Kari Mattila

+358 400 428 950
Languages spoken
Finnish [fluent]
English [fluent]
Swedish [conversational]
German (conversational)

Environmentalist since 1995, Master of Science Environmental Management, active in golf environmental issues since 1997 (FGU environmental handbook 1st edition, Committed to Green, GEO). Experienced evaluator . Member of Finnish evaluation society. Educational specialist (vocational education and learning at work).


Kari earned an MSc. in Environmental Management from the University of Wolverhampton in the UK. He has been supporting the golf world since 1997, consulting on the development of the Finnish Golf Union's environmental handbook. Having worked as a consultant on around ten ISO14001 certified projects, Kari has applied this experience to in working with a number of Finnish golf course, including the completion of five Committed to Green Audits.

Kari has conducted Environmental audits on Committed to Green (all of the 5 in Finland) and also on greenhouses.

Kari has also experience in curriculum development for vocational qualifications as well as vocational institute management (principal).

Kari has also been pivotal in developer the Greenkeeper education programmes at Lepaa and Kainuu. He has contributed his environmental expertise at Kytäjä (2*18) and Lepaa, and contributes part time to greenkeeping education programmes.

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