Keith Duff

United Kingdom
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Golf Environment Consultant, with particular expertise on habitat and species management issues on golf courses. Also experienced in other environmental aspects of golf course management. Author of book on "Birds on golf courses: a guide to habitat management", published by The R&A and the RSPB in 2009. Previous career (31 years) with the government agency responsible for wildlife protection in England (English Nature, previously the Nature Conservancy Council), the last 15 years of that time as the Chief Scientist/Science Director.

Experienced in handling environmental issues on sensitive sites (with national and European wildlife protection designations) where golf and wildlife share the same site, including many of the Open Championship venues in England. Advisory Member of the R&A's Golf Course Committee from 2004 to 2012. Currently Course Director for the European Institute of Golf Course Architects CPD course on Raising the Standard of Sustainable Golf Course Development.


Environmental specialist, with background of working for UK Government wildlife protection Agency (Nature Conservancy Council, and English Nature) for over 30 years, the last 15 of them as Science Director. Particular expertise in ecological issues on golf courses, and in geology. Active golfer, with understanding of golf club operations and environmental aspects.

Principal author of "Birds & Golf Courses: a guide to practical habitat management", published in 2009 by the RSPB and The R&A.

Part time course director for European Institute of Golf Course Architects Continuing Professional Development programme on sustainable golf course management and development,

Various consultancy projects have been undertaken, relating to ecological and environmental management of golf courses.

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