Recognized Service Providers

GEO Recognised service provider

Over the years we have been asked by companies and golf associations if it would be possible to recognize contractors that are credibly engaged in advancing sustainability in and through golf.  Following careful consideration including partner golf associations a new network has been established, to represent the most sustainable suppliers and contractors for golf course maintenance.

Initially, this has been pioneered in partnership with the Dutch Golf Federation, based on the following criteria:


  • All golf courses under maintenance of the contractor are OnCourse® and will be GEO-certified within 12 months of signing an agreement between the course owner and the contractor
  • The contractor shows a pro-active attitude and commitment towards the reduction of pesticides according to the national government agreement
  • The contractor will participate in the annual registration of the use of pesticides based on official monitoring programme
  • The contractor and facility manager actively participate in industry worshops and seminars covering golf maintenance, agronomy and sustainable practices
  • The contractor is certified for health, safety and environment

The following Dutch course maintenance contractors and suppliers have been recognized, and we hope to see more step forward in the Netherlands and other countries in the future.

De Enk
osthoek VOS Ruinerwold