Inspiring and supporting sustainability involves many associations, businesses and individuals and golf can be very proud of the ways in which people have been contributing.


PartnersThere are many golf associations  behind the drive to help golf be recognized as a leader in sustainable sport and business, from the Governing Bodies of the game to individual players.

With research, education and, more recently support for the sustainability system of Standards, Programs, Certification, and Communications, this support makes it easier for clubs, developments and tournaments to achieve real-world results.

Please read more about the supporting associations and businesses and their commitment to sustainability by clicking on the links on the left.  Or get in touch to find out how you or your business can make an important contribution to sustainable golf. 

As part of a deep ethos of collaboration, we also seek input from stakeholders, to advance our relationships with national and international golfing, government, environmental and civic organizations with the aim ensuring wide stakeholder involvement; and provide guidance to national golf associations and federations on regional stakeholder outreach.