Dino Minoli

United Kingdom
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Dr Minoli's research and consultancy experience focuses on environmental management programmes for public policy, as applied in golf and the small-medium-sized enterprise, and formerly insurance and higher education. He also lectures on management for sustainability, and is a member of the Centre for Visioning Sustainable Societies in Cardiff School of Management’s New Economies research cluster.

Dino's Ph.D focussed on the response of the insurance industry to the developments in environmental management systems, Centre for Environmental Technology, Imperial College London. His Masters was Environmental Policy and Regulation at Lancaster University, was preceded by a Geography degree at University College London.

Recent publications include: “An exploration of golf and voluntary environmental programmes”, with Smith, M.T.,Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. “Managing solid waste in small hotels”, with Radwan, H. and Jones, E., Journal of Sustainable Tourism.

Dino is currently advising The Golf Union of Wales on sustainable golf: management, events and tourism. He has worked as a sustainability advisor for 15+ years, with large and small organizations, across industry, in the UK, including: University of Wales Institute Cardiff, Rock and Water Ltd., Strafford-Upon-Avon, The Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society Centre, Cardiff University, Exide Big Batteries, Cwmbran, and Environmental Policy Consultants, London.

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