Ronald Buiting


Ir. ing. Ronald Buiting

Working experience:
- Buiting Advies BV (April 1992 – present, founder, director)
- Larenstein University for Professional Education, Major Nature and Ecology (March 1992 – September 2007). Senior lecturer Forestry and Nature Conservation of the Temperate Zone.

- Wageningen Universal Research Center, Master Forestry and
Nature Management / Master Philosophy (September 1985 – November 1989, Cum Laude).
- Larenstein International University for Professional Education, Bachelor Forestry and
Nature Management; Major Nature and Ecology (September 1981 – July 1985).


Ronald started working in the field of golf nearly 10 years ago and through his consultancy, Buiting Advies, located in Dieren, is involved in planning and management of over 30 courses in the Netherlands, focussing on ecology, nature management and golf.

Buiting Advies has also contributed to the development of several new courses. In this the firm has cooperated with some of the best golf architects in these surroundings. The growing network founded by Ronald currently has projects in Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

At this moment (November 2011) 9 persons are working at Buiting’s office, most of them with a college- or academic degree that varies from forestry and nature management, landscaping, tree management, nature management, ecology and/or real estate management.

The firm supports clients with spatial planning and legal procedures when planning for new or expanding existing courses and with maintaining and enhancing the natural, ecological and aesthetic qualities of their courses and the green surroundings. We designed a special management program for this, including a gps- and/or 3D-laserscan -based inventory, an interactive viewer and a systematic work plan.

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