OnCourse National Partners

Sustainability requires a genuine team effort, and greater action and impact can be generated by connecting across political, geographic and climatic boundaries.

A growing number of national golf federations are promoting the international guidance, programmes and ecolabel provided by GEO, working cooperatively - and in the spirit of friendly competition - with with an open invitation for others to join in.

England Golf

England Golf

One of the largest sports governing bodies in England with more than 1,900 golf clubs and 770,000 men and women club members. England Golf has a long-standing commitment to helping member clubs approach sustainability, supporting research, providing guidance, education, and tools.


Golfsamband Íslands

As Iceland's administrator of the amateur game, the Union serves 65 golf courses throughout the country available to visitors and the 15,000 registered golfers in golf clubs across Iceland.  Sustainable golf leadership was demonstrated on an unprecedented scale recently as every one of Iceland's clubs pledged to achieve the GEO Certified™ award. 


Federazione Italiana Golf

The Italian Golf Federation was founded in 1927 to promote, organize, control and regulate the sport of golf in Italy. Through its school of turf, environmental outreach staff and university collaborations, the Federation is providing a range of services to drive best practice across club and course management.


Nederlandse Golf Federatie

The Dutch Golf Federation believes that golf courses play an important role in preserving open space and in the development of nature. In the mid-nineties it was one of the first in the world to introduce a national initiative,  Committed to Green.  In 2010, the Federation adopted the GEO Certified™ ecolabel as the certification to compliment all ongoing education, awareness raising, advisory and research work.

Portugal golf

Federação Portuguesa de Golfe

The Portuguese Golf Federation organizes and regulates golf in Portugal. It has 136 golf clubs across the country, and around 30,000 registered golfers. The FPG's Environmental Unit was established in 1997, with the mission of disseminating good environmental management practices for the construction and maintenance of golf.

Scottish Golf

Scottish Golf 

Scottish Golf (SG) is the governing body for amateur golf in Scotland incorporating 578 golf clubs and representing a total membership of about a 211,000 golf club members. As part of a long-standing commitment to sustainability in golf, Scottish Golf provides guidance, tools and support to clubs on a wide range of environment and sustainability issues, both on and off the course.


Golf RSA 

Golf RSA is the unified operations company for amateur golf in South Africa and encompasses the South African Golf Association (SAGA) and Womens Golf South Africa (WGSA). Golf RSA’s role is to look after the interests of more than 460 golf clubs and 148 000 men, women, boy and girl club members, produce champion golfers and provide the opportunity for everyone in South Africa to experience the game of golf. 

Swiss Golf logo new

Golf Suisse

In addition to advancing the amateur game in Switzerland, Golf Suisse is committed to the promotion of golf in golf clubs as well as regional and national support programs.  There are currently about 100 golf courses in the country, with 90,000 affiliated golfers, and in addition to initiatives to grow the game, Golf Suisse is also committed to advancing and showcasing sustainability in golf, promoting OnCourse® and GEO Certified®.


Svenska Golfförbundet

The Swedish Golf Federation is responsible for national golf administration and development. It recognizes that successful environmental performance requires commitment from all of Swedish golf, as all stakeholders will benefit from a healthy environment, resource efficiency, and proactive dialogue with authorities.

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Viaamse Vereniging voor Golf

Since the establishment of the Flemish Golf Association much attention has been paid to environmental issues. Uniquely in sport and environment, a specific Spatial Planning and Environment Committee was established within the federation. The VVG is proud to interface its "Golf and the Environment" project through GEO.

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Walloon Golf Federation

In Belgium, the Walloon golf federation (AFGOLF) has the mission to grow the game of golf by creating a dynamic environment for its 37 clubs and over 25,000 golfers.  In 2020, AFGOLF partnered with GEO to create a strong and sustainable future for the sport, as well as for the environments and communities around.  AFGOLF recognises that golf can play a valuable role in addressing today's major environmental concerns.