Ljunghusen Golf Club

GEO Certified® 08/2018
Telephone: +46-40-458000

For the full 2018 verification report prepared by Kerstin Antonsson, independent accredited verifier, please click here

Ljunghusen Golf Club was first GEO Certified® in May 2009 and has renewed certification to its 3-yearly cycle in 2012, 2015 and 2018. For information and reports on previous certifications please contact GEO Foundation.

GEO Certified® Report

GEO Certified® is the symbol of great golf environments worldwide – designating that a golf facility has met a credible standard in the areas of Nature, Resources, Community, and is committed to continual improvement. GEO Certified® is widely trusted and endorsed by a growing number of organizations and people, both inside and outside golf.