Golfbaan De Hoge Dijk

GEO Certified® 10/2017
Telephone: +31(0)294-285373

Golf course Hoge Dijk clearly demonstrated that sustainable awareness and care for nature development is part of their management philosophy. Over the years the club clearly improved their performance within sustainability boundaries. Where several years ago the focus was clearly on nature development, nowadays this shifted more towards energy-, fertilizer- and chemical use. Being one of the first certified clubs, Hoge Dijk has shown that even after years there is still room for improvement with respect to sustainability issues.

Adrie van Der Werf, GEOSA, Accredited Verifier Read verifier report.

Golfbaan De Hoge Dijk 2010 GEO Certified™ Report 

GEO Certified® Report

GEO Certified® is the symbol of great golf environments worldwide – designating that a golf facility has met a credible standard in the areas of Nature, Resources, Community, and is committed to continually improve. GEO Certified® is widely trusted and endorsed by a growing number of organizations and people, both inside and outside golf.

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Facility details

Golf Courses
Holendrechtbaan (9 holes)
Bullewijkbaan (9 holes)
Abcoudebaan (9 holes)
1 Clubhouse(s)
1 Pro Shop
1 Practice Facility/Facilities


The golf course is located at the south-east of Amsterdam with a highway at the west, a recreational area, named De Hoge Dijk to the west and a lake called the Abcoudermeer at the south. Because of the intensity of infrastructural facilities a limited amount of species settles on the golf course. We distinguish the following ecotopes: woods and thickets (7 ha.) Grassland and scrub (41 ha.) And open water (7.4 ha.).
The course is situated on a north-south migratory route for birds. This results in an observation of 100 bird- including 20 Red List species. The variety of environmental transitions implies that a total of about 200 species of vascular plants have been observed, with only a few Red List species. Among the observed butterflies and dragonflies are no rare species.
The polders surrounding the golf course are called the Holendrechter- en Bullewijkerpolder. This reclamation dates back to 1869. The original fenland is developed in the last ice age. Reclamation of the fens in the past 1000 years have changed the landscape significantly. Removal of the top layer of peat has lowered the ground level of the polder meters below sealevel. A construction of a dike around the polder has finally given the opportunity to pump the polder dry in 1860. After drying the polder, it has been in use as farmland. The dike is still existing, located between the parking lot and the clubhouse, but also between the Holendrechter and the Abcoude course. It is an important cultural and historical element.
Another important factor are the relatively high leveled "bovenlanden". This section is located at the Abcoude course. At these bovenlanden the peat isn't chipped to keep a strong buffer between the lake and the polder to prevent levee failure.

De golfbaan is gelegen in het veenweidegebied aan de zuid-oostzijde van Amsterdam. Een knooppunt van de A2 en A9 grenst aan de westzijde, Amsterdam aan de noordzijde, recreatiegebied De Hoge Dijk aan de oostzijde en het Abcoudermeer aan de zuidzijde. Door de intensiteit van infrastructurele voorzieningen is er een beperkte hoeveelheid diersoorten dat zich vestigt op het golfterrein. We onderscheiden de volgende ecotopen: bos en struweel (7
ha.), grasland en ruigte (41 ha.) en open water (7,4 ha.). Door de gunstige ligging t.o.v. trekvogelroutes bezoeken veel trekvogels de golfbaan. Dit resulteert in een waarneming van in totaal 100 vogelsoorten waarvan 20 Rode lijst soorten zijn. De verscheidenheid aan overgangsmilieus brengt met zich mee dat er in totaal ca. 200 soorten vaatplanten zijn waargenomen, met slechts enkele Rode lijst soorten. Denk hierbij aan moerasstreepzaad en valse kamille. Onder de waargenomen vlinders en libellen bevinden zich geen zeldzame soorten.

Consultation & Surveys

This golf facility consults the following organizations regarding landscape heritage conservation:

  • NLadviseurs

The following landscape assessments and surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility:

Title Author Date View document
Beheerplan Golfbaan de Hoge Dijk NLadviseurs 2012/04/01

This golf facility consults the following organizations regarding ecosystem protection and enhancement:

  • NLadviseurs
  • Natuurvereniging De Ruige Hof

The following ecological surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility:

Title Author Date View document
Plantenonderzoek Coen Knotters 2012/08/01
Flora en fauna inventarisatie NLadviseurs 2015/12/03

Rare, protected and notable species occurring at this golf facility:

Local name Scientific name
Zwanenbloem Butomus umbellatus
Absinthalsem Artemisia absinthium
Brede wespenorchis Epipactis helleborine
moerasstreepzaad Crepis paludosa
Valse kamille Anthemis arvensis
Veldleeuwerik Alauda arvensis ssp. Arvensis
Slobeend Anas clypeata
Wintertaling Anas crecca ssp. Crecca
Graspieper Anthus pratensis ssp. Pratensis
Brilduiker Bucephala clangula ssp. Clangula
Kneu Carduelis cannabina ssp. Cannabina
Koekoek Cuculus canorus ssp. Canorus
Kleine Zilverreiger Egretta garzetta ssp. Garzetta
Watersnip Gallinago gallinago ssp. Gallinago
Spotvogel Hippolais icterina
Boerenzwaluw Hirundo rustica ssp. Rustica
Grutto Limosa limosa
Snor Locustella luscinioides
Nachtegaal Luscinia megarhyncho
Gele Kwikstaart Motacilla flava
Tapuit Oenanthe oenanthe
Huismus Passer domesticus
Ringmus Passer montanus
Kemphaan Philomachus pugnax
Groene Specht Picus viridis
Visdief Sterna hirundo
Oeverloper Tringa hypoleucos
Tureluur Tringa totanus
Kramsvogel Turdus pilaris

This golf facility regularly monitors the following species as indicators of environmental quality:

Local name Scientific name
Zwanenbloem Butomus umbellatus
Absinthalsem Artemisia absinthium
Brede wespenorchis Epipactis helleborine
moerasstreepzaad Crepis paludosa
valse kamille Anthemis arvensis
Veldleeuwerik Alauda arvensis ssp. Arvensis
Slobeend Anas clypeata
Wintertaling Anas crecca ssp. Crecca
Graspieper Anthus pratensis ssp. Pratensis
Brilduiker Bucephala clangula ssp. Clangula
Kneu Carduelis cannabina ssp. Cannabina
Koekoek Cuculus canorus ssp. Canorus
Kleine Zilverreiger Egretta garzetta ssp. Garzetta
Watersnip Gallinago gallinago ssp. Gallinago
Spotvogel Hippolais icterina
Boerenzwaluw Hirundo rustica ssp. Rustica
Grutto Limosa limosa
Snor Locustella luscinioides
Nachtegaal Luscinia megarhyncho
Gele Kwikstaart Motacilla flava
Tapuit Oenanthe oenanthe
Huismus Passer domesticus
Ringmus Passer montanus
Kemphaan Philomachus pugnax
Groene Specht Picus viridis
Visdief Sterna hirundo
Oeverloper Tringa hypoleucos
Tureluur Tringa totanus
Kramsvogel Turdus pilaris

Habitats & Designations

This golf facility features the following landscape designations:

Description Designating Authority
Areas of Scenic Beauty Part of the national ecological structure

Area of habitats / vegetation types, and associated designations at this golf facility:

Title Estimated Area (Hectares) Designation
Native Woodland 7 None
Open Water Features 7.4 None


Size and estimated species composition of amenity turfgrass maintained at this golf facility.

Estimated Area (Hectares) Turfgrass Species Sward Composition (%)
Greens 1.5 Hectares Poa annua 50%
Agrostis tenuis / capillaris 50%
Tees 0.5 Hectares Lolium perenne 33%
Festuca rubra 33%
Fairways 12.7 Hectares Lolium perenne 100%

These turfgrasses are optimal for the circumstances at this club because:
The species are best for short mowing and intensive use

Het is het beste bestand tegen gebruik en kort maaien

This golf facility assesses mowing patterns every: 1 months

This golf facility consults the following individuals / organizations regarding its grassing plan:

  • AHA De Man
  • VAG

This golf facility is making the following efforts to manage the playing quality expectations of customers:

Activity Description
Establishing clear internal policies for irrigation, fertilization, colour, cutting heights, overseeding etc The susceptibility of the management and greenkeeping allows daily contact with the players. Through internal communication, players are kept informed about the course management.

Gelet op de toegankelijkheid van management en greenkeepers is er dagelijks contact met spelers van de baan. Middels interne communicatie worden leden op de hoogte gehouden.
Promoting the playing quality values of more naturalized turf, particularly fairways and semi-rough We do this in our newsletters

In onze nieuwsbrieven
Promoting the financial benefits of presenting sustainable surfaces In our newsletters we inform players about pitchmark restoration and (temporary) fencing out intensively trodded areas.

Nieuwsbrieven, aandacht aan pitchmark herstel, afzetten van druk betreedde grasgebieden
Improving customer understanding around greens maintenance We do so through our newsletters and face-to-face contact with the players

Nieuwsbrieven en face-to-face contacten
Demonstrating the direct relationship between environmental best practice and year round high quality playing surfaces Only legalised products are used to keep the course in the right condition. We let our customers know that we rather use an environment friendly solution than pesticides.

Alleen middelen die gebruikt mogen worden, worden gebruikt om de baan in optimale conditie te houden. Er wordt eerder gekozen voor een meer duurzame oplossing dan voor een bestrijdingsmiddel.

Conservation & Enhancement

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to conserve landscape character:

Activity Description
Allowing seasonal variation of course coloration and texture We only irrigate when needed, so that coloration is allowed.

Er wordt minimaal besproeid en dan alleen in zeer warme en droge omstandigheden.
Protection and restoration of historic features The dike is kept as it is present

De dijk die door de golfbaan loopt wordt behouden zoals deze is
Discreet on-course signage and furniture Signage is integrated in the landscape.

Het terreinmeubilair is passend in het landschap
Conservation of specimen trees Around the clubhouse, trees with a high ornamental value are planted to decorate the entrance.

Rondom het clubhuis staan bomen met een hoge sierwaarde die de entree aankleden
Abcoudebaan In order to emphasize the open landscape, parts of the shrubs were cleared from the Abcoude-course. This was done in collaboration with the local recreation authority.

Op de Abcoudebaan zijn stroken met opschot verwijderd om de openheid van het landschap te benadrukken, dit op verzoek van het Recreatieschap

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to improve the landscape ecology of the golf course:

Activity Description
Increasing the size of habitat patches We did not change the area of extensive managed terrain, it is still the same amount.

De oppervlakten extensief beheerd terrein zijn de afgelopen jaren niet veranderd
Connection of internal habitat patches By the amount of ponds and managing parts of the course as extensive as possible, migration is possible

Door de waterpartijen en extensief beheerde delen is migratie over het terrein mogelijk
Connection of patches with external habitats The course is connected to nature area 'Hoge Dijk'

De golfbaan sluit aan op natuurgebied 'de Hoge Dijk'
Creation of habitat corridors Through extensive management and sowing flowermixes, new connections are created.

Door extensief beheer en het inzaaien van bloemmengsels ontstaan nieuwe verbindingen
Avoidance of habitat fragmentation Existing habitats are not affected during course management.

De aanwezige habitats worden niet aangetast tijdens onderhoud aan de golfbaan
Improving and diversifying habitat edges The surroundings of ponds are connected with the extensively managed parts and kept as natural as possible.

De randen van waterpartijen sluiten aan op de extensief beheerde stukken en worden zo natuurlijk mogelijk gehouden

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to improve the quality of habitats on the golf course:

Activity Description
Creation of botanically rich rough grassland Roughs are mowed and clippings are removed. On some placed we sowed a flowermix

Er wordt gemaaid en afgevoerd, op een aantal plekken is gezaaid met een bloemenmengsel
Ecologically informed management of scrub vegetation Shrubs are managed by the management plan in phases

Middels het beheerplan worden struweelvakken gefaseerd beheerd
Promoting species and structurally diverse woodlands Yearly, the woods are assessed and managed by the management plan

Jaarlijks wordt een deel van de plantvakken beoordeelt en beheerd volgens het boombeheerplan en baanbeheerplan
Establishment of littoral shelves and marginal vegetation in wetland areas We have shallow banks with reeds

Er zijn flauwe oevers aanwezig met plaatselijk rietkragen
Maintenance of an appropriate balance of open water and aquatic vegetation A part of the water area may be covered with waterplants

Een deel van het water mag bedekt zijn met waterplanten
Naturalization of linear habitats Many of the borders of the terrain exist of water

Een groot deel van de randen van het terrein zijn omzoomd met water

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to conserve and enhance biodiversity on the golf course:

Activity Description
Provision of nesting and nectar for pollinators In 2012 we have sowed flowermixes on different locations in the course. We also have 4 bee colonies, and we have a good relation with the bee-keeper.

Er zijn bloemenvelden ingezaaid in 2012, dit jaar wordt nog een locatie ingezaaid. Op de golfbaan zijn 4 bijenvolken aanwezig, met de imker is goed contact
Installation of nest boxes Across the course, there are different types of nestboxes. Recently, we installed nestboxes for the European swallow.

Er hangen nestkasten over de hele baan, recent zijn nestkasten opgehangen voor de boerenzwaluw
Control / management of alien species The Populus canadensis is removed in phases, allowing indigenous trees to grow better. Also, indigenous trees are planted instead of the removed populus trees.

De Canadese populier wordt gefaseerd verwijderd en inheemse boomsoorten worden bevoordeeld en teruggeplant
Provision of hibernation areas We have installed butterfly shelters

Er zijn vlinderkasten aanwezig
Creation of micro-habitats (eg log and stone piles) At the Abcoude-course, we have several egg-logs

Op de Abcoudebaanzijn strooiselhopen aanwezig


On the golf course is surface water from the Holendrecht used for watering the track. The water level of the Holendrecht is a few meters above the ground level of the golf course.
Own surface water is because of the slightly brackish composition less suitable for these purposes. The groundwater in the polders is between 20 and 50 cm. below ground level. There is no direct use of groundwater as a source.

Op de golfbaan wordt oppervlaktewater uit de Holendrecht (naastgelegen vaart) gebruikt voor beregening van de baan. Het waterpeil van de Holendrecht staat enkele meters boven het maaiveld niveau van de golfbaan.
Het eigen oppervlaktewater is vanwege de enigszins brakke samenstelling minder geschikt voor deze doeleinden.
Het grondwater staat in de polder tussen de 20 en 50 cm. beneden maaiveld. Er wordt geen direct gebruik gemaakt van grondwater als bron.

Sources & Consumption

The following water audits have been undertaken at this golf facility:

Title Author Date View document
Golfbaan BLGG Agroxpertus 2011/05/01
Clubgebouw, legionella preventie AquaServa 2011/12/01

The water used at this golf facility is drawn from the following sources:

2016 Source(s) % of supply Total Consumption
Clubhouse(s) Public / Potable 100% 3,000 Cubic Metres
Golf Course Surface 100% 12,209 Cubic Metres
Maintenance Facility/Facilities Surface 100% 15,000 Cubic Metres
2015 Source(s) % of supply Total Consumption
Clubhouse(s) Public / Potable 100% 3,319 Cubic Metres
Golf Course Surface 100% 16,000 Cubic Metres
Maintenance Facility/Facilities Surface 100% 4,150 Cubic Metres
2014 Source(s) % of supply Total Consumption
Clubhouse(s) Public / Potable 100% 1,169 Cubic Metres
Golf Course Surface 100% 13,800 Cubic Metres
Maintenance Facility/Facilities Surface 100% 5,500 Cubic Metres

Irrigation & Efficiency

The following areas receive irrigation at this golf facility:

Greens Daily in season
Tees Daily in season
Fairways Weekly

The irrigation system at this golf facility is:
Fully computer controlled

The irrigation system at this golf facility is:

Serviced every 1 years

Upgraded every 10 years

Re-calibrated and checked for efficient application every 1 years

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to maximize irrigation efficiency:

Activity Description
Selection of grass species These grasses grow the best in our situation and can withstand a minimum use of irrigation.

De grassoorten die zijn gekozen groeien het meest optimaal in deze omstandigheden
Soil decompaction and thatch management By regularly hollow-tining and dressing the soil

Door de grond regelmatig te holprikken en te bezanden
Timing and dose of water application Irrigation is done mainly during the night

Er wordt vooral 's avonds beregend
Analysis of soil moisture The soil moisture is analysed regularly by the headgreenkeeper.

Het bodemvocht wordt regelmatig door de hoofdgreenkeeper gemeten
Use of wetting agents Wetting agents are used to optimise the intake of water.

Er worden wetting agents gebruikt om de wateropname te optimaliseren
Targeting of sprinkler heads We use sector sprinklers for a precise irrigation
Optimizing system pressure The irrigation systems pressure is automatically adjusted when needed
Adoption of cutting edge nozzle technology We keep an eye on future developments.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to conserve / reduce / minimize water consumption:

Activity Description
Low-flow urinals and toilets Guests can choose between two knobs for flushing the toilets.
Use of water efficient appliances The kitchen equipment has been replaced recently for water efficient machines.
Use of efficient shower technology The showers have a timer knob that turns the water flow off after a fixed amount of time.
Repairing leaks When a leak should appear, it is fixed as quickly as possible.

Wanneer een lekkage zou optreden wordt deze zo snel mogelijk hersteld
Compressed air Using compressed air for cleaning machines instead of water

Er wordt perslucht gebruikt voor het schoonmaken van de machines.


The consumption of gas and electricity are kept for each accommodation. We are looking at a further optimization by consulting an external expert. The effect of this will indicate next steps for further savings.

Het verbruik van gas en electra wordt bijgehouden per accommodatie. Er wordt gekeken naar een verdere optimalisering door een energieaudit uit te laten voeren door een externe deskundige. De uitwerking hiervan zal vervolgstappen aangeven om verder te besparen

Sources & Consumption

No energy surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility.

This golf facility does not consume any renewable energy or resources.

Consumption of non-renewable energy and resources at this golf facility:

2016 2015 2014
Diesel (Cubic Metres) 15.069 17.300 20.543
Natural Gas (Cubic Metres)
Non-renewable Grid (kWh) 311205 297703 309349
Petrol (Cubic Metres) 0.650 0.680 0.620
Propane / Butane (Cubic Metres) 8742 7614 8159

Energy Efficiency

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to diversify energy and fuel supply:

Activity Description
Installation of photovoltaic and / or solar panels Planned for 2022 since the investments costs are quite high at the moment.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to reduce energy consumption:

Activity Description
Investment in low-energy heating and air conditioning systems In January 2013, we have installed a new heating system and boiler.

Nieuwe CV en boilerinstallatie sinds januari 2013
Optimizing thermostat levels for heating and refrigeration Temperature can be altered seperately for each room or office. In 2018 we will install a smart thermosthat system.

temperatuur kan per ruimte worden ingesteld
Upgrading of building insulation In 2018 we wish to better isolate the heating pipes in the club house
Installation of low-energy lighting The storageroom is lighted with LED-lights. Other parts of the club house will have LED lights installed during 2018

De tassenloods heeft LED-verlichting
Use of motion sensor lighting In the greenkeepers shed, we have installed motion sensors. We will install motion sensors in the lounge, offices, storage and changing rooms during 2018 and 2019

In de werkloods zijn bewegingsmelders geïnstalleerd
Transition to energy efficient appliances In 2018 and 2019 we will invest in new equipement for the refridgerator and diashwasher.
Use of timers with appliances, heating and lighting In 2019 we will install timers on the refridgerators in the club house and on the lighting at the driving range.

Vehicles & Transport

The maintenance fleet at this golf facility uses the following fuel sources:

Ride-on Mowers Walking Mowers Utility Vehicles
Petrol 100% 14%
Diesel 50% 86%
Hybrid 50%

Additional vehicles operated by this golf facility use the following fuel sources:

Golf Carts Cars Buses
Grid Electric 100%

This golf facility has established the following schemes to encourage reductions in staff and customer transport emissions:

Activity Description
Secure cycle parking Is present

Is aanwezig
Promoting public transport routes and timetables Timetables are shown on our website

Ja op de site
Increasing equipment storage (e.g. lockers) We already have 250 lockers, which is sufficient for now.

Er zijn al 250 lockers aanwezig
Staff showers Are present

Zijn aanwezig

Supply Chain

The proportion of waste that is collected separately has grown in recent years. The separate disposal of the waste gives the opportunity to recycle as much as possible. Chemicals are treated with great care. We think in particular of waste released during maintenance: oil, paint (waste), pesticides etc. The contractor which is responsible for the maintenance is certified with the ISO 14001 standard. This certificate is especially focussed on handling and storage of hazardous substances.

Het aandeel afval dat gescheiden wordt opgehaald is afgelopen jaren gegroeid. Door het gescheiden af te voeren kan het afval zoveel mogelijk worden gerecycled. Chemisch afval wordt met extra zorgvuldigheid behandelt. We denken dan met name aan afval dat bij het onderhoud vrij komt:olie, verf(resten), gewasbeschermingsmiddelen etc. De aannemer die de uitvoering voor haar rekening neemt is gecertificeerd volgens de ISO 14001 norm. Hierbij is speciale aandacht voor de omgang met en de opslag van gevaarlijke stoffen.

Purchasing Policies

This golf facility undertakes the following ethical / environmental purchasing activities:

Activity Description
Measures to avoid waste at source Using biological fuel and lubricants

We gebruiken milieuvriendelijkere brandstoffen en smeervetten
Use of local suppliers We use as many local suppliers as possible.

Zo veel als mogelijk
Use of local products We use as many local products as possible

Zo veel als mogelijk
Selection of certified products All products that are used are certified

Alleen maar gecertificeerde producten
Use of recycled and recyclable products We use as many recycled products as possible.

Zo veel als mogelijk
Selection of products that feature minimal packaging We try this as best as we can, but still much can be improved.

Wordt gedaan, maar kan verbeterd worden
Use of accredited suppliers (e.g. ISO 14001) We try do to so as much as we can

Indien mogelijk doen we dit

Supply Chain

An overview of the supplier network at this golf facility:

Total number of suppliers Total number of suppliers within 10 Kilometres Total number of suppliers within 100 Kilometres
Catering Supplies 14 7 7
Trade & Contractors 20 13 7
Maintenance Equipment 4 2 2
Course Supplies 2 2

Turfgrass Inputs

This golf facility undertakes the following IPM activities:

Activity Description
Encouraging drought and disease tolerant grasses Two years ago we started seeding through with 'Bar Dual Bent' in order to reduce the amount of Poa annua.
Managing stress and wear Vulnerable areas are fenced out during the dry and wet season

Afzetten van kwetsbare gebieden gedurende het droge en natte seizoen
Enhancement of soil structure We use dressing, hollow coring and tinning to improve the soil structure

Bezanden, hollow coren, prikken
Optimization of the growing environment We use TC5 to enhance the soil developement and the reduction of thatch

TC5 op de greens, waardoor bodemleven wordt gestimuleerd en vilt opbouw wordt verminderd
Managing thatch levels In 2013 we used the Sandfiller to reduce the thatchlevels on greens, tees and foregreens, up to 5 cm deep.

Met behulp van een Sandfiller is er in 2013 op duurzame wijze gestart met het drastisch terugdringen van de viltlaag op de greens, voorgreens en tee's. Tot 5 cm diepte.
Managing surface moisture When required

Indien nodig
Establishing thresholds for pests and disease By strategically removing trees around greens, we improved the circulation of air to strenghten the turfgrass.

Bomenkap rondom de greens voor betere luchtcirculatie. Door efficient mestbeleid wordt gerealiseerd dat het gras sterker en gezonder wordt.
Scouting for pests and diseases The greenkeeping checks it on a daily base.

Dagelijkse controle door greenkeepers
Fertilisation plan Every year, a new fertilisationplan is made in consultation with AHA de Man (greenkeeping)

Jaarlijks wordt er in overleg met AHA De Man een bemestingsplan opgesteld.
Adjusted fertilizing In order to reduce the quantity of pesticides used, we have started to use fertilizers differently. Aside from the standard NPK, we also use silicium, copper, sulphur and calcium in order to upgrade the nutrients available for the grass. This has already resulted in a hard reduction on the number of times we have to use chemicals: from 12 times in 2012 to 2 times in 2016.

We will continue this line of work in 2017.

Fertilizer use at this golf facility in the last three years (kg):

2016 2015 2014
Fairways - K - Organic 152 27 70
Fairways - N - Organic 190 45 117
Fairways - P - Organic 76 0 0
Greens - K - Inorganic
Greens - K - Organic 42 139 114
Greens - N - Inorganic
Greens - N - Organic 86 116 146
Greens - P - Inorganic
Greens - P - Organic 6 39 18
Tees - K - Organic 10 18 18
Tees - N - Organic 13 30 30
Tees - P - Organic 5 0 0

Pesticide use at this golf facility in the last three years (kg):

2016 2015 2014
Fairways - Herbicide - Total Weight 158 10 6
Fairways - Herbicide - Number of applications per year 2
Greens - Fungicide - Active Ingredient
Greens - Fungicide - Total Weight 5 14 29.8
Greens - Fungicide - Number of applications per year 3
Semi-Rough - Herbicide - Total Weight 303 2 2.1
Semi-Rough - Herbicide - Number of applications per year 2
Tees - Herbicide - Total Weight 0 0.1 0

This golf facility undertakes the following actions to optimize pesticide use:

Activity Description
Selection on the least toxic and lest persistent products We try to use a little pesticides as possible, only when other methods don't work.

We gebruiken zo min mogelijk pesticiden, alleen wanneer andere methoden niet meer werken
Selection of appropriate products for specific pests and diseases When using pesticides, the right product is chosen for specific plagues

Wanneer er gewasbescherming wordt ingezet wordt voor het juiste middel gekozen
Calibration and testing of sprayers We check our spraying equipment twice a year and calibrate them when needed
Use of shrouded sprayer and anti-drip nozzles We use anti-drifintg nozzels on our spraying equipment.
Non-chemical weed control We are having an experiment in using a garlic based product against fungi.

Er wordt een proef gedaan met een biologisch middel tegen schimmels op basis van knoflook
Grubs We used a cloth over the greens as an experiment against grubs.

Als proef wordt er zeil gebruikt om engerlingen te bestrijden
Liquid fertilizers We use liquid fertilizers

Waste Management

No waste audits have been undertaken at this golf facility.

This golf facility manages key waste streams as follows:

Re-use Recycle Landfill Incinerate
Glass false true false false
Plastic false true false false
Aluminium false true false false
Metal false true false false
Paper & Cardboard false true false false
Grass Clippings true false false false
Cores & Turf true false false false
Sand true false false false
Wood / Timber false false true false

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to continue the lifecycle of materials and resources:

Activity Description
Separation of recyclable materials Paper and cardboard are seperated and collected seperately

papier, karton wordt gescheiden ingezameld en opgehaald
Establishment of recycling centers We have a waste container for glass, paper and other waste.

Er is een aparte glasbak, papierbak en grofvuil bak.
Returning clipping to fairways and walkways We have an area for storaging grass clippings, wood, woodchips and branches. We re-use the grass clippings on open spots in the course.

Stortplaats voor gras, hout, snppers, grond en takken. Hergebruik greengras op openplekken in de baan.
Education of staff and customer education AHA de Man trains it's employees

Via AHA De Man worden medewerkers opgeleid.

Pollution Control

The Hoge Dijk golfcourse fullfills all conditions in the Duch environmental laws and takes their own initiatives to contribute to the environmental quality by separating waste and a sustainable management of the terrain. By registrating the use of fertilizers, water and other relevant products, we keep track of our usage and scout for the possibilities to take saving measurements.

Het terrein van golfbaan De Hoge Dijk voldoet aan alle milieunormen zoals deze wettelijk zijn vastgelegd en tracht uit eigen initiatief een bijdrage te leveren aan zaken als afvalscheiding en milieuvriendelijk rentmeesterschap. Door de registratie van meststoffen, waterverbruik en andere relevante onderdelen wordt er een vinger aan de pols gehouden en is er de mogelijkheid te meten of besparingsmaatregelen de gewenste effecten hebben.

Water Analysis

This golf facility monitors water quality with the following frequency:

Chemical Biological Visual
Inflow Never Monthly Weekly
On-Site Never Never Weekly
Outflow Never Never Weekly

Waste Water

Waste water from this golf facility is managed as follows:

Discharges to Formal Discharge Agreement
Golf Course Ditch No
Clubhouse Mains Sewer No
Maintenance Facility Mains Sewer Yes
Wash Pad Via Oil Separator Yes

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials at this golf facility are handled and disposed of as follows:

Secure Storage Registered Uplift
Detergents true false
Cooking Oils false false
Lubricants true true
Pesticide Containers true true
Fertiliser Bags true true
Oil Filters false false
Batteries true false

Pollution Prevention

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to prevent pollution from its maintenance facility and clubhouse:

Activity Description
Storage of equipment and hazardous products on covered, sealed impervious areas All storage facilities for dangerous products are secured

Alle opslagruimten met gevaarlijke stoffen zijn beveligd
Maintenance of equipment on covered, sealed impervious areas Machine maintainance is done on a impervious floor

Machine onderhoud wordt gedaan op een vloeistofdichte vloer
Mixing of pesticides and fertilizers in covered areas Mixing pesticides and fertilizers is done in the greenkeepers shed

Het mengen van stoffen gebeurt in de greenkeepersloods
Mixing of pesticides and fertilizers over impervious surfaces Mixing pesticides and fertilizers is done on an impervious floor

Het mengen van stoffen gebeurt op een vloeistofdichte vloer
Installation of above-ground fuel tanks The tank is certified

De tank is goedgekeurd
Installation of sufficient secondary containment for fuel The tank has a leak collector installed

De tank is voorzien van een lekbak
Provision of containment booms and absorbent materials Absorption materials are suffiently present

Absorbtiematerialen zijn voldoende aanwezig

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to prevent pollution on its golf course:

Activity Description
Eliminating leachate and run-off through careful timing of turf inputs We time the application of products to the best moment

We gebruiken stoffen op het juiste moment
Establishment of vegetative buffer strips around water bodies The ponds have shallow banks with plants

De waterpartijen hebben een met planten begroeide rand
Establishment of emergency spillage response plan This is part of the contract with the greenkeeping, reviewed yearly

Onderhoudscontracten op jaarbasis
Controlling erosion and sediment discharge Slopes are sowed with grass and planted with trees

Hellingen worden ingezaaid en beplant
Establishment of pesticide-free zones On the Abcoudebaan's ecological zones

Ja, ecologische zone op de Abcoudebaan


An annual Birdwatchingday is organized. This day starts early in the morning with bird monitoring. After that there is a golf match with the theme "Nature". We also participate in the Open Golf day. This is the leading event in the Netherlands for inviting non-members and non-golfers. The neighbour De Ruige Hof is consulted by the club on environmental issues.

De jaarlijkse Birdwatchingday wordt georganiseerd. Deze dag start met het monitoren van vogels en sluit af met eenwedstrijd in het thema 'Natuur'. We nemen ook deel aan de Open Golf Dag, dit is het grootste Nederlandse evenement om niet-golfers uit te nodigen op de baan. De buren van 'De Ruige Hof' consulteren we bij vragen over de omgeving en het landschap.

Employment & Education

Typical staffing levels at this golf facility are:

Full Time Part Time Seasonal
Club Management 1
Course Management 5 4
Food & Beverage 1
Golf Coaching 4
Retail & Leisure 2
Other 5 2

The sustainability working group at this golf facility is comprised of:

  • General Manager
  • Course Manager
  • Committee Members

Employees at this golf facility receive the following formal and informal environmental education:

Activity Description
Storage, application and disposal of pesticides Greenkeepers get their education from AHA de Man

Via AHA De Man
Efficient water management It's in the AHA de Man policy

Via AHA De Man
Management of accidents and emergencies Employees receive a training in in-house-emergencies

BHV opleidingen
Management of habitats and vegetation From themed meetings organised by the NVG, NGF and NLadviseurs

Via NVG en NGF en NL Adviseurs
Waste minimization, separation and recycling Together with the local authorities

I.s.m. gemeente
Health & Safety Training in occupational health service

Arbo training
Energy Saving Together with suppliers and advisers

I.s.m. toeleveranciers en adviseurs
Understanding of landscape and cultural heritage Workinggroup 'Groengebied Amstelland', De Ruige Hof, Spaar het Gein and Beschermers Amstellaand

Werkgroep Groengebied Amstelland, De Ruige Hof, Spaar het Gein, Beschermers Amstelland
Environmental management planning Together with local authorities and the water regulatory authority

I.s.m. gemeente en waterschap

Community Relations

This golf facility engages with local community groups in the following manner:

Activity Description
Neighbours For environmental questions De Ruige Hof

Bij vragen over de leefomgeving de Ruige Hof
Local Government Local authorities and Groengebied Amstelland

Gemeente, Groengebied Amstelland
Local Environmental Groups Beschermers Amstelland, Spaar het Gein

Beschermers Amstelland, Spaar het Gein
Local Community Groups Local bee-keepers from the Ouderkerk-union

Overig: Imkervereniging Ouderkerk voor bijen in de baan
Media Local newspapers

Lokale kranten
Local Businesses Union of businessmembers, VAZO

Bedrijfsleden vereniging, VAZO
Schools & Colleges Students of a local school help trimming the willows

Leerlingen van lokale school komen jaarlijks wilgen knotten
Birdwatching Birdwatchingday with local specialists and members

Nationale vogelteldag met lokale vogelaars en leden

Land Use & Cultural Heritage

This golf facility provides access and diversified land use for others through:

Activity Description
Maintenance of existing public paths Several public paths were constructed on the golf course. These paths are used by hikers, cyclist and other tourists. Alongside these paths, several pieces of art can be viewed.

Er zijn diverse openbare paden die over de golfbaan lopen. Er wordt door lokale recreanten, wandelaars en fietsers, gebruik gemaakt van deze wegen en paden. Langs de paden worden verschillende kunstwerken geëxposeerd.
Creation of new paths and nature trails From the public paths, visitors have good views on the natural elements of the golf course. This also goes for rare plants and birds.

Vanaf de voet- en fietspaden heeft men een mooi zicht op de natuur van de golfbaan met veel vogels en bijzondere planten.
Providing opportunities for other recreation (e.g. fishing) A bee-keeper uses the golfcourse for it's 4 bee colonies

Er is een imker op de golfbaan aanwezig met 4 bijenvolken
Partnership conservation and access projects (e.g. community woodland) The neighbour De Ruige Hof is consulted by the club on environmental issues
Parking lot The parking lot of the golf course can also be used by recreationists for the areas of 'Groengebied Amsterdam' and 'Ruige Hof'. A path from the parking lot to these areas is present.

De parkeerplaats van de golfbaan is ook toegankelijk voor recreanten van het natuurgebied ” Groengebied Amsterdam" en "de Ruige Hof”.
Tussen de parkeerplaats en de toegangsbrug van de golfbaan loopt een voetpad naar deze terreinen.

No archaeological or heritage surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility.

This golf facility does not consult any organizations regarding the conservation of cultural heritage.

This golf facility does not undertake any activities to conserve cultural heritage features.


This golf facility undertakes the following internal environmental communications:

Activity Description
Provision of newsletters, notice boards & poster display The golfclub has it's own magazine

De golfclub beschikt over een eigen clubblad
Interpretation panels & course signage Alongsdie the foot paths are warning signs that some points of the golf course may be dangerous for visitors.
Establishment of a nature trail People from the region use the golf course as a starting point for walks in the natural areas nearby, that are connected with the golf course by foot paths.
Information on Birdwatchingday During the Birdwatchingday there's attention for nature, members take part in this event.

De golfclub doet jaarlijks mee aan de Nationale Birdwatchingday, ieder jaar doen een aantal leden mee, hier wordt ook aandacht aan de natuur geschonken

This golf facility undertakes the following social and environmental advocacy activities:

Activity Description
Website, press releases & brochures Communication about events is done via the website, Facebook and digital news letters.

De communicatie verloopt via de gebruikelijke media (website,Facebook e-mail)
Course walks / open days Golfcourse De Hoge Dijk participates in the Open Golf day. This is the leading event in the Netherlands for inviting non-members and non-golfers. Aside from free golf lessons, guests can take part in a nature walk.

Er wordt deelgenomen aan de Open Golf Dag voor niet-golfers. Naast gratis golfles op deze dag, kunnen gasten deelnemen aan een natuurwandeling op de golfbaan.
Joint practical projects with community The neighbour De Ruige Hof consulted the club on environmental issues.

Bij vraagstukken over de omgeving werken we samen met de Ruige Hof
Potential golfers We could reach a larger coverage for potential golfers if we would advertise in the local news paper (or television chanel) and by taking part in the presentations for the local sports accommodations.

Een groter publiek zou men kunnen bereiken middels een stukje in de lokale krant (of TV-zender) en deelname aan de presentatie van sportverenigingen voor bewoners van omliggende gemeenten.