Creating a Positive Legacy

In golf development and renovation sustainability is becoming a by-word for innovation, good planning, outstanding design, strong reputation and profitability. And with a deep global recession, pressure on land and water, rising costs, moratoria and regulation - the margins for error have shrunk considerably.  

From the largest resorts to new short courses, the desire to combine truly great golf with nature, community, renewable energy and complete water and waste recycling is making real business sense. 


There has never been a more important time for golf developers, master-planners and designers to 'get it right'. Replacing off-the-shelf masterplans and designs with the creative craftsmanship of golf development.

The opportunity the sport has in 2016 to showcase golf's best traits and legacies is unparalleled. Millions of sports fans across the globe will tune into golf for the first time upon it’s return to the Olympic stage. The potential to represent the array of social and environmental benefits of the game is exciting.  

To meet this opportunity and challenge, the International Golf Federation adopted guidance from Sustainable Golf Development Guidelines; Creating a Positive Legacy  into the technical brief for the development of golf’s Olympic venue. This guidance is also freely available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Polish, giving the industry a comprehensive resource to assist development teams and to communicate to those that influence their projects.  

DevelopmentOne of South America's lesser known, but arguably just as important projects, is a children's course in Lima being developed by the Peruvian Golf Federation with design donated by Mexican architect Agustin Piza.

San Bartolo is the base for the Federation's "Golf para Todos", making golf accessible to everyone. The dusty practice facilities already attract many kids from the area and will become an innovative three circuits within nine holes to meet a a variety of skill levels. 

Certainly the smallest of the projects currently working through the Legacy programme for sustainable golf development and renovation, but with a tremendous potential for the positive impact - providing recreation, education and a pathway to sporting excellence for children from the local area and across the city. Being part of Legacy to eventually become a GEO Certified® Development is helping this project to be planned, constructed, and operated with a lighter budget, a lighter ecological footprint, and a greater overall value. 

GEO is dedicated to helping the golf development community in its endeavor to build positive and lasting legacies, environmentally, socially and economically. Both at the grass roots and on the big stages.  

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