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I am an environmental biologist specialising in biodiversity and ecosystem assessments, landscape management, water quality, public health, and community outreach and education. I have worked as an environmental advisor to business, industry, community groups, and local and national governments since 1998. I also work internationally on a range of sustainable development issues, with numerous agencies of the UN system as well as EU bodies and academic researchers and global charity organisations.

In 2006 I established the Irish Golf Course Ecosystems project with the support of the GUI and GCSAI, to examine the biodiversity and wildlife value of different types of golf courses throughout Ireland, and to develop guidelines for existing courses that wished t encourage wildlife while improving their courses for golfers.


Conor studied for a BSc (honours) in Environmental Biology at the National University of Ireland, Dublin (graduating 1997), and a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Engineering at Trinity College Dublin (2000). His main expertise is in biodiversity science and policy, ecosystem services and sustainability, impact assessment (including environmental, public health and animal health risk assessments) and public health management.

The founder and executive director of the COHAB Initiative (Co-operation on Health and Biodiversity), an international project established with the support of the United Nations to address the links between biodiversity, ecosystems and human health and well-being. He has lectured on environmental issues in Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa, and acts as an independent advisor for national and local authorities and U.N. agencies.

Conor has worked on five golf courses in the Irish Republic, and carried out studies of a further eight courses which were involved in the Irish Golf Course Ecosystems Project, a programme of work which founded in 2005 to develop ecosystems management guidance for existing golf courses in Ireland. The guidance was finalised with the assistance of the Golfing Union of Ireland and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of Ireland, and is awaiting publication.

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