Paul van Kan

+31 638 085 248
Languages spoken
Dutch [native]
English [conversational]
German [conversational]
French [conversational]


Paul studied landscape science at University of Utrecht, with the specialities: historical geography, ecology, nature management and botanics. He has worked for over 25 year at many projects as a volunteer, mostly concerning nature educaton (excursions, youth nature groups, workshops). Paul has an extensive knowledge of species and their particular needs and role within ecosystems. Although not an area in which he received formal education, green energy management is on of Paul's major interests.

He has worked as an ecological adviser at three golf courses in the Netherlands, and at one of them intensively since 1990 when the course was newly built. He also visited a number of golf course on CtG duty, at the behest of the Nederlandse Golf Federatie. Paul also provided content and and supported the creation of the CtG website.

He undertook many different projects in nature, landscape management and development, initially for 20 years at a company of about 30 people, and subsequently as one-man business making use of a strong network of specialists.

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