Golfbaan 'T Zelle

GEO Certified® 10/2017
Telephone: +31(0)575 467533

Golf course ‘t Zelle is part of an old estate and is situated in the beautiful landscape of the Achterhoek area in the Netherlands. The golf course holds a GEO certificate since 2014 and the people are willing to take extra measures to become more sustainable. The GEO committee is anticipating on the new legislation for the use of chemicals, they are improving the quality of the nature areas and there are plans for the installation of a large amount of solar panels. These examples reflect their ambition for sustainability in general. The golf…

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GEO Certified® Report

GEO Certified® is the symbol of great golf environments worldwide – designating that a golf facility has met a credible standard in the areas of nature, water, energy, supply chain, pollution control, and community, and is committed to continually improve. GEO Certified® is widely trusted and endorsed by a growing number of organizations and people, both inside and outside golf.

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Facility details

Golf Courses
Championship Course (18 holes, 6047 metres)
Par 3 course (9 holes, 818 metres)
Pro Shop
Practice Facility/Facilities


The golf course of 't Zelle, which is situated in the scenic landscape of the Achterhoek (the most eastern part of the province Gelderland), has a natural character. The golf course is part of 't Zelle estate, which has a rich history that is reflected in the golf course itself. The many woodlands that are present are still being managed by the estate owners with help of the Bosgroep Midden Nederland (a forestry organisation that manages woodlands according to the FSC guidelines).
The golf course has been constructed in line with the surrounding landscape and with a lot of space for natural development. The different types of habitat to be found are: water features with (natural) banks, woodlands, extensively managed meadows and heathland. These are being managed while giving as much room for natural development as possible.
The golf club plays on an 18-holes champion course and a 9-holes par 3 course.
In order to prevent diseases and plagues in the turf grass, the golf course uses grass species that are fit to grow on the present soil and require little moisture.
Golf course 't Zelle strives to develop more heathland where possible, and improve the heath that is already present. For herpetofauna the golf course wishes to create a natural pond on short term. At the moment, the golf course is not monitoring any species. To get a better understanding of the present flora and fauna, the golf course is deciding on working with a local biologist to monitor the present species.
in 2015, an ecological survey has been executed. This resulted in a map with locations that have a high potentional for nature development.

Consultation & Surveys

This golf facility consults the following organizations regarding landscape heritage conservation:

  • Dutch Outdoor Concepts
  • Bosgroep Midden Nederland
  • NLadviseurs

The following landscape assessments and surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility:

Title Author Date View document
Ecologisch onderzoek 't Zelle Bureau Schenkeveld 2003/11/01
Milieu-effectenrapport golfbaan Hengelo (G) Bureau voor ruimtelijke ordering en architectuur f.w van Droffelaar b.v. 1989/04/01
Baanbeheerplan 't Zelle NLadviseurs 2014/04/01
Golfbaan't Zelle, beheerplan 2008 - 2017 Bosgroep Midden Nederland 2008/01/01
Golfbaan't Zelle, beheerplan 2013 Bosgroep Midden Nederland 2014/01/01

This golf facility consults the following organizations regarding ecosystem protection and enhancement:

  • Bosgroep Midden Nederland:
  • NLadviseurs

The following ecological surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility:

Title Author Date View document
Planten / plants NLadviseurs en Coen Knotters 2015/09/04
Vogels / birds NLadviseurs en Coen Knotters 2015/09/04
Zoogdieren / mammals NLadviseurs en Coen Knotters 2015/09/04
Amfibieën / amphibians NLadviseurs en Coen Knotters 2015/09/04
Dagvlinders/ butterflies NLadviseurs en Coen Knotters 2015/09/04
Vleermuizen/ Bats NLadviseurs en Coen Knotters 2015/09/04

Rare, protected and notable species occurring at this golf facility:

Local name Scientific name
Grote Pimpernel Sanguisorba officinalis
Ronde Zonnedauw Drosera rotundifolia
Moeraswolfsklauw Lycopodium Inundatum
Kleine Zonnedauw Drosera intermedia
Slofhak Anthoxanthum aristatum
Duits viltkruid Filago vulgaris
Moerasstruisgras Agrostis canina
Bosanemoon Anemone nemorosa
Struikhei Calluna vulgaris
Gewone dotterbloem Caltha pal.ssp.palustris
Elzenzegge Carex elongata
IJle zegge Carex remota
Gewone Dophei Erica tetralix
Gebogen driehoeksvaren Gymnocarpium dryopteris
Boshavikskruid Hieracium sabaudum
Waterviolier Hottonia palustris
Dalkruid Maianthemum bifolium
Hengel Melampyrum pratense
Witte klaverzuring Oxalis acetosella
Gewone salomonszegel Polygonatum multiflorum
Bleeksporig bosviooltje Viola riviniana
Boomkikker Hyla arborea
Levendbarende hagedis Zootoca vivipara
Geelgors Emberiza citrinella
Wielewaal Oriolus oriolus
Zwarte specht Dryocopus martius
Groene specht Picus viridis
Dwergvleermuis Pipistrellus pipistrellus
Ruige dwergvleermuis Pipistrellus nathusi
Laatvlieger Eptesicus serotinus
Rosse vleermuis Nyctalus noctula
Grootoorvleermuis Plecotus auritus

This golf facility regularly monitors the following species as indicators of environmental quality:

Local name Scientific name
Rietorchis Dactylorhiza majalis subsp. praetermissa
Kleine zonnedauw Drosera intermedia
Ruig klokje Campanula trachelium
Rode eekhoorn Sciurus vulgaris
Ruige leeuwentand Leontodon hispidus L.
Stekelbrem Genista anglica
Boerenzwaluw Hirundo rustica
Huismus Passer domesticus
Matkop Poecile montanus
Ringmus Passer montanus

Habitats & Designations

This golf facility features the following landscape designations:

Description Designating Authority
Historic Landscapes / Parklands The estate is listed under the Dutch Nature Conservation Act
Areas of Scenic Beauty The estate is part of the National Ecological Network
National Park Part of National Landscape 'de Graafschap'

Area of habitats / vegetation types, and associated designations at this golf facility:

Title Estimated Area (Hectares) Designation
Rough 'ecological' grassland 13.52 Self Appointed
Native Woodland 38 Local Government
Open Water Features 3.26 Self Appointed
Heather and other dwarf shrub communities 0.8 Self Appointed


Size and estimated species composition of amenity turfgrass maintained at this golf facility.

Estimated Area (Hectares) Turfgrass Species Sward Composition (%)
Greens 1.25 Hectares Festuca rubra 25%
Agrostis tenuis / capillaris 45%
Tees 0.58 Hectares Festuca rubra 45%
Agrostis tenuis / capillaris 30%
Fairways 10.56 Hectares Poa pratensis 25%
Festuca rubra 20%
Semi Rough 4.83 Hectares Poa pratensis 20%
Festuca rubra 20%

These turfgrasses are optimal for the circumstances at this club because:
Some years ago, a transition in grasspecies was made from red fescue to common bent grass, which is a more suited species for dry sandy soils. On the fairways, semi-rough, rough and surrounds, more species are present than the ones stated in the table above. The species named are the most commonly present.

Aantal jaar geleden van Roodzwenk overgegaan naar Struisgras, hetgeen beter gedijt op zand/droogte.

This golf facility assesses mowing patterns every: 1 months

This golf facility consults the following individuals / organizations regarding its grassing plan:

  • Dutch Outdoor Concepts
  • Supplier of fertilizers

This golf facility is making the following efforts to manage the playing quality expectations of customers:

Activity Description
Establishing clear internal policies for irrigation, fertilization, colour, cutting heights, overseeding etc We have a yearly work- and management plan. This one is not free available for members, but can be provided for when asked.

Beheer- en werkplan op jaarbasis. Niet in te zien voor leden, indien interrese wel mogelijk.
Promoting the playing quality values of more naturalized turf, particularly fairways and semi-rough When the transition in grass species was made, the members were informed about this, for it was a quality impulse for the golf course.

Omvorming naar meer geschiktere grassoort is gecommuniceerd kwaliteitverbetering
Promoting the financial benefits of presenting sustainable surfaces Management is communicated through our newsletter to the members.

Uitleg van beheer o.a. via de nieuwsbrief naar de leden
Improving customer understanding around greens maintenance When big management is taking place, the members will be informed through the golfshop and the qualifying website

Groot onderhoud wordt vermeld op de shop/ qualifying site
Demonstrating the direct relationship between environmental best practice and year round high quality playing surfaces Sustainable management is communicated as an important way to preserve our natural elements. We also tell members that a different type of grass species is important for sustainability.

Ten behoeve van behoud groene elementen, communicatie graskeuze enz.
Communication There are many ways we communicate with our members and the cooperation through our website, during meetings, oral reports, etc.

Veelvuldige communicatie met leden en de vereniging via de website, ledenvergadering, mondeling enz.

Conservation & Enhancement

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to conserve landscape character:

Activity Description
Allowing seasonal variation of course coloration and texture We have no sprinklers on the fairways, discoloration is accepted.

Geen fairway beregening, verkleuring is toegestaan
Appropriately matching mowing lines to contours the mowing lines change whenever the natural elements change in shape (trees, etc.) as it was designed.

Met de tijd meegroeien met de ontwikkelingen groene elementen, zoals het ontworpen is. (landschappelijk ingepast)
Discreet on-course signage and furniture We have hole signs made of wood, using only natural colours. Recently we have minimised the number of signs in the course and we wish to change the plastic pickets to wooden ones.

Van hout en natuurlijke materialen, natuurlijke tinten. Minimalisering bewijzering. Plastic palen vervangen voor hout
Conservation of specimen trees We have a number of pollard willows that we manage accordingly.

Knotwilgen en solitaire bomen aanwezig.
Screening and softening unsightly man-made features Shelters are made of wood and kept out of sight as much as possible. We have no other man-made objects anymore, these were removed.

Schuilhuten zijn van hout en zoveelmogelijk uit het zicht. Verder geen elementen aanwezig. De onnodige kunstmatige elementen in het terrein zijn verwijderd.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to improve the landscape ecology of the golf course:

Activity Description
Minimizing the amount of amenity grass This was already done when the course was constructed. We have a large area of natural rough. Around some of the holes, where there is a high potential for herbaceous rough, the rough is mowed extensively. An example can be seen on hole 9.

Al aanwezig bij de aanleg van de baan. Zeer groot oppervlak natuurrough
Increasing the size of habitat patches There is a lot of woodland present, we have a diverse eco-rough and natural water features and banks that are mostly connected with one another. We do not wish to improve the size of these elements, but instead give the elements a quality impulse. Heathlands are extended on location where they spontaneous appear.

Zeer bosrijk, kruidenrijk, natuurlijke waterpartijen en oevers, grotendeels verbonden. Geen areaal vergroting, wel kwaliteitverbetering.
Connection of internal habitat patches Already present, natural areas are not all connected yet.

Al aanwezig, natuurroughs liggen wel verspreid
Connection of patches with external habitats The golf course is connected with the estate by the woodlands and ditches.

Aansluiting op het landgoed, bossen en sloten lopen door naar omgeving.
Creation of habitat corridors There is little room for any more, many of the elements are already connected. We wish to preserve the ones that are present.

Verbetering niet mogelijk, al grotendeels verbonden. Behoudt van aanwezige zones.
Avoidance of habitat fragmentation This is part of the estate, they have a minimum of natural area which they have to preserve.

Is in handen van het Landgoed. Huidige oppervlakte natuur moet behouden blijven.
Improving and diversifying habitat edges Parts of the eco rough can be turned into a more natural transition from hole to woodland, where it's possible and doesn't interfere with the game.

Delen van de natuurrough kunnen tot een meer natuurlijke overgang naar het bos worden omgevormd waar het golfspel het toelaat.
Eco zones The golf course has many natural habitats that are not accessible for players.

Biotopen worden afgeschermd voor de golfers.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to improve the quality of habitats on the golf course:

Activity Description
Creation of botanically rich rough grassland We deplete the eco rough of nutrients by mowing it once or twice a year and remove the clippings. Several locations for herbaceous rough are know and are maintained extensively.

Verschraling van de natuurrough, door 1 á 2x per jaar maaien en afvoeren
Ecologically informed management of scrub vegetation During the winter period, we have 230 work hours available to trim and remove shrubs.

In het najaar 230 uur aanwezig voor nodig snoei en snipper werk
Promoting species and structurally diverse woodlands The woodlands are thinned according to the management plan of the Bosgroep.
On several places we have created space for natural regeneration of trees. Dead trees can remain in tact as long as they're not close to the game.

Dunnen voor ontwikkeling volgens het plan van de Bosgroep.
Establishment of littoral shelves and marginal vegetation in wetland areas Eco zones, ditches, banks and eco rough are extensively managed. Maintenance of the reed banks is a multi year plan. Where possible we leave reed instead of mowing it all.

Ecozones: sloten, oevers, roughs, worden extensief beheerd.
Maintenance of an appropriate balance of open water and aquatic vegetation There is diversity in open water and ditches with plants. These water features are cleaned to maintain the water flow. Some ditches dry out during the summer, the ponds' water levels drop to ground water level during the summer.

Afwisseling van open water en begroeide sloten, sloten en vijvers worden geschoond. De sloten vallen in de zomer droog, de waterpartijen liggen 's zomers op grondwaterniveau.
Naturalization of linear habitats The first 6 meters of the woodlands that lies next to the holes, is managed extensively.

Eerste 6 meter bos wordt extensief beheerd door de golfclub.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to conserve and enhance biodiversity on the golf course:

Activity Description
Provision of nesting and nectar for pollinators We have several roughs with herbaceous vegetation. The area of heathland will be improved in quality.

Kruiden en bloemrijke roughs aanwezig. Aanwezige areaal heide wordt verbeterd.
Installation of nest boxes Nest boxes are present and are monitored annually by the gamekeeper of the estate.

Nestkasten zijn reeds aanwezig en worden jaarlijks door jachtopzien gecontroleerd.
Provision of feeding tables We have no feeding tables. In the woodlands there are feeding plots for the deer and pheasants.

Voedertafels niet wenselijk, voederplekken fazant en soms ree 's winters aanwezig
Control / management of alien species We remove the black cherry from the woodlands.

Amerikaanse vogelkers wordt bestreden
Provision of hibernation areas In the estate woodpiles are constructed and breeding piles of reeds.

In de landgoed delen worden houtstappels neergelegd, broedhopen van riet
Creation of micro-habitats (eg log and stone piles) On the estate are several woodpiles present.

In de landgoed delen worden houtstappels neergelegd.


There are many water features present on 't Zelle: ponds, natural ponds and ditches. We water quality is sufficient to provide for irrigation water. The golf club wishes to use as little irrigation water as possible by only irrigating the greens and tees. The irrigation system is calibrated and targeted as efficient as possible.

The golf club wishes to renovate the greenkeeper shed on a short term. The sanitary will be renovated and provided for with water saving devices. Also, as from next year, machines will be cleansed with irrigation water instead of tab water.

In 2016, a separate water meter for the greenkeeper shed was installed. The water use of this facility from before 2016 is not clear. There is however a water meter on the water pump for the irrigation.

Sources & Consumption

No water audits have been undertaken at this golf facility.

The water used at this golf facility is drawn from the following sources:

2016 Source(s) % of supply Total Consumption
Clubhouse(s) Public / Potable 100% 109,500 Litres
Golf Course Surface 100% 41,236,000 Litres
Maintenance Facility/Facilities Surface 100% 108,000 Litres
2015 Source(s) % of supply Total Consumption
Clubhouse(s) Public / Potable 100% 1,166,000 Litres
Golf Course Surface 100% 17,497,000 Litres
2014 Source(s) % of supply Total Consumption
Clubhouse(s) Public / Potable 100% 1,113,000 Litres
Golf Course Surface 100% 14,361,000 Litres

Irrigation & Efficiency

The following areas receive irrigation at this golf facility:

Greens Daily in season
Tees Daily in season
Fairways Weekly

The irrigation system at this golf facility is:
Fully computer controlled

The irrigation system at this golf facility is:

Serviced every 1 months

Upgraded every 2 years

Re-calibrated and checked for efficient application every 1 years

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to maximize irrigation efficiency:

Activity Description
Selection of grass species The used grass species fit the soil structure and can withstand periods of drought.

Grassoort zijn passend bij de bodem, kan tegen droge en arme omstandigheden.
Soil decompaction and thatch management By aerating the soil

Middels beluchten van de bodem
Timing and dose of water application We irrigate greens and tees early in the morning

's Ochtends beregen van greens en tees
Analysis of soil moisture We have soil moisture meters.

Vochtmeters aanwezig
Incorporation of evapotranspiration rates and weather data We check the weather forecasts and the expected evaporation rate.

Weerbericht en verwachte verdamping worden geraadpleegd.
Use of wetting agents We use wetting agents on the tees and greens.

Op de greens en tees
Overall reduction in irrigated area We only irrigate the tees and greens.

Alleen beregenen van greens en tees
Targeting of sprinkler heads We target the sprinkler heads so the reach overlap slightly.

Afgesteld zodat het bereik van de sproeiers elkaar raken
Optimizing system pressure The pipelines are always under the correct pressure.

Leidingen altijd op druk
Adoption of cutting edge nozzle technology When we need to replace the system, we use the most modern system.

Wanneer vervanging nodig is, wordt er gebruik gemaakt van moderne technologie.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to conserve / reduce / minimize water consumption:

Activity Description
Low-flow urinals and toilets In the clubhouse we have toilets with to two buttons, in the greenkeeper shed there is a toilet with a stop button.

In clubhuis twee knoppen aanwezig en in greenkeepersloods een stopknop
Use of water efficient appliances We will keep an eye on future technologies when the club house will be renovated in 2018
Use of efficient shower technology We will keep an eye on future technologies when the club house will be renovated in 2018
Repairing leaks We check on leakages and repair them as soon as possible.

Er wordt gecontroleerd op lekkage, en indien nodig zo snel mogelijk gerepareerd
Cleaning machines At the moment we use tab water to clean the machines, from next year on we want to use irrigation water to do so.

Schoonmaken apperaten gaat via leiding water. Vanaf volgend jaar de wens om dit met beregeningswater te doen


When replace machines we check the use of energy in order to choose the most sustainable type. Also, we have installed led-lights on several places in the clubhouse. Furthermore we have improved the clubhouse, which is a former farmers house, by adding new insulation, natural lighting with windows in the roof, and an adjustable temperature per room.

To further improve on energy sustainability, we wish to install a separate energy meter and solar panels when renovating the greenkeeper shed and the next renovation of the clubhouse.

The greenkeeping has never collected fuel usage numbers, up until 2012, so they have little insight in the usage trend. They will save the usage numbers from now on.

Sources & Consumption

No energy surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility.

Consumption of renewable energy and resources at this golf facility:

2016 2015 2014
Second Generation Bio-Fuels (Litres) 705 17168 16345

Consumption of non-renewable energy and resources at this golf facility:

2016 2015 2014
Diesel (Litres) 88647 17168 16345
Hydraulic Oil (Litres) 50 60 60
Natural Gas (Litres) 15968000 6597000 13003000
Non-renewable Grid (kWh) 88647 92696 96000
Petrol (Litres) 1371 1360 1189

Energy Efficiency

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to diversify energy and fuel supply:

Activity Description
Installation of photovoltaic and / or solar panels This will be researched when the greenkeepers shed and the clubhouse are renovated, it is planned for 2018
Use of electric hybrid vehicles We have electric handicarts and an electric marshall car.

We hebben elektrische handicarts en marshall car
Aspen We use Aspen fuel for our portable rotary cutters

Bosmaaiers op aspenbenzine

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to reduce energy consumption:

Activity Description
Investment in low-energy heating and air conditioning systems We have two standardised air-conditioning devices

Twee standaard aircoapparaten
Optimizing thermostat levels for heating and refrigeration Every room has its own thermostat, so the temperature can be adjuster per room.

Thermostaatknoppen aanwezig, per ruimte kan de temperatuur worden aangepast.
Enhancement of natural ventilation opportunities We have windows in the roof for ventilation.

Dakruimte voor ventilatie.
Upgrading of building insulation The old farm, which is now our club house has been insulated.

Het clubuis, van oudsher boederij, is geisoleerd.
Use of natural light (e.g. sunlight pipes) We have windows in our roof, all over the club house.

In het clubhuis zijn dakramen aanwezig.
Installation of low-energy lighting Whatever device breaks, we replace it by a sustainable type. The restaurant will install led-lamps on short term.

Wat kapot gaat wordt vervangen door een duurzame unit, horeca gaat over op LED
Transition to energy efficient appliances When replacing a device, the most energy saving type is purchased.

Waar vervanging nodig is wordt voor energiezuinige apparaten gekozen.
Educating staff and customers We have notices in the changing rooms stating 'please turn off the light'

In de kleedkamers: ' licht uit doen a.u.b.'

Vehicles & Transport

The maintenance fleet at this golf facility uses the following fuel sources:

Ride-on Mowers Walking Mowers Utility Vehicles
Petrol 100% 17%
Diesel 100% 67%
Grid Electric 17%

Additional vehicles operated by this golf facility use the following fuel sources:

Golf Carts Cars Buses
Grid Electric 100%

This golf facility has established the following schemes to encourage reductions in staff and customer transport emissions:

Activity Description
Car sharing incentives Personnel share their cars when possible.

Personeel doet hieraan, waar mogelijk..
Promoting public transport routes and timetables We have scarce public transport in the near area

Er is vrijwel geengoede verbinding met het openbaar vervoer
Increasing equipment storage (e.g. lockers) At the moment we have no lockers. We will build these on short term

Momenteel geen lockerruimtes, gaat op korte termijn gerealiseerd worden
Staff showers We have none at the moment. We wish to install showers in the new greenkeeper shed

Nu niet aanwezig, mogelijk wel aanwezig in het nieuwe onderkomen van de greenkeepers

Supply Chain

At golf course 't Zelle, sustainability is an important part of the supply chain, for products that the greenkeeping and the restaurant purchases. The restaurant uses as many local products as possible and suppliers are located nearby. New personnel is informed about the sustainable ways of waste management and the usage of water and energy, especially for the restaurant.

The golf club uses as little chemical products as possible by first using mechanical measures to gain a healthy turf grass. To control pests and diseases, the vitality of the turf is checked daily. When needed, the greenkeeping can act immediately to prevent pests and diseases from spreading.

Purchasing Policies

This golf facility undertakes the following ethical / environmental purchasing activities:

Activity Description
Measures to avoid waste at source We try to do so as much as possible. For example, our bakery supplier brings the breads in crates.

Zover mogelijk, niet actief. Bakker levert brood in kratten
Use of local suppliers As much as possible. Restaurant and office supplies are purchased at local vendors and machine maintenance is done in the near region.

Zover mogelijk, producten horea en kantoor uit de streek, machines onderhoudt gebeurt tevens in de buurt
Use of local products The restaurant uses local products and ingredients

De horeca maakt zoveel mogelijk gebruikt van streekproducten
Selection of products that feature minimal packaging Not purposely, the supplier does so.

Niet bewust, dit komt vanuit de leverancier
Use of accredited suppliers (e.g. ISO 14001) Sand for the golf course comes a nearby supplier and has a certificate for being free of pollution.

Zand komt uit de buurt met een schoonzandverklaring.

Supply Chain

An overview of the supplier network at this golf facility:

Total number of suppliers Total number of suppliers within 10 Kilometres Total number of suppliers within 100 Kilometres
Food & Beverage 6 6
Catering Supplies 6 6
Retail 3 3
Trade & Contractors 3 2 1
Maintenance Equipment 6 5 1
Course Supplies 2 2

Turfgrass Inputs

This golf facility undertakes the following IPM activities:

Activity Description
Encouraging drought and disease tolerant grasses Red fescue is replaced by common bent grasses. When seeding, we only use common bent grass.

Roodzwenk is vervangen door Struisgras, wordt doorgezaaid.
Managing stress and wear With rainy weather we don't mow, during the winter we use winter greens on the fore green

Bij nat weer wordt er niet gemaaid, s'winter wordt er gespeeld vanaf de voorgreen
Enhancement of soil structure By aerating, dressing and pricking

Door middel van prikken, dressen, beluchten
Optimization of the growing environment By aerating, dressing and pricking

Door middel van prikken, dressen, beluchten
Managing thatch levels By aerating, dressing and pricking

Door middel van prikken, dressen, beluchten
Managing surface moisture We use soil moisture meters to check the moisture

Aan de hand van vochtmeters
Establishing thresholds for pests and disease By sweeping and using bent grass (which is most resisting to diseases) and keeping the greens clean and dry

Middels sweepen, droogte- en ziekteresistente struisgras, droge en schone greens
Scouting for pests and diseases We check our greens and tees daily for pests and diseases, so immediate treatment is possible when needed.

Dagelijks controleren en wanneer er schimme/ziekte actief zijn gelijk behandelen
Monitoring / improvement of plant health We monitor the turf health daily during management

Controleren bij het dagelijkse werk

Fertilizer use at this golf facility in the last three years (kg):

2016 2015 2014
Fairways - K - Inorganic 12 25
Fairways - K - Organic 32 23 36
Fairways - N - Inorganic 63 27
Fairways - N - Organic 64 97 35
Fairways - P - Inorganic 0 17
Fairways - P - Organic 18 4 6
Greens - K - Inorganic 104 156.5 86
Greens - K - Organic 92 24 67
Greens - N - Inorganic 93 67 82
Greens - N - Organic 29 53 78
Greens - P - Inorganic 7 24.5 18
Greens - P - Organic 16 0 7
Tees - K - Inorganic 123 3 27
Tees - K - Organic 45 17 35
Tees - N - Inorganic 59 36 56
Tees - N - Organic 66 7 38
Tees - P - Inorganic 44 8 15
Tees - P - Organic 12 3 11

Pesticide use at this golf facility in the last three years (kg):

2016 2015 2014
Fairways - Herbicide - Total Weight 8.2 0 7.9
Fairways - Herbicide - Number of applications per year 1 0 1
Fairways - Insecticide - Total Weight 30 30
Fairways - Insecticide - Number of applications per year 1 1 1
Greens - Fungicide - Total Weight 100 100 45
Greens - Fungicide - Number of applications per year 3 3 3
Greens - Insecticide - Number of applications per year 1 1
Tees - Herbicide - Total Weight 6.3 7.9
Tees - Herbicide - Number of applications per year 1 1
Tees - Insecticide - Number of applications per year 1 1

This golf facility undertakes the following actions to optimize pesticide use:

Activity Description
Selection on the least toxic and lest persistent products We choose the best product that is available and use it in the correct volumes in order to prevent negative effects on the soil.

We kiezen voor het meest geschikte product en gebruiken dit in de juiste hoeveelheden, om verontreiniging van de bodem te voorkomen.
Selection of appropriate products for specific pests and diseases We choose the most effective product

Er wordt gekozen voor effectieve middelen
Spot-treatment with handheld sprayers and wipers When using nematodes against white grubs we irrigate only locally where needed. When treating fusarium we treat the entire greens, since we find it too risky to only use anti-fungi products locally.

Het sproeien van aaltjes tegen engerlingen wordt pleksgewijs gedaan, bij het bestijden van o.a. sneeuwschimmel wordt gelijk heel de green meegenomen. Is te riskant om dit pleksgewijs te doen.
Calibration and testing of sprayers We calibrate and test our field sprayers regularly.

Het afstellen en testen van veldspuiten gebeurt met enige regelmaat
Use of shrouded sprayer and anti-drip nozzles We use anti-drift nozzles.

Gebruik van anto-drift nozzles
Use of organic and biological products to improve plant health and resistance. We use nematodes on the greens and fairways against white grubs when needed.

Greens en fairways worden met aaltjes bespotten om engerlingen te bestrijden.

Waste Management

No waste audits have been undertaken at this golf facility.

This golf facility manages key waste streams as follows:

Re-use Recycle Landfill Incinerate
Glass false true false false
Plastic false true false false
Aluminium false false false false
Metal false false false false
Paper & Cardboard false true false false
Grass Clippings true false false false
Cores & Turf false false true false
Sand true false false false
Wood / Timber false false true false

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to continue the lifecycle of materials and resources:

Activity Description
Separation of recyclable materials We separate paper, glass and plastic

We scheiden papier, glas en plastic
Establishment of recycling centers Behind the club house, we have a small recycle patch where we separate our waste. The different waste streams are collected and removed on a regular base.

Achter het clubhuis wordt afval gescheiden, waarna het periodiek wordt opgehaald
Returning clipping to fairways and walkways We leave the fairway clippings.

Fairwaymaaisel blijft liggen.
Education of staff and customer education New personnel for the restaurant is instructed to help separating waste. All personnel on the office is already aware to do so.

Nieuwe krachten worden hier bewust van gemaakt, zeker vanuit de horeca. De krachten op kantoor zijn hiervan op de hoogte.

Pollution Control

The greenkeepers and other personnel on the golf course work according to the national law for environmental care. Hazardous materials are stored correctly and only the right chemicals are used when treating fungi or plagues.
In the ecological zones no chemicals are used, and around water features, a buffer of 2 metres is used where no chemicals are sprayed in order to prevent drift.

Water Analysis

This golf facility monitors water quality with the following frequency:

Chemical Biological Visual
Inflow Weekly
On-Site Weekly
Outflow Weekly

Waste Water

Waste water from this golf facility is managed as follows:

Discharges to Formal Discharge Agreement
Golf Course Mains Sewer
Clubhouse Via Oil Separator
Maintenance Facility Mains Sewer
Wash Pad Via Oil Separator Yes

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials at this golf facility are handled and disposed of as follows:

Secure Storage Registered Uplift
Detergents false false
Cooking Oils true false
Lubricants true false
Pesticide Containers true true
Fertiliser Bags true false
Oil Filters true false
Batteries true true

Pollution Prevention

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to prevent pollution from its maintenance facility and clubhouse:

Activity Description
Storage of equipment and hazardous products on covered, sealed impervious areas Pesticides are stored in a secured cabinet

De gewasbeschermingsmiddelen staan opgesteld in een daarvoor bestemde kast
Maintenance of equipment on covered, sealed impervious areas Small maintenance is carried out by the greenkeeping in the shed, big maintenance is done elsewhere.

Kleine onderhoudt wordt gedaan in de loods, grootte onderhoud wordt uitbesteed
Mixing of pesticides and fertilizers over impervious surfaces On the washing pad which has an impervious surface

Op de spuitplaats welke een vloeistofdichte vloer heeft.
Installation of above-ground fuel tanks Is inspected by the supplier

Wordt door de leverancier gekeurd
Installation of sufficient secondary containment for fuel We have a leak collector under our fuel tank

Een lekbak is aanwezig onder de brandstoftank.
Provision of containment booms and absorbent materials We have ordered new absorption pellets

Absoptiekorrels zijn besteld

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to prevent pollution on its golf course:

Activity Description
Eliminating leachate and run-off through careful timing of turf inputs We don't use pesticides when it's raining.

Geen bestrijdingsmiddelen gebruikt als het regend.
Establishment of vegetative buffer strips around water bodies We keep a buffer of at least 2 meters around water features.

Een buffer van minimaal 2 m wordt aangehouden
Controlling erosion and sediment discharge We keep a vegetation buffer of 2 metres when managing, except around some water features in the line of play.

Veelal een vegetatiebuffer van 2 meter behalve bij enkele speloevers
Establishment of pesticide-free zones We do not use any chemicals in the eco zones

In de ecologische zones worden geen bestrijdingmiddelen gebruikt


Golf course 't Zelle is managed with the ambition that is build on 'green, good and hospitality' for the golfers and the environment. Both beginning and advanced golfers can enjoy a game a golf, where the surroundings act as both obstacles and background.
The public footpaths (for the nature conservation act) are kept open and accessible. However, the area is not meant to provide large scale recreation.
All personnel shares the vision of managing a sustainable golf course and is trained (both formal and informal) to act accordingly. Special training is given to greenkeepers who work with dangerous chemicals and to prevent pollution of the environment.

The golf course keeps in close contact with the estate owners en has good relations in local groups and local community.
By taking part in GEO, the golf club shows its commitment and mission statement as a green and sustainable cooperation. The published management plans and other documentation acts as a guideline for the future management of the golf course and club.

Employment & Education

Typical staffing levels at this golf facility are:

Full Time Part Time Seasonal
Club Management 1.53 6
Course Management 3 2.12
Food & Beverage 3 3.2
Golf Coaching 2
Retail & Leisure 1.4

The sustainability working group at this golf facility is comprised of:

  • General Manager
  • Course Manager
  • Committee Members
  • Technical Specialist

Employees at this golf facility receive the following formal and informal environmental education:

Activity Description
Storage, application and disposal of pesticides The greenkeeping has spraying licences

De greenkeepers hebben een spuitlicentie
Management of accidents and emergencies Personnel is trained in in-house emergency and first-aid service, using an electric defibrillator and basic safety guidelines.

Personeel heeft BHV + EHBO + AED + VCA.
Management of habitats and vegetation The greenkeeping has had training in working with a chainsaw.

Greenkeeper heeft motorzaagcursus gehad.
Health & Safety The greenkeeping has had training in basic safety.

Greenkeeping heeft VCA gehad.
Energy Saving People in the club house is noted to turn off the lights by notices in the changing rooms.

Aanwezigen worden gewezen op energiebesparing door bordjes; 'Doe bij het verlaten van het pand de lichten uit'.
Environmental management planning The greenkeeping is taught during greenkeeping training and in the course to become assistant head greenkeeper.

Greenkeepercursussen, (assisent) hoofdkeepercursussen.

Community Relations

This golf facility engages with local community groups in the following manner:

Activity Description
Neighbours We have a steady relation with the estate which is our 'neighbour'.

Met het landgoed, onze buurman, bestaat een goede relatie.
Local Government When needed we contact the municipality or water regulation authority.

Wanneer nodig contact met gemeente en waterschap.
Local Environmental Groups We wish to get in contact with local nature workgroups.

In de toekomst eventueel IVN erbij betrekken.
Local Community Groups We take part in receptions from the local community and other bigger happenings.

De buurtschap, recepties en dergelijke grote gebeurtenissen.
Media We sometimes place news facts in the local newspaper or the provincial newspaper.

Berichten in de lokale krant en/of Gelderlander
Local Businesses We have good contact with local entrepreneurs.

De golfclub kent een business tak.
Schools & Colleges We invite schools and offer golf workshops.

Opleidingen worden uitgenodigd, cursussen.

Land Use & Cultural Heritage

This golf facility provides access and diversified land use for others through:

Activity Description
Maintenance of existing public paths When needed we repair the public footpaths.

Deels, wanneer nodig is, zandpaden.
Creation of new paths and nature trails The present footpaths are constructed according to the nature conservation act.

Op basis van NSW opgesteld.
Installation of effective and welcoming signage Direction signs are provided for by the estate or municipality.

Vanuit het landgoed en provincie/gemeente.
Partnership conservation and access projects (e.g. community woodland) The water regulation authority manages the water stream 'Lindense Laak', the Bosgroep managed the woodlands for the estate.

Waterschap neemt het beheer van de Lindense Laak opzich en de Bosgroep vanuit het landgoed de bosopstanden.
Pieterpad The public footpaths are part of a national long distance hiking trail 'Pieterpad'

Het Pieterpad loopt door het golfcomplex

The following archaeological and heritage surveys have been carried out at this golf facility:

Title Author Date View document
MER Bureau voor ruimtelijke ordering en architectuur f.w van Droffelaar b.v. 1989/04/01

This golf facility consults the following organizations regarding the conservation of cultural heritage:

  • When needed we will contact the archeologist who works for the municipality

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to conserve cultural heritage features:

Activity Description
Archaeology (Settlements / Agricultural System etc) In the local allocation plan part of the terrain is designated as terrain with a high archaeological expectation.

Bestemming: hoge archeologische verwachtingen


This golf facility undertakes the following internal environmental communications:

Activity Description
Provision of newsletters, notice boards & poster display Our newsletter is an important source of information for the members.

De nieuwsbrief is een belangrijk medium.
Members evenings and course walks We have a mandatory annual members meeting, we organise annual themed hiking days across the estate.

Verplichte ALV, jaarlijkse themawandeling vanuit het landgoed.
Course guides / brochures The different habitats are displayed on our score card.

Scorekaart, birdie boekje.

This golf facility undertakes the following social and environmental advocacy activities:

Activity Description
Website, press releases & brochures We will release a press notice when we finished the GEO certification.

Via het GEO-traject, lokale kranten worden betrokken na behalen GEO-certificaat.
Supporting campaigns When the golfers need to play on wintergreens, we give a winter discount on a round of golf.

Spelen op de wintergreens, wintertarief.
Course walks / open days We organise several open days for non-members or non-golfers, also during the national open golf day. We wish to take part in the national bird watching day.

Meedere open dagen, wanneer mogelijk ook de nationale open golfdag. In de toekomst willen we wellicht deelnemen aan de Birdwatchingday
Attending community meetings When needed we invite the local community.

Wanneer nodig wordt de lokale gemeenschap erbij betrokken.
Joint practical projects with community Schools come to golf, volunteers help with the management of the clubhouse surroundings, we take part in the annual summer market.

Scholen, vrijwilligers helpen bij het onderhoud, bijwonen zomermarkten etc.