controles van de gemeente hier nooit iets over is gezegd, willen we dit wel op korte termijn gaan aanpassen.
Groot machineonderhoud gebeurt centraal bij de hoofdlocatie van Vos Ruinerwold Golf B.V.
Mixing of pesticides and fertilizers in covered areas Mixing products is done at the maintenance facility.

Mengen gebeurt in de werkloods.
Installation of above-ground fuel tanks This is present at the maintenance facility

Deze is aanwezig naast de werkloods.
Installation of sufficient secondary containment for fuel The fuel tank sits in a leak collector.

De brandstoftank staat in een lekbak.
Provision of containment booms and absorbent materials This is present at the maintenance facility

Deze is aanwezig in de werkloods.

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to prevent pollution on its golf course:

Activity Description
Eliminating leachate and run-off through careful timing of turf inputs Only the greens are fertilized, and sometimes the fairways to stimulate the growing proces. When using plant protection products, we only do so on the best moment.

Alleen de greens worden bemest, en de fairways enkel om het groeiproces op gang te brengen. Bij het gebruiken van gewasbescherming wordt dit alleen op de meest gunstige momenten gedaan.
Establishment of vegetative buffer strips around water bodies Only the greens are treated with chemical products, but as little as possible. There is sufficient distance to water features.

Alleen op de greens worden chemische middelen gebruikt, maar slechts minimaal. Er is voldoende afstand van de waterpartijen.
Establishment of emergency spillage response plan We are alert on leaks of machines, we treat these problems immediately to prevent damage to the grass and leaking of chemicals to the ground water.

We zijn alert op lekkages van machines, hier wordt direct iets aan gedaan om schade aan de grasmat te voorkomen, en lekken van schadelijke stoffen in het grondwater tegen te gaan.


Erve Braakman has an active number of members that exist of all different age groups. During the member meetings, communication is at it’s most efficient. To improve the awareness of the golf course, we use different media to communicate about our special golf course and which actions we take for nature and the environment.
The contact between us and the neighbours and authorities is positive and direct.

Golfclub Erve Braakman heeft een actief ledenbestand bestaande uit alle leeftijdscategorieën. Binnen de club wordt veel direct gecommuniceerd op ledenvergaderingen. Om de bekendheid van de golfbaan te vergroten wordt er veel gecommuniceerd via verschillende media over deze bijzondere golfbaan en de zorg die zij dragen voor natuur en milieu.
Het contact met de buren en overheden is goed. Ook hiermee zijn communicatielijnen kort.

Employment & Education

Typical staffing levels at this golf facility are:

Full Time Part Time Seasonal
Food & Beverage 1 1 1
Golf Coaching 1

The sustainability working group at this golf facility is comprised of:

  • Owner

Employees at this golf facility receive the following formal and informal environmental education:

Activity Description
Storage, application and disposal of pesticides This is part of the training for greenkeepers. Certificates of all personnel are extended when needed.

Dit is onderdeel van de greenkeepers opleiding. Certificaten van het personeel worden tijdig verlengd.
Management of accidents and emergencies We have personnel that is schooled in this subject.

Er is personeel aanwezig met een opleiding hiervoor.
Management of habitats and vegetation We have an internal training program for this. New employees are taught by the employees that have experience on this subject.

Interne opleiding. Nieuwe werknemers krijgen hierover toelichting van werknemers die al langer in dienst zijn.
Health & Safety This is part of the training for greenkeepers and we have an internal training program for this. New employees are taught by the employees that have experience on this subject.

Dit is onderdeel van de greenkeepers opleiding. Daarnaast wordt intern opgeleid. Nieuwe werknemers krijgen hierover toelichting van werknemers die al langer in dienst zijn.
Environmental management planning Employees that use chemical products have a spraying license to do so.

Werknemers die gewasbescherming om gaan hebben een spuitlicentie.

Community Relations

This golf facility engages with local community groups in the following manner:

Activity Description
Neighbours The contact between us and the neighbours is positive

Er is goed contact met de buren.
Local Government The restaurant has meeting with local authorities, the police and the firefighters. Events and incidents are reviewed twice a year. The Water Regulatory Authorities have their meetings at our location.

De horeca heeft overleg met burgemeester en wethouders, politie en brandweer, calamiteiten, evenementen etc worden allemaal jaarlijks doorgesproken, ongeveer 2x per jaar. De Waterschappen hebben regelmatig hier een vergadering.
Local Businesses The local business club for entrepreneurs is involved with our golf course and plays golf here.

De lokale ondernemersclub is betrokken, en komt hier golfen.
Schools & Colleges The regional training centre for hospitality business, agrobusiness and other courses have frequent contact with us. The owner of the golf course is also a teacher. Different colleges take clinics at our golf course.

De ROC horeca. AOC, LOV HTB. Daar hebben we contact mee en eigenaar is leermeester. Ook verschillende scholen die hier een clinic te laten volgen.

Land Use & Cultural Heritage

This golf facility provides access and diversified land use for others through:

Activity Description
Creation of new paths and nature trails Unfortunately, the golf course does not have enough space for this.

Hiervoor is de golfbaan te klein.
Providing opportunities for other recreation (e.g. fishing) We give the opportunity to host an event in combination with a round of golf. Already, we host several events throughout the year.

De mogelijkheid tot het organiseren van feesten in combinatie met golf. Er worden veel feesten e.d. gehouden.

No archaeological or heritage surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility.

This golf facility does not consult any organizations regarding the conservation of cultural heritage.

This golf facility does not undertake any activities to conserve cultural heritage features.


This golf facility undertakes the following internal environmental communications:

Activity Description
Provision of newsletters, notice boards & poster display We use Facebook to share acitvities on the golf course

Via Facebook worden sommige activiteiten gedeeld.
Members evenings and course walks There are several club meetings during the year. Nature and GEO are frequent subjects during these meetings.

Er worden regelmatig clubvergaderingen gehouden, informatie over natuur en geo worden hier ook gedeeld.

This golf facility undertakes the following social and environmental advocacy activities:

Activity Description
Course walks / open days During events with a theme we produce small movies. Not only about nature, but also about several other aspects of the golf course.

Bij themadagen worden filmpjes gemaakt. Niet perse over de natuur, maar over de golfbaan algemeen.